Video: Justin Bieber – Beauty & A Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Kid Fury October 12, 2012 Videos 27 Comments

Listen, I don’t know much about this young lady and there isn’t a gram of interest in my soul for her, but Justin Bieber is clearly a little pop superstar. There was some rumor earlier in the week about a lunatic blogger stealing Justin’s laptop and threatening to expose his private business, but it was all stunt queen behavior leading to this video.

The Nicki Minaj collab, “Beauty & A Beat,” is his latest single and the video features little Justin trotting around a water park and dancing while moist — the way Usher taught him to. Nicki appears in one of Miss Piggy’s negligees and it’s all great fun for the young fans. I don’t get it, but it’s not for me.

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  • Miles

    Lmao at everyone else in the video being white and splashing around in the water (including Justin) and then Nicki dosent even go near that shit. 

    • Missmarchmommy

      you are so very right she probably worried that her wig woulda floated away

    • Tasha Zondo

      maybe she thought it was holy water, that bitch would buuuurrrrrrn!!!!!

  • Simply Put

    All I’m seeing is Similac and Pink Matter. Beauty and a Beat I think not.

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    Did nicki just grind up on justin? She’ll be 30 in a month and he’s like what, 13?. Jesus be a child molestation lawsuit. 

    • Um.. no.

      He’s 18.. its legal now =/

      • Earthshaker1217

        I bet he’s been getting down with Selena already.

      • Aw Dang /:

        Sarcasm must not be your strong suit. /:

  • anon

    Try hard

  • Hellooooo

    nicki’s hair looks pretty

    • twerkisha ampro gel

      said no one ever

    • Andrew Simson

       Hair? No boo boo – that’s a lacefront made from stolen my little ponys & little girls broken dreams.

      • Hellooooo

        ok babygirl.

  • Jencendiary

    I would have taught him all the wonders of the world back in my college lesbian days. 

  • Missmarchmommy


  • Nicole

    only someone like biebz could do a ‘leaked personal footage’ bit for a music video. anyone else would be found guilty of trying to get views on a video, but not him because he already has a massive following. this is one of my favs on his cd and i still think onika isnt needed


    something nice: they look like they had fun making the video

  • Statesside

    Am I the only one here for this? It made me happy lol it’s so cute! 

    • Hellooooo

      I think its a great vid too…the video looked fun lol

  • (M.J.)

    Well, that was 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. 

    Usher, come get your boyfriend. 

  • Michele Lee

    So, who do I speak to about getting those 4:53 seconds back?

    Looks like they broke into Wet n Wild water park in Orlando for these shenanigans

  • Caokoro

    :( that grinding bit was so awk.

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    todrick halls beauty and the beat was better. NEXT

  • Regina George

    My only concern after watching this video is: Why is Justin and Onika looking the same race? But that’s just one trinidadian’s opinion…

  • CaramelHottie

    So this is the trash that Nicki proclaimed on twitter to be so “epic”??!! Girl bye..

  • whatevs

    I tried but this video took too long to even get started for me so… I’m sure it was… *reads comments* oh never mind…

  • Kay

    All I’m wondering is which one of these gals is the beauty and which one is the beat?