New Music: Brandy – Let Me Go

Kid Fury October 5, 2012 New Music 31 Comments

Moesha has another track for you. The Bangladesh-produced record, which features a sample from “Tonight” by Lykke Li, is titled “Let Me Go” and written by Sean Garrett.

It’s a pretty cute song that sounds fit more for an artist like Rihanna, but I’m not mad at it. I’m ready to hear Brandy’s Two Eleven album in full when it drops on October 16th.

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  • Apalacian

    I want her in braids again b cuz these lace fronts lord be with me….p.s I love the song

    • MissDom

      No you dont, trust me. She recently had braids on an interview and her edges were GONE. Thats what happens when you wear braids in your hair for most of your life.
      Not good….not good.

  • Afrolicious31

    Why does her wig look like those black turtle shells in Super Mario Bros 3?

  • Zels Photo

    Why is her lace front in a ponytail? I hate that!

  • NLH

    I can get with the song. Sounds good.  But #ijustcant with that helmet wig she has on.  No ma’am!! Just do a regular weave like everyone else.  Check with Beyonce’s hairstylist or something, cause you are much greater than that wig B-Rocka!

  • Coonye West

    With every track I hear I’m less and less impressed and excited. 

    Also, the fact that that lace-front reminds me of lego and the detachable hair that would slide on like a lid on a pot is.. Unacceptable. 

    • RebelRaynebow

      I agree.. I was gonna be first in line for Two Eleven, but I’m bored now. Wildest Dreams was the most impressive song thus far.

  • Casey

    No shade, but Brandy needs to listen to her lace front… “Let me go!” 

    • Lifetime FuryTVsubscriber

       You almost destroyed my laptop, I was spitting out water reading your comment

  • Meme Al

    Is she wearing a swimming cap? I blame Moesha for this, not Brandy!

  • Trouble

    They can’t photoshop a better hair line on her?

  • Stacksonstacks

    Umm why does Brandy look like a elf?

  • Luna Lovegood

    Brandy is serving Brown Avatar and I’m sending it back to the kitchen.

  • Young & Pruned

    Now they dead wrong for having this girl up here looking like Spock and Uhura’s long lost love child.

  • Buckey’s Wig

    She giving us hood Mulan….lol

  • Adj

    HER HAIRLIIIIIIIINE!!!! like I can’t even think of anything clever to say LOL

    • Julius Maloney

      How is that generated… I have never seen a hairline like it. It’s almost Almish in its precision…???

  • MotherMay-i

    i know this is off topic.. but kid fury look at aunty Ye lmfaooo

    • LaceFrontinMinage

      im sad now i was one of those girls who had a bad crush on this man…. this pic right here!! im slayed….Aunty Yezzy and Kim just be doing each other feet and nails and scheming on how they gonna shock ppl next..Beyonce better watch her back she worrying about Kim when Yeezy is the one she needs to be watching…now i understand his obsession with Jay and Bey he wants to be Beyonce…

      • MotherMay-i


    • tdotmiller

      LMFAO!!  I hate you for this.  Good day!

  • Leggo My Eggo

    At first I was gonna def buy her album but now it just seems like her album just get more boring as i wait for the release date

  • Earthshaker1217

    I appreciate she’s trying something different. It may not be the best, but she’s taking a risk and broadening her horizons.

  • Joseph Hernandez’s translator

    She must be auditioning for Crouching Tiger Hidden Edges…love the song though

  • Kay

    Uhm….. I wanna support this album but ch…

  • Toogrown4that

    Folks kill me tryin to fit in. Yall will buy an album with one song on it that you like just because everybody else doin it.. but you hear one song that might have to grow on you from an artist that isn’t as popular RIGHT NOW and oh.. “I’m getting bored”.. LOL

    Not even a stan, but this is why the industry is suffering.

    • Tramaine

      Exactly..smh anyway I love the song and will be buying the album

    • Heyboo

       I was just about to write this, when Fury posted her 1st song on here, folks was like “YASSSS! The Queen is back! (side-eye) This is exactly what the industry needs right now! Etc…..” This was the same response for Missys’ two joints, can’t wait for folks to back peddle on that too. Oh and her hair is giving me major Eddie Munster teas….

  • Meinom

     She looks like a Vulcan.

  • Kyana

    Not feelin’ the pulled back Elvis sideburns, and I wish she released the whole paint this house instead, still love you tho gurl, I tell you this cause I care.

  • Brenda

    this really does sound more like a rihanna record.