Fury TV: Chrianna Coochie Part II

Kid Fury October 8, 2012 Kid Fury TV 46 Comments

Addressing this lightskinned love triangle once and (hopefully) for all.

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  • PhroYo

    Kantstopwontstoprocafellarecords. Stop it. lol

  • Whitney Elizabeth

    Kantstopwontstoprocafellarecords *rolls into casket as the choir sings*

  • Sharlynarris

    Poor KanIhaveyocreditcarddaddy….

  • Kevin Michael Corprew

    Kallmebeepmeifyouwannareachme… I can’t. 

    -jumps into moving traffic-

  • @Vidal02

    Kid Fury, you are the embodiment of LIFE!!!!! I do feel bad for KristopherRobin. But she must have known this was going to happen.  

    • ß

      the shade lol 

  • Dee

    The bad part about them breaking up is I will miss all the ways you used to mess up her name.  Bye Klubcantevenhandlemerightnow…I’m dead

  • nellkaye

    but we all told kranberrymuffom this was gonna happen now shes back ikea and the bus. should have played your cards right Kodakcamera u could be gettin broke off 3racks a month. but noo u didn’t want to do it listen killerklown if Cassie can switch roles with kim porter there is no fuckin reason for u to be on the loser seat right now. smdh

    • serenissima

      ‘if Cassie can switch roles with kim porter there is no fuckin reason for u to be on the loser seat right now. smdh’


  • AH

    Im just glad to see that KanIhititinthemorning has finally moved on. Best of luck to you and your ”Enter the Dragon” tatoo, Kollardgreensandcreamedcorn.

  • Hp

    “Kallmebeepmeifyouwannareachme” Je.sus take the wheel!!! *fallls flat*

  • Young & Pruned

    See this is why Kall800-588-2300Empiiiiire shoulda taken notes from Paris Hilton and Kim K on how to turn dick riding into a legitimate career plan.

  • Mimi

    Life and more life was given. Truth was spoken. And many laughs were had. I just wish Kidfurysabundantsourceofshade much luck in her future. I’m just amazed that poor girl seems to be the only one shocked about this outcome. 

  • Megan Watkins

    “Kanyouremovemyhandtattoo”- LMAO I am so done with you!

  • Pnnylne

    After I did a praise dance from seeing this in my subscriptions, I had a headache from laughing so hard. KallTyronebutyoucan’tusemyphone has to live with that horrible tattoo and we don’t get to shade her name anymore. Everyone loses. 

    • Jasmine Robinson

      KallTyronebutyoucantusemyphone MADAME!! 

  • Terese

    Thank You Kid for giving LIFE!!!!!

  • Bmarie

    I’m surprised to see “KashMoneyRecordstakinoverforthe99andthe2000″ didn’t make the cut… i HOLLERED…

    • Young & Pruned

       It really was that “forthe99andthe2000″ extension that laid to me rest.

  • serenissima

    that was greatness. Kilimanjaro- its been real, girl. 

  • Oop!

    Lmaaooooo at Kantstopwontstoprocafellarecords!!!! Kid Fury I love you oh so much

  • Kyana

    Rih-Rih, Christina and KidFuryshadeswiththebestofem’ are just examples of too much stimulation and not enough self awareness. I love them all, genuinely, but when they love their selves more, a world of happiness they never knew existed will keep them from being our morning tea.  

    • Chi Chi

      Christina? hahahah!!!!! gadddem it!

  • Kiah Lawrence

    I. Really. Canttttt.

  • Sherae Renee’

    Kottoncandymajinbuu, I don’t want to hear it…what is wrong with you? STOP IT! I have never in my life yelled at an Asian like this. When my mother yells like this it’s because she LOVES me. I WAS WARNING YOU! We were ALL warning you! HOW DARE YOU? Learn something from this. When you go to bed alone tonight, lay there and take responsibility for yourself. ‘Cause nobody’s gonna take responsibility for you.

    …You rolling your eyes and you’re acting like this ’cause you’ve heard it all before huh? Well this’ll be your last time. Say goodbye Kungpaochicken because he ain’t thinkin’ about you tonight. He’s back to diggin’ into that island sand, and now you really look stupid.


    • Readyforthatchrihannasextape

      lmao I JUST CANT. kantstopwontstopboogietothebeat better READ.

    • Jthompson938

      No you didn’t just serve up some Tyra Banks shade. I am slain!!

    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford


  • Katonahottinroof

    Dead at nosferatu* LMMFAO

  • vadasultinfuss


  • Ashleystephenson

    I feel sorry for Kung pow chicken because we butcher her name so bad but hey it’s the price you pay when your in the spotlight

  • Esha

    Thank you for this Fury, Krisjennerspimphand, Curry Goat and Chalupacabra have made this past week enjoyable

  • f dat im a woman of god

    Aww so long KlosenyeyesnfallintoOooh

  • bb
  • Trouble

    I died at “kamehameha atint doin it”

  • Brittany

    i’m not suprised they broke up

    • Msdeedee808

      Kanigetawhatwhat never stood a chance! She met him on a social network for God’s sake!

  • Slygyal

    Soooo funny lol

  • joe

    KoOoOokiecrisp #dead.  I think Keishasmokingonkeisha is gonna be fine.This is just a life lesson that KantnobodytakemypridekantnobodyholdmedownohnoIgottokeeponmovin had to learn.

    • ziggy gnarly

      Not “Keishasmokingonkeisha”!!!! I def read that like I was listening to the song. Done.

  • Kay

    Ch.. I got my life at the list of KashinOut’s name. & Ri girl better search through Chrissy’s pockets, cause I’d be damned if they both end up like Bobby & Whitney on crack.

  • Wow

    Omg I know commenting on blogs is a sign that I don’t have my life together either but Kid Fury I just want to tell you that you are really evil sometimes… I think you have been molested in your childhood because somebody fucked all kindness out of you a long time ago. You have pretty much cyber bullied this girl for 2 years non stop now and I am convinced she is a strong individual and a loving heart for not having dropped a law suit on you,, she probably doesnt read it then…. These gossip blogs were fun at first but when it becomes a way for bartending broke blogger to live vicariously through these celebrity and perhaps even take their anger on them for lord knows what.. having been bullied as a child maybe? or bitterness for a failed career perhaps.. who knows…
    I mean really making fun can be funny until it becomes cruel and petty. I m over this…  and look at the line of followers going at it… what is the world going to? Black people we have ISSUES.

    • AS

      KanIGetAWitness, is that you? Get your life together.

    • Suchalady

       You might need some help young man/lady/both.

  • GiveEmHellAb3lle


  • ItssocoldintheD

    Listen y’all, KanIgetarefillllll will be fine. I’m sure he’ll keep breaking her off. And once that stops, she’s got those cars, a great tell all to sell, and her pretty face. Let’s hope now she can think clearly.