Brandy Performs ‘Put It Down’ & ‘Wildest Dreams’ On GMA

Kid Fury October 18, 2012 Live! 17 Comments

Brandy appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning to perform a few records from her new album, Two Eleven, in stores now. The vocals, dance moves, band and dare I say the lacefront all gave a great show.

After listening to Moesha’s new album, I’m happy to say it is well worth the money and the wait was not in vain. It sounds beautiful from beginning to end and I’m glad she was able to cage Ray J up long enough to focus on this great project. Go get a copy!

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  • twerkisha ampro gel

    she’s becoming such a great performer. YAS BRANDY

  • twerkisha ampro gel


  • Samantha Reese

    It is all kinds of refreshing to see a singer perform live and they sound just like or better than they do on their album. GET IT BRANDY!

    • Lucritia

      That’s why I’ve been a fan all these years for the simple fact. The girl can sing period! Thats what the industry used to be about pure singers, not anymore.

  • Heyboo

    The booty meat was a tad inappropriate for a show like that, but I truly enjoy her performances, she stay growing and I think that’s great.

  • SheCanGo

    those dancers slayed!

    • Melissa W.

       I hate to post this here – cuz ya’ll gonna go in but . . . those are Kerrie Hilson’s old dancers. I’ll let ya’ll have that.

      • Joseph Hernandez’s translator

        They obviously needed a gig, and KFC wasn’t going to hire Keri Hilson and them.

        • Awkwardfunny_girl

          #Dead…I’ll take that casket in a nice mahogany thank you

  • Michele Lee

    Glad to see Brandy trying to come back proper. Dammit if Kelly Rowland can have a career, why can’t she?  Plus I’m feeling the Sh*t ! out of her new album    ” 2/11″.  Its # 2 on Itunes right now and well deserved, Mo to the E to the did NOT disappoint , she came back for some scalps this time!

    So many great tracks like ” No Such Thing As To Late” 

    By the time she got to ” Can you hear me now” , ” Music” and “What you need” she had me throwing my  shoes like YAAASSS B*tch Sing!!

    I hope Princess Knowles is somewhere getting an album ready cause these female R&B singers out here getting reckless. 

    • Ozarka Dasani

      my shoes were through the window by the time I got to SLOWER. Chris Brown deserves a shade pardon for that song.

      • Michele Lee

        True. I love that Chris go his little writing credit on this its obvious he learned about the virtues of the slow grind from curry goat because something tells me Kingpowchicken wasnt about life.

  • Kay

    Yaaas Moesha, I’m so happy for her, she worked hard & deserves every single bit of this!

  • CaramelHottie


    I am SO happy for her and this new album. It’s dope and Wildest Dreams is EVERYTHANG! Real R&B, real singing.. Everything the game been needing. 

    Oh and another thing. Is that dancer on the right Bobbi Kristina? Damn sure look like it, lol. 

  • Kaye

    Omg she did such a great job. Loved the Wildest Dream performance more…only bc Im tired of Put It Down already lol

  • Wesleya72

    Kelly Rowland needs  to follow Brandy’s lead and sell her albums through talent,
    and promotion Not just Sex that gets boring after a while. She is more talent than

  • AlanaDaly

    *sigh* my girl