Fury TV: Nicki vs Mariah – Inadequate Shade

Kid Fury October 4, 2012 Videos 23 Comments

My thoughts on the Nicki Minaj versus Mariah Carey foolishness. Don’t let shade get the best of you…especially when you’re already wearing a cotton candy parachute on your head.

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  • tdotmiller

    “…Cher, Madonna, Oprah, Prince…all of these women…”  The shaaaaaaaaade is lovely over here!  HAHAHAHA!!!

    • Young & Pruned

      Dammit Fury I know better than to be drinking coffee when watching the FuryTV but dayum that prince shade caught me way. the. hell. off guard. #WipesDownLaptop

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      I caught that shit reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal quick but that ain’t stop me from chocking on laughter!!!

  • Kj

    I would give  Ciara’s Habitat for Humanity voucher to see her come at Kid Fury like that…

    • Scarf Junkie

      You. Aint. Shit. #dead

  • MC

    booted injected with sunny delight…flatline__________________

  • MissDom

    YYaaaasssss!! You hit it right on the head. Mariah kept it Real Cute and she made Nicki look like a fuckin cotton candy head fool…

  • Chelle

    Boy you are too funny! LOVE IT!

  • JayAustin

    My mouth would have been moving quicker than Rihanna puts out albums!!!

    And I think all of Bklyn just died!!!

    Fury… My soul! U always take my soul!!

  • NLH

    “Inadequate? Funny, that’s how Eminem described the blow job you gave him, but I’m just gonna drink my tea, girl.”

    And THAT, my friends, is how you deliver shade correctly.

  • thinklinda

    LOL, thank you giving Nicki a lesson in how to shade.

    Best line: “Inadequate? Funny, that’s how Eminem described the blow job you gave him but I’m just gonna drink my tea, girl.”

  • Lucritia

    This is so appropriate for this moment…lmao

  • Michele Lee

    Yes Yes Yes Fury you are 100% correct, the number one rule of shade is to keep it cute.  Draw the curtains closed, shut out the sun…all  without allowing a hair out of place. 


    School em, Professor Fury!!!  SHADE101 – loves it.

  • Buckey’s Wig

    i was thru at the Nicki hood-rat scene i thought i was  going to pass out…Fury you are so messy!!!…If that would’ve been K Michelle and Nicki that place would’ve looked like Hurricane Katrina, the hip hop Bet Awards and a Korean hair and beauty supply store with everything on clearance…. there would’ve been lace fronts and track pieces all over the floor and lets not forget about those fake lashes…K Michelle looks like a dirty fighter she most likely would pop one of Nicki’s ass cheeks just for tumbler gifs…ooh that would be a nice ass whooping…those white ppl wouldn’t even try to stop it they would just run and keep the camera rolling and pray those two ratchets don’t break it

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Like someone above point out the number one rule in proper shade throwing, hell the number one rule in winning a damn argument is to appear unfazed by the BS that comes out the other opponents mouth.

    But being that Nicholas is not so far removed by the pissy staircase she once sat on in her come-up days the ghetto emerged full force and had her looking like an angry anime character on camera. Onigga girl, I hope you taking these notes Fury is giving you, Mariah got years of Diva style shade built up real proper she will sit there all season throwing stone after stone and not give two fks about your feelings. Don’t get mad girl GET SHADY!

  • 10Cents

    “It’s all about the delivery.”    <<YES! Nicki could've got out everything she needed to say without looking like a hoodrat. Think about it, we never saw Mariah act an ass whenever Mama Whit checked her.

    • 10Cents

      The hell happened to my post? 
      *”It’s all about the delivery.” Yes! Nicki could’ve said what she needed to without turning into a hoodrat. Think about it, have we ever seen Mariah act an ass whenever Mama Whit checked her?

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞

    “inadequate ” one word with a journey coach ticket to hell,shade to the finest .

  • Tia Wowvows

    Ok these bitches are extra cray cray. While Nikki is definitely the queen of Ratchet city Mariah will go HAM and start twirling and coming out of her clothed (TRL circa the 90′s)! Blessings to this show cause Rainbow Bright and Cybil will be turning things out

  • Lexi

    lmao!!! i died!!! 

  • Dx3598

    I hate shade. To me it’s just a cowardly way to sneak shots on folks you REALLY scarred to speak your mind to. Keep it 100% & just get out yo feelings. Dayum!

  • Jazz

    Between you and Funky Dineva I get my daily dose you celebrity shade. Yessss ma’am!