Frank Ocean Posts New Letter On His Life, Love & Oreos

Following the style of his notorious “coming out” note, Frank Ocean has posted a new letter on his Tumblr blog to update fans on where he is and what he’s been going through these days.

It’s all pretty positive stuff. He wants to write a novel and start a car club…maybe an arcade. He was falling for someone, but that’s over (more room for me). He misses his dog, Pharrell looks 19 and Oreos don’t work with almond milk, which I could have told y’all.

You can read the full letter below or on Frank’s Tumblr.

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  • nat

    this nigga….

  • Britt.

    I love his mind..
    He’s dope.

  • PhroYo

    i’m so mad at this and i don’t even know why. *rips shirt and laments*

    • Awkwardfunny_girl

      YAS! I’m all about Sir Ocean, but I might appreciate a smidge of clarity here *scratches head in confusion*

  • brigga

    ugh i just wanna be friends with this kid. that’s all! you know, hold long conversations and occasionally fuck when he’s in town.

    • CurlyBoo

      thought i was the only one……..

      • gabicaligirl

        get in line. :)

  • Tina Marie Bledsoe

    he seems so fucking chill

  • Aliciatheeveeeyepee

    like…legit.. if i knew him in real life we’d be besties. this letter made me sure of it.. -sigh- 

    • Janeen

      What in the “Da Vinci Code” Hell?!….

      I still love this cat, he’s so wise beyond his years, yet there’s still a youthful naiveness and innocence to him……

  • Dianne

    Some posts say he’s still in love and others say that he is single but was in love……from my research 1) I think he is still in the relationship  2) this guy is like the king of cryptic messages  and judging from his music, he says stuff that do not literally mean what you think.

    Bottom line is Ocean wouldn’t be this positive if he had just broken out of love with someone and was single, he would mention being ‘alone’ or something. Plus would you be that happy if you had just left a relationship? Calling the travelling ‘special’? Urgh, this dude loves doing this to us! Can’t wait for his book!!

  • ballerina

    I wanna be his friend so bad.

  • Scarf Junkie

    Yaaaaaassss Frank!!

  • Unwrittenfanmail

    he sounds like he’s sippin on the syzzurp

  • Carl Thompson-Sol

    We are clearly meant to be best friends because I’m always commenting on how Almond milk just doesn’t mix well with anything especially Oreos!

  • whatevs

    Some people just like doing the esoteric writing shit. I don’t know why but the Good night moon at the end cracked me the hell up. Do you Frank!

  • EbonyLolita

    LOL Fury plottin on his Boo. Can’t say I blame you! At least he’ll be appreciated. Frank be goin through it chile. *SipsAlmondMild*

  • Makaelaaa

    I wanna read the letter but its so small and there are so many words. I love Frank tho. Lol.

  • Sherae Renee’

    He’s single kids. It says in the letter that the relationship “came and went” and “maimed them a little.” Great. Now he’s available for me. I’m glad he broke it off with her. She seemed lame anyways. Frank if you’re reading this, I love you forever and always.


  • lanini90

    umm….not to start any trouble but did anybody else get an epiphany when he said Pharrell looks 19?? In the first letter his lover was 19….pharrell looks 19??

    • Tg

      I could totally see it with Pharrell…totally. Cute couple…cuter with kid fury but of course :)

  • sydney

    i wanna touch his butt.