New Music: Kanye West – White Dress

Kid Fury October 12, 2012 New Music 21 Comments

House Mother Kanyetta West has premiered a new track on lost love and wedding gowns and expensive shit. The song, “White Dress,” will appear on the official soundtrack for RZA’s upcoming martial arts film, The Man With Iron Fists, in theaters October 22nd. Listen below!

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  • nellkaye

    ohhh Kanye …gives happy white woman stare…

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    He’s giving me Omarion teas in that picture. But I’m sleep……

  • Statesside

    Reminds me of  the College Dropout days. Like it.

  • Marie

    loving this track

  • Lovequest

    I love the track and I think its about Amber – he’s probably upSET about this new baby on the way…

    • serenissima

      agreed. my first thought upon listening was, ‘Strippers, tight dresses, meeting her in the club? Amber, Amber, Amber.’ 

  • Lifetime FuryTVsubscriber
    • Michele Lee


      • Pnnylne

        This was my exact reaction when i saw that!

    • Lucritia

      Saw this earlier today, all I kept waiting for was Chris Tucker running up saying “Dammmmnnn…you got knocked the FUCK OUT!” lmao

      • Lifetime FuryTVsubscriber

         Hahahah I know, she learned so many lessons that day

  • Je Suis Camille

    GAH!!!! I love this video – I went to Cuba earlier this year and LOVED the pictures they used for it. I’m going beck for sure. 

  • serenissima


  • Janae

    Damn it Kayne… just when I said I was done with your Kartrashian-loving ass you would make a song I actually need in my life.. sighs

  • lala

    fury..u see the single cover for this? its kims wedding day….oh


    I’m about to download now.  Right now

  • theycallmequeen_88

    love it. I’ve loved Kanye since he was featured on the blueprint 2. ….ppl are so focused on his antics and who he’s boning they forget he’s one of the dopest artist out. most honest. brave…..and those Soul Beats mannnn.

    • PrettySuper

       all he’s been rapping about lately are his antics and who he’s boning.. or just finished boning.. I’m sorry.. But i’m not here for these kim karTRASHian bars.. and clearly, he’s not over Amber, b/c he still throws shots or mentions her/Wiz whenever he can find words to rhyme with it.. Ms. West needs to build a bridge and get over it and find some new material on the other side.. no stank u.

    • serenissima

      Kanye hasnt used a soul beat in at least three albums, what?

  • Tina Marie Bledsoe

    I love me some Ye!