Chris Brown & Rihanna Spotted Together At Qubeey Launch

Kid Fury October 22, 2012 Colored Love 50 Comments

This Chrianna reunion seems to be doing wonders for Yellow Cake. Sure, he’s still stamping weird ass tattoos all over himself, but he looks ever so gleeful and a lot less crackhead-ish now.

Chris showed up at the launch event for his Qubeey channel this past weekend at Playhouse, and while Rihanna did not join him on the carpet for joyful lightskinned photography, she did show up inside the party where she was snuggled close to his side.

The couple shared drink and kisses. Rihanna was smoking a little something that we can all assume was fresh chronic wrapped up in a tasty grape cigarillo. A fun time was had by all…I guess. Check out the video below.

Source: Necole Bitchie

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  • yepppp….

    agree or disagree with them being together again you can’t deny the change in chris….. it’s damn amazing how happy he looks now that that 90 lb burden has been put on the curb for trash pickup…..

    • Sabrina T. Faulkner

      A damn mess SMH

    • NYCNaye

      You are SO right! He looks healthy again as if that Bajan pussy is holding of all the secrets of the spring water from Tuck Everlasting.

      • Elizabeth

         LMFAO, What??? *closes casket*

      • Jazz

        LMAO! No you did not just read Chrianna for filth all whilst bringing back my 8th grade summer reading assignment…I will now gently tuck myself into my casket *lays hands across chest*

        • Suchalady

          That damn reading assignment…Mine too girl, mine too!

      • KidFury

         *GAY GASP* I love that movie!

      • rihrihdeepthroat

        L.EAVE ,FAITH.YOU,are a disgrace to this family .lmmmmmmmmaaao

      • Earthshaker1217

        YEEEESSS!!! Rihanna’s kitty cat must know how to revive the soul.

    • Brittany

      DEAD AT 90 LB BURDEN!!! Leave Kallmewhenyaneedmeyoudonthavetoworry alone lol

  • Lexington

     Riri best friend is stays with her in case shit goes down…Not on MY watch! Literally lol

  • MissMe

    Is it just me or did Rihanna look uncomfortable as hell in the beginning of that video? Maybe she was cold because everyone else seemed to be dressed for a warmer night than she was. Idk, I loved them together before, now I’m not so sure… but meh, more power to em…

    • Elizabeth

       She was probably annoyed that there was a camera on her.

      • MissMe

         After that last video Lite Ike put out you’re probably right

  • Michele Lee

    Yes, Its official the Ike and Tina Turner review is back for it’s second season.

    And yes, 

    The rapid speed at which that  ”cig”  Rih is holding is burning it is safe to presume that what she is smoking is sold in little plastic baggies in nickel and dime bag increments. 

    This is is trap love at it’s best.

  • Stacksonstacks

    SMDH, I never thought i’d say this about Rihanna but she looks thirsty as hell, leaning all into him and ish. Also whoever recorded that video is creepy as fuck

    • Tee89

      Uhmm that is what couples do. Whst are you talking about?????

      • Nickis Lacefront

        Umm it looks like he’s ignoring her and she’s clingy

    • Kay

      Yeeeah, she seemed to really cling and lean on Matt, too. Seems like she may be the clingy/dependent type…Matt actually embraced her though. Chris seemed to overlook her. Or maybe he was trying to “play it cool” idk..He def doesn’t look as crackhead-like, though.

    • KidFury

       She’s always been like that with him.

  • Maria-Elena Velasquez

    Chris clearly respects Rihanna WAY more than he ever respected Karmaloop. 

    Notice how Rihanna is the ONLY woman holding on to him. With the other chick, Chris was always feeling up at least 5 other women at a time!

    • We out here trynna function

      You forgot though – Chris and Rihanna’s relationship was always like that in the sense that Rihanna is a very easily jelous gf when it comes to Chris hence the reason why he keeps his distance from other ladies when she’s with him. Tbh I think Kae was more chill and probably didn’t the need feel to watch him like Rihanna does.

       LOL am I reaching or is Chris looking kinda bored by her presence while she seems to just be clingin on to him? And oh how I wish for that one night that I could be a fly on the wall so I could hear what Rihanna and her friend were discussing there at the end of the video. Lookes like they were spilling TEA.  

    • 123itzme

      Ummm i love coming on hear and spilling the tea that i receive on this lil situaaaation umm lil Keepingupwithkimandkanye stayed at yellow cake’s house last night sooooo…..I got my popcorn ready!!!

    • Heyboo

       Let’s not forget that RIh was in a real relationship with Chris. Karreuche was a contract geisha….it was never real.

      • KidFury


  • Maria-Elena Velasquez

    Or maybe it was just one of the conditions that Hov gave him. Hmm…

    • Blairwaldorf

      LMAO. Yesssssss, Hov said “you gonna have to put those girls,girls,girls on hold if you start fucking with Curry Goat again” Get into how RiRi was acknowledging the Superb Chronic in hand as she took a second puff.

      • gabicaligirl

        Rhi-Rhi was giving no fucks to what that girl was talking ’bout.  ’Let me smoke my blunt in peace, beech.’

        • Blairwaldorf

          I have but one thing to say “Young” and approximately 500 million dollars and counting. RiRi AIN’T STUPID!!! Hov made her and Hov can just as easily UNMAKE her.

  • lala

    so word is (and i read this from other places before i seen it on MTO) is that Chris is gonna be in her Diamonds video…. thats gonna be so cute!

  • Awkwardfunny_girl

    Love is in the air….. Ooops, excuse me that is kush. Please take note on how yellow cake is giving his curry “cumquat” a shotgun in the second pic. Ahhh the young & the ratchet

  • Fee_clochette97

    She looks like she is very insecure though. As soon as he got up she asked him where he was going. She did it twice. Chris looks all hill and shit meanwhile she looks clingy.. But yeah those too are definitely cute as hell

  • ijustbewatching

    Whoever recorded that was on major creeper status. What is up with that creepy music? lol 

    She seemed very clingy and he looked like he wanted to go dance or do something else other than sit with her. Dahhh…well only those two will understand their relationship…Robyn sure was enjoying that blunt tho lol

  • Cristiana

    The song in the video was creeping me the fuck out

  • theycallmequeen_88

    I think if they want to be together they should. They know everybody gonna be all in their shit and they couldn’t care less. They’re happy as clams. I agree with @3b4a4cac48a39401e88560c08c6754f7:disqus nobody understands it but them. 

  • theycallmequeen_88

    …also I’m currently lmao @ the music on this video!

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    That God damn tattoo on his neck looks like smudged ink and regret SMDH.

  • VitaKoKo

    First and foremost let me say that somewhere in the world a little asian girl moving on. I’m glad to see that they are both looking noticeably happier now than a few weeks back, we’ll just have to see how this yellow love plays out.

  • Kay

    All I know is that they’re the modern day Whitney & Bobby except for a few missing things, talent maybe? & whether Chris is getting better or not, he’ll prolly drag her into whatever he’s on. Welp, the best to them.

  • ziggy gnarly

    *sips tea* I just wanna know how much shade Robyn is going to throw at KlimaxTheMenAllPause on her new album, if any. I’m sure some tea will be spilled on “Unapologetic for Taking Your Man.”

    • Pnnylne

      I hope not. The whole thing has been quite public. Kanyoupleasegetyo’kids? has been through enough. 

  • Heyboo

    Counting down to the “they should of never gotten back together!!!!” comments from this site and all over the internet, then they break up and folks are wishing and praying that they work it out. Folks love a soap opera…This is just like some Hope and Bo shit from Days of Our Lives.

    • Heyboo

       And some of ya’ll was trying to read TOO much in that video, she didn’t look anymore clingy than usually does when she’s around people she cares about, male or female. CB was never the gushy type of hipster.

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    While this little club luv scene was cute, we all know its only a matter of time before we witness the return Klapdemthighs…that heffa is gonna creep back on the scene like that nasty herpes outbreak Chrissy B. calls facial hair! Mark my words…

    • Suchalady

      She already has….riding in the back seat…pumping his gas.

  • serenissima

    I don’t think she looks clingy… They’re obviously together *shrugs* She’s in the picture WAY more than KarateChops ever was… I think we’re just so used to seeing Kumquat eight steps behind him it’s weird actually seeing a girl WITH him, interacting.

  • Pimp Named Slickback

    I really starting to fucking hate Chris

  • KatTX

    Rihanna put the color back into Chris’ face…well, what you can see of his face.

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    *Sips Tea* Mm, too hot. *Sets it down. Looks at the crowd with a serious face* And I care about the Prince of Narnia why? 

  • CurlyBoo

    thanks to the damn soundtrack, i felt like a creepy stalker. and yes….i watched the whole thing