Drake Receives High School Diploma

Kid Fury October 18, 2012 Well Pin A Rose On Your Nose! 34 Comments

After working at it for the past five months, Aabriyah the Pooh has finally received his high school diploma and this time he wasn’t confined to a wheelchair.

Young Money’s bright beanie baby dropped out of high school at the age of 15 to join the cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation and reportedly promised his mother that he’d finish his remaining credit and truly graduate.

“97% on my final exam. 88% in the course,” Drake tweeted. “One of the greatest feelings in my entire life. As of tonight I have graduated high school!”

Congratulations, Aubrey! I’ll be sending over a package of Sutter Home and Babysitters Club DVDs to reward your achievement, buddy!

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  • twerkisha ampro gel

    god, its like this Nigga is trying to write jokes for us

    • lana del gay

      I just adore your name. I can’t.

  • Ten Ten

    I can appreciate this, good for him! Let us all now pray to ALL religious denominations in the universe that Yellowlites of all walks of life follow suit!

    • twerkisha ampro gel

      Yellow cake would not be able to pass a 3rd grade math class

    • Luvleeloner

      yellowcake actually already graduated from highschool. I know its hard to believe but its true…he mentions it in a radio interview a few years ago. 

  • have a _/ boo

    congrats, girl!

  • Simone

    Congrats to Rupert too! I’m sure he put in all the work..

    • Heyboo

       Who’s this Rupert?

      • Lindsey

        You must be new here. 

        • Bre

          NOT Rupert the bear X_X

  • lana del gay

    This is what other people need to do in the entertainment industry. These kids my age think that dropping out of school, smoking weed and sitting your ass down and doing nothing with your life except fucking, smoking, eating and sleeping is the damn life. Or trying to become the next Juicy J basically. That shit ain’t cute. I respect Aubrey for getting that high school diploma. These other chilerens need to follow suit.

    • Suchalady


  • Missmarchmommy

    hopefully he will go to college cause Rapping aint forever 

    • NLH

      I think that he’s beginning to realize that, so having a diploma under his belt will afford him the opportunity to go further.  It would be nice if other rappers followed suit and just finish up their education. Kudos to you, Aubrey.

      • Missmarchmommy

        i even think the young money furby has a degree too (dont quote me)

        • Earthshaker1217

          If you mean, then I think he might. I know he was enrolled in the University of Houston, but couldn’t continue because of scheduling. I think he got his degree somewhere else.

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    Congratulations on him for making the effort to receive his high school diploma. No shade at all, that’s an accomplishment. 

  • Scarf Junkie

    No shade at all, congratulations Drakeshia Aubreyella.

  • YoLisaYoLisaYo

    Jimmy Brooks didn’t graduate on time either lol but congrats!

    • Simply Put

      You know you DEAD wrong for this! *tears*

      • YoLisaYoLisaYo

        lol he didnt cause he got shot

    • Mimi

      LOL Oh, I was thinking the same thing!

  • JayAustin

    Congrats.. And an Aaliyah cake at the party…

    Am I the only one who thinks that his mom dropped a ball.. He could have been getting his diploma in the off season? Or when degrassi ended and before he was signed.. I’m just saying its nice an I applaud it but let’s not act like 25 isnt late.. I’m just saying

    I just had questions

    • Heyboo

      He isn’t late and I don’t think his mom dropped the ball. People go to school to get a better job or figure out what they want to do. He already was in a career at 15. It’s not like he dropped out to hustle on the corner, he did what a lot of 15 year olds don’t do & that’s working.I say he is ahead of a lot 25 year olds. He really could of just said, fuck it.

    • Kae’s Instagram Agent

      But don’t they usually bring tutors for shows like that since the kids can’t attend a real school?

      But at least he can say he has a high school diploma. Not many people can say that.

  • KidFury

    Chile, he got that diploma because he promised his mama he would. Lil
    Wayne doesn’t give a fuck about his cash cows being uneducated birds as
    long as they can count that money on time. I respect that he did it for
    his mom and a feeling of self-fulfillment, but he doesn’t need it. If he
    loses all his money tomorrow he’ll probably just apply for a hosting
    gig like Bow Wow.

    • MissDom


  • Pnnylne

    Congrats to Abrina Drakilyah. Also shout out to Rupert because I think we all know who really got the 97 on the exam.

    • KidFury


  • Awkwardfunny_girl

    Yeah Aubreyah… Cute for you (said in a desert dry tone)

  • Buckey’s Wig

    now he can go back and reread the contract he signed with young money and realize how much he should REALLY be getting paid….lol…he shouldve got into some hollywood acting separate himself from ymbc a bit…his team needs to get him away from that image… i can see Drake getting huge if he left YMBC…

  • Michele Lee

    With a diploma “the sky is the limit, without one the limit is the sky”……

    Thank you Chris Rock.

  • Kay

    I guess no shade for this comment, congrats Drake. 

  • Aiana123

    lmao but he actually dropped out at age 17