Beyoncé Performs Live With Jay-Z At Barclays Center [Video]

Kid Fury October 6, 2012 Memoirs of a Creole 50 Comments

Jay-Z has been rocking sold-out shows for the past week at his new Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn, NY. Fans were able to catch his final show streaming live online tonight and they were all blessed with an appearance by Mother Tribeca Power Stiletto Lioness Czarina!

Get into Beyoncé’s performances of “Diva” and “Crazy In Love” as well as a finale set of “Young Forever” with her husband below!

Source: Mr. World Premiere

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  • M.J.

    I usually don’t do or say this, but…


  • lexandthecity

    Jem from the Holograms has come back to grace the stage! Now the Misfits(Keri,Ci-error,and Nicole Schweppesgingerale) can have a seat. Now all I need is a new song from Queen Honeybee Creole Dutchess Supreme to give me my life back!

  • Miles


  • Keetha_marine

    I don’t care how many times I see her do this— she stays in slay city!

  • TheQueenSnatches

    Listen…..she just served all you bitches! She came out viciously, got the lovingly pat on the ass from Jay-Z, blew a kiss, dropped the mic and walked off like the beautiful, gorgeous, exuberant boss she is and every wig was snatched and every hoe dealt! You better get it Queen B!!!


    I NEED JAY AND B TO GO ON TOUR TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    • Asia

      That would be AMAZING!!

  • MsReese


  • Laskeete84

    I would scrape my coins together to see them in concert. But I also feel that all that fabulousness together would make the stage burst into flames. I just got my life from this clip!

  • BKkid
  • ms. nina

    I bet little Blue Ivy was watching this backstage wishing she could be on stage snatching wigs with mommy.

  • Krunchynoodles&bacon

    That right there’s the reason why Bey’s the QUEEN! 

  • Yayasmom24

    This just gave me life!!! Love them, that’s a badd bitch

  • GEZ

    But. She. Dropped. The. Mic. **kicks over a table**

    • LadyBug

      I almost flipped my laptop over when she dropped that mic! And she didn’t look back like  bitch I know I shut down the scene and I snatched ya wig you better DEAL!

  • GetAtMeHeaux

    Queen Mother Cunty Creole of the Haus of Dereon is serving all types of Kanye West styles Kum Kartrashian realness. The leather on leather on boots is gonna catch on. Mark my fonts.

  • Michele Lee

    We just got home from the concert and let me tell you FURY…when Jayz went through the trap door and Goddess Knowles appeared onstage blessed silhoutte grown ass women (and some men) lost their F**king mind!!!!   We were were jumping up and down and screaming like 12 year old girls…. When they dropped the beat for DIVA, I damn near threw both my shoes on stage ala Patti Labelle style

    Barclays center was ALL THE WAY LIVE tonight trust me! Best Jayz show Ive ever seen.

    *Drops the mic******

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞

    bitch u better serve like you had a real pregnancy yass.

  • Bianca

    Jay is getting old child. it took him so long to remember that he was supposed to be rapping. Bey rapped like half of it! lol im just effin around but King B still slays! *shrugs*

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    Mother of all things sacred came on stage and said ‘hold baby Blue, I must remind these girls who lives in the house of Divine Lioness love and provide LIFE once again.’ Get into the ALL BLACK EVERYTHING. Yesssssssssss. Brooklyn gets all the fun.

  • JayAustin

    Dropping the mic and NOT even turning back around… SLAYS!!!!!

    Brooklyn stand Up
    Virgos shut it down ….

    I so heart these two

  • Nikki_Nolte

    Is there anything this woman can’t do?  W-O-W!  And that smile between songs, that is the smile of someone who truly enjoys their job.

    So great to see an artist perform – - and I mean ACTUALLY F*CKING SING, not lip sync, and dance her ass off.  So proud of B for representing right.  BOOM!

  • November’sVeryOwn

    I must be the black sheep on this post cause I have to be completely honest. I’ve been a fan of Beyonce since she was pressing hair in the Bills Bills Bills videos with DC. I didn’t see anything ground breaking from this performance. You mean to tell me out of ALL of the other songs from her catalog, she chose “Diva” and “Crazy in Love?” Yea, I understand that those are two of her biggest hits but man c’mon. She sounded off. Everyone’s gonna say, “She had a baby!” I understand that. lol Cause I know the stans are gonna try to make EXCUSES for how lackluster this was. She’s getting older & things may not be as sharp as they once were but Beyonce’s making it look TOO easy for (some) people to see that. Cause clearly she’s got a lot of people blind.  Bey, GET SOME NEW CHOREOGRAPHY!!!! Stop letting that old ass queen make up your shit!! I knew every fucking move before she did it. That grunt at the end of “Crazy In Love” where she goes “Youuurrr love!!! Got me crazzzyy…” made me wanna call child protective services. Perhaps this was an impromptu performance? Some are saying she was apart of this particular show cause critics were saying Jay was BORING just by himself for a whole concert. Don’t know how true that is, but I can believe it. Look, all I’m saying is that I need something NEW from this woman. While dropping the mic was a slayful gesture, the performance contradicts that. You did nothing to show us PERFORMANCE-wise that you’re still the baddest in the game. IDK…I’m just over these major artists who are getting lazy. 

    • Nate

      You just said a whole lot of nothing. 

      Beyonce killed it. Even on her worst day–which this wasn’t–she is better than the rest. And this was a surprise performance. People didn’t pay to see Beyonce, it was an added bonus, so her presence alone was a gift.

      Also, “Bills, Bills, Bills” was not Destiny’s Child’s first single, nor was it even on their first album. So saying you’ve been a fan since then is like saying “I’ve been a fan since day 10.”

      *drops mic*

      • jajay22

         you better GO IN!

      • Aunt Bunny

         You need to stop. Ya’ll know that was not her best and she sounded bad compared to herself, and because it’s Bey, the bar is high. Its okay for Bey to have an off day. After all, an off day for Bey is still better than everybody else. Chile bye.

        • S Faulks

          That’s the thing, though. I don’t expect Bey to have an off day on the last performance of her husband opening a monumental new stadium. She should’ve been on wig-snatching point. It would be one thing if she was singing a couple of numbers in a lounge in SoHo….but the first concert series at the Barclays Center? Come correct, gworl.

        • Asia

          You better say that honey! She still slays when she’s off!

      • Sasamina

        Why u mad cuz somebody got an opinion?  Beyonce ain’t the best thing since sliced bread, and the bitch IS boring now..she had the same hair and moves that she’s had for years now…she’s really nothing to look at anymore.  Oh, and that performance was NOT worth a mic drop, although it was some smooth shit to do and was part of the performance.

    • Shua2983

      I totally agree! I mean I fully appreciate that sometimes this woman does seem like a machine in that she pushes herself to extremes to deliver amazing performances & products for the fans BUT you can’t deny that she is extremely redundant. Like, even Rihanna –as fabricated as her “artistry” is– presents more original performance concepts than Bey does. That being said, very few people compare to Bey vocally BUT she did sound tired in this performance. She was shouting more than anything for Diva/Crazy in Love. I think she redeemed herself more in Forever Young. I absolutely agree about the dropping-the-mic move. Everyone was gagging but I was thinking “Yeah that was cute, but she didn’t really rock it like that…” I dunno, maybe we’re all spoiled because she has been EPIC in the past and of course everyone is allowed an off day but let’s keep it real people: Her strut was fierce but that’s about it in this performance :/

    • PrettyNSeddity

      I agree she wasn’t as sharp as normal, however, being able to sing as she does while dancing takes a lot, its like training to run and while being a mother to her child right now, she hasn’t been training. So its not going to sound as sharp, it has nothing to do with her age and everything to do with not fully being in the performer mode right now. And it wasn’t her PERFORMANCE, because I have seen Beyonce in concert and she slays, this was two songs at her husband’s concert, so she wasn’t the focal point and therefore had to do nothing than what she did which was pretty entertaining to me.

      • SASAMINA

        Please don’t bring up the being a mother to her child shit.  Having kids is NOTHING new.  DAMN!

        • Heyboo

           Having kids isn’t anything new, but if you look at past epic performers, after the mother had kids they are not like they were before a child arrives…kids change things & it’s not like she works behind a desk or something, all of her changes will be in the spotlight.

        • PrettyNSeddity

           and you are pressed because? no one said it was anything new, I was making a point that performing is not a top priority over a child. therefore, cool that cootch.

    • S Faulks

      Thank you. I could not agree more.

    • Courtney

      Thank you for saying it! I watched it without getting hyped which is RARE when I am viewing a Bey performance. She looked drunk (especially when she just started cracking up for no damn reason) and barely sang an entire verse without stopping or growling. The performance was a “surprise” for the fans, but not for her. So that excuse is null and void and I wish people would stop using it. Also, “shes a mom”. Okay, AND? She SLAYED at Revel 4 months after Blue Ivy’s arrival. So why couldnt she do the same 9 months after her birth?

      I love the Queen Mother and I am here for her always, but she couldve just done Forever Young and left the rest on the floor at the 40/40 club.

  • Ayniathequeen

    “I’m gonna say this and then I’m gonna end mine. beyonce is the greatest performer of all time period.”-Jay. …..couldn’t agree more. all these girls better get their life while they can bc When The Mother RETURNS……

  • CaramelHottie

    Daddy how dare you save step mama for yesterday and I was there Wednesday :( .. Yo seriously I think Bey is pregnant……. but you ain’t here it from me 

  • Thefollowerofthesun

    “. . .SOMEBODY’S GETTING FIRED!!!!”, Jay-Z’s mic wasn’t working at the beginning!!! But trust the Queen to hold the King down : )

  • Username9


  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    are there even any words in english to describe what everybody in the audience felt? Let me count the slays…

  • SharpShooter

    Beyonce slayyyyeeeddd!!!   She came, saw and conquered the stage.  She looked great while doing so.  No other artist can compare.  

    BEY wore the hell out of those shorts, the leather pants and jacket and the shoes with the blue heel were fire!

    She and JAY work so well together.  They are the ultimate performers.  I saw Jay twice and he was never boring.  The media is used to him having guest appearances and he wanted to do this on his own.  He did a great job.  Even on a bad day, NO ONE can touch BEY. Period. 

  • Sean Wilson

    When she dropped the mic….*damn near flipped over my damn desk*. 

  • S Faulks

    Listen, I know yall are gonna read me for this…but Bey did not sound the business. She got it together for her Fantasia-growl ending of Crazy in Love, but the rest of it? Child please. Hand the baby to one of the 18 nannies and sit down to rehearse vocals for a solid 20 minutes, please. And stop dropping the damn mic!

  • Free86da

    I cosign the comment about Motha being pregnant…she looking all full again!! Lets see!!

  • Chantel Tucker

    i love how Jay’s cheek bones always look supa duper full whenever these two are on stage together. Never mind the fact that he was a little drunk during foreva young. I’m jsut sayin. 

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford


  • Coonye West

    To me.. TO ME.. She looks and sounds drunk as all the fucks in Cleveland. 

  • MissDom

    Bey looks pregnant again.

  • Kay

    Mother Bey has definitely blessed us!