Beyoncé Set To Headline Next Year’s Superbowl Halftime Show

Kid Fury October 16, 2012 Memoirs of a Creole 25 Comments

Look at this flawless news on a Tuesday. The Associated Press has reported that The Regal Dynamic Honeycomb Buttercream Goddess will be storming the next Superbowl halftime show with the grace of 500,000,000 creole doves.

The show is set to take place on February 3rd, 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans and Mother Bey will be tossing some fiery gumbo for all your less fortunate faves. My spirit is ready for this now!

I’m expecting to see epic lights, snatched costumes, an appearance by Jay-Z, a dance solo from Blue Ivy and maybe the premiere of a new single. I’m crossing my heart, hoping to fly and sticking a needle in Keri Hilson’s eye.

Source: AP

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  • Drea

    Yessssssssssss about damn time. i said this last year during Madonna’s performance. I was like Beyonce needs to do a halftime show like ASAP.

  • MrSideEye

    Meanwhile, Brandy is politely sitting in a corner with Hardly Breathing on repeat trying to contain her excitement as well.

  • Taintedsunday

    She will show Janet how it’s done. Nicki that she is not a guest but the headliner

    • yvesbeaumont

      don’t see what any of them have to do with this but ok, gerl. 

    • AmenCHUUCH

      Janet’s performance was actually amazing but no one remembers because she wanted to play hide-and-go-nipple. And this is coming from a Beyonce stan

    • (M.J.)

      Can’t we just celebrate this news without bringing other icons into this? 

      • JoAnna

        I agree buuuut the implication of Nicki as an icon is TRAGIC.

        • guest

          I instinctively assumed (M.J.) was ONLY talking about Janet.  I mean, we’re all intelligent folk here and CLEARLY he couldn’t have been referring to Peto Barf.  But misunderstandings happen when Nicki Minaj and ICON are used in the same sentence.  To avoid any further confusion, can we get a constitutional amendment prohibiting those terms being used together?  Vote 2012

  • Tb

    No funny commentary,no shade,no nothing..this just made my day…that is all

  • Miles

    I remember sitting last year saying to myself that Bey needed to get on this shit. She is officially a living legend

  • Buckey’s Wig

    Lol I don’t ever wana be on kid fury poop list….keri hilson will forever be shaded….

  • (M.J.)

    ‘Tis a glorious noon! The Queen of Creole and All-Around Awesomesauceness will stomp, slide, and SANG all over that Super Bowl stage, while Blue Ivy enjoys the sight (and side-eyes the football team she hates). 

  • EliteNavi

    Lmao I love your commentary!!!! Ready to see le King

  • Asia

    Oh God! (Big Sean voice) I can’t wait!!

  • Layooo

    I have never had reason to watch the Superbowl but come February 3, 2013, please believe I will be glued to the front of my TV. The Queen is back!

  • nellkaye

    yaay can’t wait and about damn time

  • Rosette


  • tdotmiller

    This shit right here made my day:  “I’m crossing my heart, hoping to fly and sticking a needle in Keri Hilson’s eye”

  • Kyana

    “… a dance solo from Blue Ivy” lolol, that would be the sh!t tho.

  • Jasmine Robinson

    I definitely tweeted this year about how I wish Mother B brought me life during that halftime show. Ain’t nobody was there for Madonna shaking her dried yams all over that stage like we asked to see her old cookie. Your Royal Supreme Caramel Reina of All Things Fierce could just stand out on that stage filing her nails and would STILL be slaying your favorites from here to the grave and I am so ready for it.

    • serenissima

      ‘Shaking her dried yams…’

      This made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

  • Thefollowerofthesun

    I just shed my very own “why did God give me this life” tears. : ‘) 

  • MissDom


  • Kay

    YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS x100000000000. I was wishing this when Marge & what’s that face performed last year.  P.S: Don’t come for Janet, thanks.

  • BklynSprngWtr

    This is going to be amazing because that’s the only way Bey knows how to bring it. This girl is going to SHOW OUT(!) for her 100 million plus viewers!! I dare say this may actually be the most watched Superbowl halftime performance. I’m already toasting to Bey breaking records *clinks glass* I hope she has a helicopter pick her right up off the football field and land her at Obama’s Inauguration for yet another stellar performance!