The Game & His Fiancé Announce VH1 Reality Series

Kid Fury October 11, 2012 Cute For You! 19 Comments

While the New York girls and boys gear up for Mona Scott’s next cash cow, The Game and his baby mama will also be storming VH1 with a “docu-series” called Marrying The Game. Oh, girl.

The new show will follow the Compton rapper, born Jayceon Taylor, and his longtime girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge as they prepare for their upcoming wedding. Yes, the same wedding that was canceled a few months ago.

Of course, you can imagine the plot — the couple is excited for marriage, the young rapper spends late nights in the studio, the girlfriend is upset about the wild career and VH1 packs it into a dramatic trailer.

Look out for it on November 19th.

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  • Pnnylne

    What is this, B list rapper + noname gf announce shit reality gig day? *sits and files nails*

  • lala

    chile…who? what? where? when? why? how this get approved?


    • Ozarka Dasani

      Linda Ellerbee game proper!

  • Kp_princess22

    Why would we be checkin for this when we already know how it ends?? Chile, I guess….

  • (M.J.)

    First, what the hell kind of spelling is “Jayceon”? Nigga, did you evolve from an Eevee? What type are you? Dark? Ghost? Bug? 

    Second, they are playing Naomi Campbell-headed games (no pun intended) with these nuptials. 

    Of course, the show will include tears, fears, fights, cussing, and booty butt cheeks. 

    • Anthill927

      omggggggggggggg no u did not just say eevee…u just gave me so many flashbacks to my child hood!! I remember vaporeon and em!! jolteon was the best though. thank you for this comment!! I cant stop laughing!! pokemon shade lol

    • 3stackss

      I am here for the pokemon reference

    • Leggo My Eggo

      YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! That pokemon reference gave me life and life everlasting!!!! I’m guessing he’s a ghost type cuz his last album went ectoplasm

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       LAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD Just bury me with my pokéballs, and I’ll be alright… this shade was too much for my childhood.

    • Awkwardfunny_girl

      # Dead at booty butt cheeks… please donate to my funeral fund

  • Well-i-guess

    seems like ‘november 19th’ is the trending date now..

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞

    niggas need a check..let the struggle begin

  • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

    Welp. Guess someone has to fill in that time slot that VH1 had for Ochocinco and that bottle-throwing bottom bitch he has tattooed on his leg

    But whomever these people are, they ain’t getting married, tho

  • Jsmn1012

    vh1 picks up any damn thing…

  • Brittany

    this is gonna be worse than Keyshia Cole’s shit

  • Kay

    Something special bout Nov 19? & what kind of name is Jaceon? Lowd, keep it simple folks.

  • Lilian Murphy

    Hmm, they already acting like a staged/scripted couple, her fingers spread across his shirt to show that the nail polish matches is clearly a scripted move. SMH @ VH1 and their scripted/directed “realities”.

  • Adora

    This show will be cancelled after one episode! I predict the first airing wont even get 1 million views. He’s irrelevant and so is she. NEXT!!

  • Maria-Elena Velasquez

    Welp. There goes that relationship! Another relationship that will be destroyed by the media.

    When are these people gonna learn NOT to let the cameras into their homes!? It never works people. never!