What The Hell Does Ciara Have On?

Kid Fury October 16, 2012 Fashion Justice 87 Comments

Oh, so these girls are just stepping out the house looking like they serve hot saké to Samurai Jack and you aren’t gonna say anything? Cute.

The 2012 Black Girls Rock event that I love so much took place this past Friday and Ciara made an appearance. I heard all about a great performance she had with Missy Elliott, but this skipped right past my desktop until my twin Fresh from Crunk + Disorderly pointed it out.

I’m severely confused with this outfit, those white shoes and them toes, but I’m confident that one of you can explain to me what’s taking place in these photographs.

Photos: Getty Images

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  • PhroYo

    …well the bottom of her ponytail looks nice. *blinks*

    • Really, though!?

      I hate you.. And you will be receiving my medical bills for my split sides from reading your damned comment!!

  • Jules

    Good the fuck.bye

  • Coonye West

    Looks like a big-ass chef’s hat to me

    • CurlyBoo

      killin me

    • Justjux2

      dead on. 

  • Shoryuken Shun Li

    *uppercuts into 2013* foolishness…

    • Jahlee312

      You……well said
      *but I still have to mention this elbows though soemone please pass her some lemons and sesame oil!

  • nellkaye

    she’s wearing her career just horrible

    • Bianca

      DAYUMMMMM. There really is nothing left to say after this.

    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford


  • twerkisha ampro gel

    The drawstring ponytail though! ugh jesus 

  • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

    She looks like Rocky the Flying Squirrel…

    • Buckey’s Wig

      Looooool…..i love yall

  • PinkFroYo

    Dear Lord those TOES!!!! *dives six feet under*
    She is trying her damnedest to be “edgy” in this pic.
    Seems like something Aunty Kanye would wear, and he would pull it off

    • MissDom

      You aint never lie about them damn toes…..
      Whoever told her that was a cute outfit, needs to be shot.

  • MissMe

    I would think she would have learned to keep those toes under permanent wraps but I guess not… she tried it… ugh…

  • Max

    That looks like a Gordon Gartrell knockoff. Failure.

    • Smokie7925

      denise huxtable game proper

    • SomeWittyName

      I was thinking the same damn thing. Looks like something Denise Huxtable tried to sew together for Theo. 

    • RealConstance

      OMG Gordon Gartrell?? from the Cosby Show!! lol… Yes Denise did this for $50…
      I thought Celebrities got bags of free clothes all the time??

    • Suchalady

       No you didn’t!!! lmfao

  • Tina Marie Bledsoe

    she looks a fucking mess!

  • Kae’s Instagram Agent

    She looks like she works Part-Time at Benihana’s. It’s ok Ci, I’m used to seeing you struggle.

    Struggle for hits…
    Struggle for Relevancy…
    Struggle for good Lace fronts…

    It’s just one more thing to add on the list of “Things Ciara Just Can’t Get Right”…

    • nellkaye

      the struggle is real for this tragic Negro pray for her let her get swooped up by a ball player.

      • Kae’s Instagram Agent

        She already tried that and we saw the results… Does “Sorry” ring any bells?

        • nellkaye

          ohh yea another struggle for life its so many that one slipped right by me. poor thing smdh

    • Kimberly Walker

      LMAO At your username!

  • CurryGoatsMama

    she could have at least painted her toenails.

    • KidFury

       She knew better than to draw more attention to them.

  • flojo

    I saw this the other day and thought I hope Kid Fury and the stans read this one! 

  • Sunshine

    Wait!! whats up with her toes the third one on the right foot to be exact?

  • Zayia Winslow

    smh at the fuckery how u gonna wear all black and wear them 2003 im a bridesmaid and never a bride white shoes on smh i cant with it

    • flojo

      I’m a bridesmaid and never a bride…. time of death 23:02 

  • NMF

    Her toes have a severely disfiguring form of rheumatoid arthritis.

  • EbonyJ

    ew her feet are ghastly… looks like 7 toes on that foot of hers, doubled up

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    She standing there looking like she ready to take your coat and show you to your table..Gurrlll, bye. 

    • Kimberly Walker


  • Kyana

    Ain’t nobody gonna talk about them poor kitchen beautician highlights at her part? alright then..

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    Can someone tell me why this bitch is wearing the bag that the dress she was SUPPOSED to wear came in?

    I-I-I-I’m speechless………..

  • Terese

    Did she borrow 50′s suit???? #ivegotnothing

  • Pnnylne

    Alright fury, let me take a stab at explaining this fuckery. The top looks like she stole a nun’s habit and cut the sleeves off, the waist to knee section is excess material from crouching tiger, hidden dragon, and the shoes are obviously heel versions of pop’s shoes from the wayans bros. My question to you: why do her toes look like ET’s fingers?

    • Terese

      ::Lays in Casket and asks E.T. to phone Jesus::

      • Justjux2

        funniest reply, omg. *dead*

    • Buckey’s Wig

      Looool… in my morning class dying yall got these white ppl lookin at me crazy…

      Poor Ciara….shes like Ms. Ceily in these streets…

  • serenissima

    Um… I’m just glad she’s growing that blonde out? That is all I can say…

  • Mimi

    Let me see you 1 2 step on outta that trash bag, Miss Ciara.

  • Itskoko B

    “Ciara is seen here wearing ‘Fashions’ by Miguel”

    …that’s all I got.

  • Scarf Junkie

    *singing* Hear the legend of the Kung Fu Panda….

    Ciara NEVER needs to wear sandals…when you have toes like King Julian from Madagascar, you need to keep them babies covered at all times. Looking like baby carrots.

    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford


      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL *digs own grave and hops the fuck in*

      • Scarf Junkie

        I love me some King Julian!!! Lmao

        • Buckey’s Wig

          Me too King Julian is like the Mariah Carey of Madagascar…he throws daises and sunshines at himself..

          • Scarf Junkie

            Hell yes!! 

  • Kashala Jarrells

    Somebody needs to charge this broad with attempted murder for killing my sight. 

  • Misha

    This Z list bitch done stole one of Steve Harvey’s suits out of the cleaners!! And I refuse to address those gorilla toes!! *slams laptop shut*

  • Carl Thompson-Sol

    She looks like a lost Mortal Combat character lol

    • Leggo My Eggo

      That outfit is a damn fatality

  • Kay

    The sad part about her toes is that she ACTUALLY got surgery done and it looks worse than before. C-Error girl, I’m convinced you enjoy doing this to your ‘career’.

    • Buckey’s Wig

      This is her Karma for firing Jazzy Phay….her career aint been the same since…..i wouldve became a model…moved to paris and found a wealthy white guy…she out here lookin a mess and foolish

      • Kay

        Even Wendy Williams been giving her that same advice. I suggest she take it and forget about her career. 

  • J M Bell

    It’s called fashion. You know, the stuff off of actual runways in iconic places like Paris, France or New York..? Half of you faithfully shop at Khol’s, so I wouldn’t expect you to understand lol.

    • Zan

      Are you really trying to defend this travesty? Ch…

    • Scarf Junkie

      Fashion…if you’re on an episode of Iron Chef, she looks like a damn chef’s hat!! And if you’re going to throw shade, spell Kohl’s correctly at least.

    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

      Okay, if you wanna get into THAT – this clearly isn’t supposed to be a ‘wearable’ look – just a statement piece for the runway. This isn’t something you rock up to an event in. PLUS those shoes are 5000000% wrong for the outfit anyway. AND it’s not an outfit any girl can wear because it’s NOT sitting pretty on Miss Ci-Ci, as you can see-see. It makes her look shorter, too broad, and all of that.

      Fashion some of this may be, but put all together this is a Project Runway Rejects looking ensemble….Michael Kors would send this fuckery BACK up the runway and out the building.

    • Yeah_No

      Yes honey but there’s good fashion and trash and unfortunately she picked the latter.

  • Awkwardfunny_girl

    She seems like a nice enough girl but she clearly needs some staff, some guidance and some socks. Ummm… *shouting to the world* can we get some help over here please?

  • Janelle Rogers

    wtf are her toes all of them see to be on accord except that pinky… he toes look like hads every finger the same length but that thumb… girl…. but what do you expect after years of aimeless 1 2 steppin

  • Basquiat

    If no one likes it, you need to put a boot on it.

  • Ozarka Dasani

    I applaud Ciara. Shes a waitress, a chauffeur, an assistant , a bathroom attendant, bellman, coat checker, tide spot pen carrier, red carpet vacumer and all that is in between for these televised events. Tip game proper……GET ON YOUR JOB KERI HILSON!!

    • Kae’s Instagram Agent

      All of this! Ci-Ci is the queen of seasonal jobs.

      Keri better get that resume up in time for the Christmas rush… 

  • lana del gay

    This is horrifying. And that ponytail.. They must have let her dress herself this time.

  • bleh

    She is killing ALL my foot fetish dreams bleh

  • Diamonds00

    She by Sheree

    • reeree


    • TLEF

      OMG!!!! Accurate. 

  • Freshie Boo Boo

    What in the kimono fuck?! Who told her it was ok to dress like masaharu morimoto?! And i won’t even comment on why her left pinky toe looking like that………i’ll let yall discuss that instead.

    • Scarf Junkie

      Iron Chef shade…yaaaassss!

  • MizR33K

    She tried it and FAILED!!

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    “I’ll have the Hibachi steak, medium-well with a side of fried rice and a shrimp tempura roll. Oh and make sure you do the flame thing, I like the flame thing!” *Sits back and chair and sips Saki*

  • britchick91

    why does her left foot look like it has 7 toes? 0_o

  • Jai

    This outfit and those feet… I just… *goes to bed*

  • ColdCharge

    CiCi’sPizza could of put on some decent boots for them crustpuppies

  • Lou Johnson

    Her toes are the only thing longer than her career

  • ItsMEEE15

    Her hair looks neat thats it

  • Dfisher91

    Wow, she looks a hot mess :/ Kid Fury’s PSA about feet rings a bell lmao

  • Diovanni

    I’m pretty sure this is a look from one of Givenchy’s current or recent collections. A classic case of someone taking something RIGHT OFF the runway and expecting it to work. 

  • MissesPlank1987