Chris Brown Confirms Breakup With Kranberryvodka

Kid Fury October 4, 2012 That's A Damn Shame 264 Comments

Welp! The breakup is finally official. Chris Brown has announced that he and Koldcompress are no longer together and it is in fact over his relationship with Rihanna. He is bold as every circle of hell.

“I have decided to be single to focus on my career,” Yellow Cake said in a statement. “I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives.”

Well damn! Everyone tried to tell you to get out, Kalamityjane, but you just had to be Ray Charles to the bullshit. And to have your breakup announced in a statement is all kinds of embarrasing. Whew, you have a prayer here.

Source: TMZ

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  • turntUPPPPPPP

    Dang, poor Kumbucket…

    • Janae

      my black heart feels a little bad for KrackIsWack….One can only hope she was stacking his coins in her bank account

      • turntUPPPPPPP

        Probably not… Klambake doesn’t seem that bright.

    • Rihanna’s Left Breast

      It was only a matter of time before Jiffy Box would show KimKsCamelToeRash the light. I’m sure she has a promising gig lined up doing Kraft singles commercials…sweeping barbershop hair… or something. Let’s just hope that Porsche he bought her was paid in full. Ooop!  

      *Blows tea, too hot to sip*

      *Sips tea*  

      • SecretDivva

        I want to feel bad for KuruptfromtheDoggPound, but I don’t. SHE HAD to see this coming. As I stated before, count your blessings, Kraftmiraclewhip, you COULD’VE got beat up!!!

      • Rayloves

        Lmaoo *closes Coffin*

    • Immavixen

      Her whole life in is that bag!

  • Oop!

    Kallemlikeiseeit knew what was up ever since the Cake remix was released. That would have been my breaking point right there. Oh well….poor dat.

    • Anthill927

      I feel you! KuKluxKlan is dumb because she shouldve known after the cake remix and rihanna’s oprah interview. And chris was really bold to put the reason why they broke its only a matter of time now before they back together.

      • DeeUpInHere

        really? REALLY??? KuKluxKlan??? *dead*

  • Trillary Clinton

    lmfaoooooo about time Kabukibrush saw the light!

    • Heyboo

       She didn’t see the light, she was shown the light and the door.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        I wonder if she still has that porshe or is it sitting in Toasted Cornbread’s garage or driveway… sips tea.

        • Embee_3

          I think he took it back and painted it blue, at least that’s what I got from the IG pics he tweeted one day.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            aww that’s low he could have let KingLeonidas keep that damn car. Shoot now I kind of fell bad for KoolAidManOhYeah.

      • SupremeBitch

        My lord. Slayyeeedddd!

  • Trillary Clinton

    Kashinout look stupid as everybody see it but you boo?

    • turntUPPPPPPP

      KuticleKream saw it, she was just in denial… #kakekakekakekakekake

      • Trillary Clinton

        you might be right.everyone should take a lesson from Kelloggscornflakes and leave a trflin bg/gf as soon as you see the signs

        • UdontKno

          Lmao! Yall and these names for her got me roll’n!

      • Zels Photo

        Kuticlecream?????? Lolololololol

  • Nappygirl89

    I bet she regrets the big ass fish tattoo now

    • Michele Lee

      I don’t know who told her having a Trout on her wrist was a good look…these young people nowadays. 

  • GetAtMeHeaux

    Damn, Kan’tcatchabreak just can’t catch a break.
    That was cold tho, even I felt a little gust of icy wind blow my way.
    Meh, it was fun while it lasted.

    Oh and Christopher, ‘Friendship’ is that we call our painfully obvious sex partners now. Oh ok….
    I’m giving yellow thunder industrial strength side eye right now. SMH.

    I’m def here for a sex tape tho, you know it’d slay…

  • Miles

    So long KeriWillForeverResideInTheWigCrypt

    I can’t say that I’m suprised, but good luck with all of those Panda Express tatoos girl…. you gon need it when you try to apply for a job as a dentist office receptionist or something

  • Ch0colateDr0p

    Aww poor Kae, may jesus be a warm glass of sake, a hot bath filled with lotus flowers, and a mixtape containing “Suki Yaki” by A Taste Of Honey. Love you girl *hug*

    • DeeUpInHere

      y’all NEEEd to STOP!!! lolololol

    • Melissa W.

       That was SO racist and I loved every moment of that read!!! LOL!!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      *Drops china bowl of shrimp fried rice*…..OH THE HUMANITY!!!

    • Zan

      I’m already dead and I haven’t even scrolled halfway down the comments page yet…Lawddddd

  • Tinaley

    Dam KoolandtheGang got dumped right before the hoildays… smh

    • turntUPPPPPPP

      Lmao, Kuffingseason didn’t make the cut for cuffing season… SMH!

    • Nisha

      Koolandthegang, though!? *real tears*

    • Melissa W.

       OOOOH! She didn’t make Cuffing Season!!! No Beats By Dre headphones and ugly pairs of Louboutins under her Christmas tree this year.

  • Tiffany

    Oh no Kimchicoatednights!!! Maybe Steebie J will let you on his bus!!

    • turntUPPPPPPP

      Kimzolciakswig wouldn’t fit in…

      • DeeUpInHere

        OMG lololololololol

  • GetAtMeHeaux

    Her and drake should start a Hollywood exes type thing. I’m def here for Drakeuche seeking revenge in front of the world.
    Oh and girl, invest in some tattoo removal…….

    • screamifyouwannagofaster

      y-e-s i am all the way here for Drake and Kindalikeabigdeal the revenge edition

    • Melissa W.

       YES! Drake and Keepitcoming should get together!

    • Suchalady

      Now THAT union would make for great entertaiment! :D

  • Trillary Clinton

    how much yall wana bet Rihanna celebrating with roti and a spliff?

    • Michele Lee

      And a gallon of rum punch

  • Queen_Of_♥’s

    Everybody but KaleidoscopeDreams saw this coming , welp thats the end folks…
    Im just waiting on Kid Furys ”Memoriam” for all the names KswissKlassic has been called

    • Emiles700

      I can’t!!!!!!!!! Lmfaooooi

    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      I had so many more names left for

      • Queen_Of_♥’s

        LMFAO @ KidFriendlyMotherApproved….. So did I *sigh*  what are we supposed to do now that KrisisHotLine is gone

        • serenissima

          I’m quite sad… shading KatnissEverdeen kept me entertained many a boring day at work :(

          • Yiles

            Well we knew KodenameKidsNextDoor wasn’t gone be around for too much longer though? *shrugs* Kricketot’s names was the only thing I found her remotely entertaining. Bye bye KimberisTrulyOutrageous!

          • SD


          • iLaughatu4fun

            well, KourageTheCowardlyDog… it was nice while it lasted… we can only hope she was stackin chips while Banana Cream Pie & Roti With Rice And Peas were being oh so conspicuous w/ their activities

          • shizbgby

            JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!! @ KourageTheCowardlyDog…*casket ready*

          • /slain


          • Shadesville

            u c…… KodenameKidsNextDoor…. and Kricketot (PokeShade)… i yam just peeing. EVERYWHERE at this fuckery.

          • Queen_Of_♥’s

            You and I both, life will be a little bland without KickingItOldSkool to shade

          • Leggo My Eggo

            KodeNameKidsNextDoor and Kricketot?????? I’m done lmfao I’m living for the cartoon references

          • Yiles

            lol there are endless varieties with her damn name it’s crazy. Shit Katara, KaptainGantu,KountChocula, endless shade for days B)

          • Leggo My Eggo

            Yesss lol Kuwagamon, Kingler, Kitana just to name a few

      • Janae

        LMAO @ KidFriendlyMotherApproved… KimandNickiParker will be aight… I see her dating another celebrity soon

        • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

          Best believe she will not be single I bet Drake is sending his delivery from 1800-Flowers and an Aaliyah start-up kit basket right now.

          • Queen_Of_♥’s

            Kall1800Dentist will accept that edible arrangement and 4 page letter and love it

          • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

            lmmfaoo..I cannot no more with you today.

          • Michele Lee

            Drake is such a scavenger, I’m sure he’s flying in to offer Kittyhawk, a shoulder to cry on as we speak.   Aubreaya is always the clean up man.

          • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

            I bet his ass writing a song right now..lmfao

          • Michele Lee

            You know he’s telling her; ” You is kind, You is smart, You is important”

          • Queen_Of_♥’s


          • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

            *hollers* You ain’t right at all…lmfaooo.  ”You give that baby a chance, hear?”

          • TeddiRose24

            THAT’S IT! I’M NO MORE GOOD! *jumps in coffin* 

          • shizbgby


  • WellThen

    LMFAO @kalamityjane ! 

  • Bmarie

    I’m done with everybody on this damn site. Y’all slayed me with the damn KanIGetaRefill in the last post, I won’t let it happen again. Good day.

  • MC

    Poor kran-applegrape!!

  • CS

    I have some faith in Kablam. Hopefully she knew it was coming and started saving her pennies for tattoo removal surgery and opened up her little black book to find other prospects.

    • Amanda Alston

      Kreamsicle is blessed and highly favored, because she could’ve ended up on Chris’ HIT list: Rihanna, Drake, and Frank Ocean.

  • StupidPoe

    Babygirl you knew what you were in for..lmao

  • Missmarchmommy

    sucks to be her *shurg* that mess wouldnt have happened to me tho ijs 

  • Xclusivejanai

    she aint ray charles to shit and i dont feel sorry for her stupid ass.. Why the fuck would u even go to NY with him know all damn well that RIh was there and that was the ONLY reason he went… This chile…. is just… STUPID. I would be left, now u suffer humilation over a “friendship”… I mean really its RIHANNA, she thought she was gonna have his yellow babies? YEAH RIGHT

  • MOE

    Poor Kanyouremovemyhandtatt !

    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      I just screamed so loud at this name..lmfaoooo

    • serenissima

      best one yet *applauds*

  • 803ab18

    I just wanna say ain’t NONE of shit for fucking up Young Koncubine name like this. See what what you did, Fury?!

  • Lyn

    well, koreanbbq, you know you saw it coming.

  • Dreadenette

    This is whats best for chris and Krymeariver, they should have split a long time ago.

  • Oh

    So he broke up with her over a friendship? LMAO! Do anybody believe this? Hell nah just be real, you let KranberryJuice go to shack up with Rih. Now her stans (KranberryJuice) are on suicide watch and threatening Mr. Brown, yes she has stans for what reason? I don’t know. 

    • Suchalady

      Threatening??!! *Sigh* They need to let Chrihanna live.

  • Kj

    Poor KramerVsKramer….

  • RIPtothegirlyouusedtoCbreezy

    poor kickpushkickpushcoast, she really tried to be the main but she got played by breezy, well either way i feel like she has just made a very lucky escape. Rihanna isn’t gonna let that dick go until she is in the emergency room

  • Rell

    So a friendship with an ex is more important than your girl… Wow. Flava flav wow

    • Heyboo

       If he didn’t say everything and nothing- at the same damn time.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Dammit..Kawasakimotorbike. Oh well..she was smiling in the pics somebody posted of her last nite. Maybe she got a “settlement” or a parting gift but she most definitely didn’t get The Rose..lmao. Gotta be sad to know not only your friends and fam are gonna be like, “I told u so” but The whole world? Chris gonna be “single” for about 2 days then him and Princess Pum Pum will celebrate with whipped cream and yellow cake mix for all and you will deal.  

    • Shadesville

      Yall need to just leave Kilimanjaro the fuck alone. So what if she’s lost her position as the KommanderAndKweef in Chris Browns life.

  • AbOriginal

    Welp at least he was respectful about it.. Which is quite a Yellow Cake surprise, if ya ask me.

    • CaramelHottie

      Lol there was NOTHING respectful about what he said. Even though we all KNOW Rihanna was the cause to their issues, he didn’t have to go on record and say it. Like damn, haven’t you made a fool of her enough 

      • FreeRunFromDatAss

        Who cares. I personally dont feel bad for KrustyKorndog because she had every opportunity to leave him but she stayed because she liked the fame and attention she was getting for being known as “chris brown’s girlfriend”. And in the end she basically got what she wanted but not in the way that she wanted it.

  • Kj

    Maybe she’ll get an Edible Arrangements from VH1 

  • Kerakee

    I don’t feel bad for Helen Keller However. I might be in the minority but I DO NOT see it for Chris and Rih’s rekindled romance. Friendship yes. But if a dude stomped my ass the way he did her. It’s over indefinitely. And I love them both but Rih is a hypocrite if that’s how she got him back. By creeping.

    • Heyboo

       Agree 100%. I understand wanting a happy ending, but damn, this dude is an abuser AND a major ho/cheater. Who wants to see that shit, unless you miserable yourself?

      • CaramelHottie

        Yasss @ Heyboo .. Preach

  • DeeUpInHere

    Dear Rihanna:When Chris puts another knot on that five-head of yours, this time can you PLEASE spare the public your obligatory round of battered-woman-sympathy-gaining-attention-whoring promotional tv interviews? Women who go through domestic violence and AND ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING think that YOU ARE DOING THEM A GRAVE DISSERVICE.#GoodLuckWithThat #ProtectYoNeck  #InvestInAHelmet,Dear Kukaracha:What, exactly, do you see in this bubble-gum-Pop-N-B-garbage-music-sanging-anger-management-issues-having rabid wombat anyway?#RunGirlRuuuunnn #Can’tSqueezeBloodOutOfATurnip  #YouTooYoungAndPrettyForThisMess,Yours Truly,The World.

    • Ceira Ford

      YES!!! Chile you better SHADE like and ol’ oak tree and READ these hussies like a news anchor *hands over mule and does praise dance

      • DeeUpInHere

        omg you’re killing me lol

    • Heyboo

       To be fair, she didn’t go around doing sympathy interviews, she retreated a lot, She had to promote music & of course they would bring it up. With that being said, I hope they don’t get back together, officially. They both need help.

      • DeeUpInHere

        duly noted. However, she very recently did another interview with Oprah, bawling her eyes out yet again – and now DAYS LATER, she’s back running behind his yella pencil dick. I cannot, I will not, and neither should you  ;-) Honestly, I am of the unsolicited opinion that they are ALREADY back together. Whether “officially” or unofficially – she shouldn’t be back with him in any capacity. It’s not like any of us has personal interest invested in their relationship – but I honestly don’t want to see Rihanna throw her life away behind this fool. Yes, everyone needs forgiveness and has the capacity for change – but Light Ike’s daily actions show that he isn’t really learning his damned lesson. You’re right – they both need serious help.

        • reeree

          but you did not just call him ‘Light Ike’.
          goodnight and God bless.

    • CaramelHottie

      @DeeUpInHere:disqus  THANK YOU! Finally someone said it cause I thought we was gon sit here and act like that situation ain’t boost her popularity! Next time he make your lips look like split sausages keep that shit to yo self! 
      And as fun as it is making fun of you’re name KrunchyCheeseDoodles I feel bad for you. If anybody has ever been in love you know its not that easy to just walk away. That yellow bastard just humiliated you even more confirming everyone’s suspicions, smh. You’re beautiful and young, you could do much better than a lying, cheating, cant sing live, barely selling 100k in my first week flop anyways.  

      • DeeUpInHere

        I nearly coughed up a lung at “KRUNCHYCHEESEDOODLES”, lol. But seriously, I think that KoochieKrust is a young girl who really does love her some Chris Brown, and as a result she put up with a lot of humiliation. What I want to know is, where are her parents, that let her date that unrepentant woman beater in the first place??? And yes, I said “unrepentant” – need I remind y’all that this idiot went HAM on a daytime talkshow where he ended up throwing a chair through a window, ripping off his shirt like a crackish incredible hulk, and walking off the set? Doesn’t sound like someone who’s truly remorseful to me.

        • CaramelHottie

          EXACTLY!! I don’t think KlitResidue gets much guidance from her parents..NO way in hell I’d let my child date that womanizer

          • DeeUpInHere

            Apparently Kookamunga’s don’t care that their daughter is the butt of every internet joke since Antoine Dodson. Really and truly, her mama stopped caring since naming that poor child Kockadoodledoo.

    • Zan

      The other comments made me laugh, but you are absolutely right! I agree with you 100%.

  • Dumb & Dumber

    Am I the only one who see’s Rihanna as the idiot in this statement? Chile he just called her a party pal & fuck buddy w/ out even saying it. I CAN’T W/ YELLOW CAKES!!! I CAN’T!!!

  • TJ

    KakashiSensei shouldve listened…Oh well

    • Yiles

      No you did NOT just go in with the Naruto shade!!! X_X

    • St. Yaki


    • Miata

      *slams laptop closed*
      *unplugs charger*
      *switches off circuit breaker*

      Good day to you. Please and thank you

    • Shadesville

      Kacorott will find some one who truly loves her. i believe it.

  • ColdCharge

    Well at least KablasianKunt don’t have to wonder about her place in mellow-yellow’s schedule no more, sucks that it had to be put on blast like this tho. Who knows maybe this’ll make her or break her.

    • Toni-red

      Fury, you know we are going to need a new video from you on this. It’s only fair that you and you alone close this shit out with the shade that only you could throw. I’ll be patiently waiting.

  • Bmarie

    I bet she feels dumb gettin all those damn tattoos and now she gotta go get a regular job…

    • Kj

       I can’t wait until I am in Walgreen’s and see her wearing a name tag that says Kornbeef&Kabbage. Is that wrong?

      • Bmarie

        yes. yes it is. but damned if i didn’t get a solid giggle out of it…

  • Isha


    Thje comments alone should be nominated for an EMMY.

  • Isha


    Thje comments alone should be nominated for an EMMY.

  • kieux


  • Isha


    Yall are so creative though!!! I love it!!! Still——>lmfao

  • Erin Cash

    Is it weird that after being on this site for so long her real name being written seems like a joke too? 

    • tdotmiller

      YASSSSS!  That’s the real gag

    • OhOkay


  • Janeen

    Kreamofnature should of taken a couple of classes at the Cassie School of Sidepiece Hustle… she’s standing there looking in the mirror, saying “DAMN” to herself…..

    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      Hopefully, she took the Amber Rose course instead and will be on the next NBA/NFL player or irrelevant rapper in no time.. lol

      • serenissima

        The Kris Jenner Academy for Hoes wouldve had her a multimillionaire in her own right by now

        • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

          It’s not too late for KallitNutbushCityLimits to enroll tho..lmao

  • U Aint Bout Dat Lyfe!

    We tried to warn you Karolsdaughter. You wasn’t paying attention to the smell of Vita Coconut water all up in Yellow Post-It Note’s place. Now you got a fugly Unleashed the Dragon tatt on your body to remind you of the days you played a decoy girlfriend.

  • Esha

    Kallmenowforyourfreetarohreading love is a battlefield and hurricane (yes the drink), that is all.

  • Fee_clochette97

    that statement is fake as fuck. Chris being my fave i know damn well he hasn’t spoken to the media since the GMA incident. And he certainly wouldn’t tell it to TMZ or hollywood life. Besides what makes yall think he loved Kilimanjaro enough to spare her in the media when he kept setting her up on twitter to get dragged by team breezy? U know what… That girl and her friends have BEEN throwing publicity stunts in failed attempts @ making her relevant. Anyways poor Karate imma need u to remove that ugly ass tattoo cuw u gon have to apply for a job u know? 

    • turntUPPPPPPP

      Slayed, reborn and SLAYED AGAIN! #kilimanjaro…

  • turntUPPPPPPP

    I wonder how KappaAlphaPsi will be financing her Urban Outfitters lays and Jeffery Campbell shoes now…

  • lololololol

    Y’all need to let Kantgetamodelinggigtosavemylife be great y’all are so evil ;_____;

  • Coonye West

    Poor Krackmusicniggathatrealblackmusicnigga :(

    But it’s her own damn fault! She allowed herself to become a laughing stock for Lamborghinis and Louboutins.

    Meanwhile Angry Beaver and Roti Wrap are laughing all the way to couples counselling.

    • Radon Kong

      Now you know dem niggas ain’t got the wherewithal God gave Steebie J & Uncle Joseline to go to no damn “counseling”

  • Marie

    You all are KILLING me with these name variations!

  • Buckey’s Wig

    I bet y’all KandyRain ennd up on VH1 sipping koolaid with Mimi and all the rachets….cryying heart break hotel tearss over christopher robin….(y’all caught that?)……loooool

    winnie the pooh birthday cake high yellow shade at its finest

  • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

    I hate for those names!

    Call the saints cause I am *DEAD*

  • Cheetahakeas

    Poor KemiOylSheaButter.. Life goes on tho

  • Olivia Dope

    Kashmoneyrecordstakinoverforthe99andthe2000 had a good ride while it lasted. She’s cute and will be on to the next young celeb in no time.

    • turntUPPPPPPP

      Did you REALLY have to slay with the “99 and 2000″ extension? DEAD!

    • You’re Welcome

      I just DIED at that name…I’m at work trying to keep it together!!!!!!!

    • Esha

       LOL, no mam you shall not pass

    • Young & Pruned

       ::Does a B. Scott pen throw::

    • SD

      *real tearssssssss*

  • Courtney

    Let us all take deep breaths, hold hands and then yell “WE TOLD YOU SO KUBICZIRCONIA!”

    • CooleyColey

      *DEAD* OMFG

  • nellkaye

    well Kirbytiltandtumble this is what happens when your Helen Keller to the bullshit. your fault.

  • Colic

    She was dumb — I don’t feel bad for this broad. You have no job, your title as a “model” give me the chuckles and your life revolved around twitter, Rihanna & Chris Brown. If Love & Hip Hop LA ever comes out, she probably be on that show. Better yet I think Draya might need a love interest on Basketball Wives, you can go play her gf on the show. Good riddance!

    • turntUPPPPPPP

      Apparently, Khlamydiainkambodia is a stylist…. 

    • yushook

      colic, i thought i was the only one laughing at the title of model. although very pretty, this girl is nobody’s model. she’s like 4’9″.

  • Casey

    *Proceeds to order Walmart casket* …I can’t with these names.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

      & you bet not had ordered the last one! 

      I departed this earth yesterday after reading about kumpelstiltskin’s unfortunate turn of events & my soul is still in search of a final resting place.

      You got any room in that casket?  LMAO!

  • Zels Photo

    My question is… Is Fury going to do a vid with all of the names he done called Kountem’down. Viral would NOT be the word! I say do it!

    • turntUPPPPPPP

      I just IG’d the SAME DAMN THING! I’d love to see a video specifically for Kan’tkeepupwithabitchlikeme!!!

  • CooleyColey

    FURY!! Look what you started! these posts have me DYING *over here cracking up in my cubicle at work*

    We all know its time for KrispyKreme to move on

  • BP21

    I’m DYING at these names! Oh how creative you all are. LMAO #realtears

  • NLH

    These names, these NAMES! LOLOL!!  Nothing can get a thread poppin’ like the variations of Kookookachoo’s name. I’mma miss her *sigh*

    • turntUPPPPPPP

      This is NOT the last of Kreamofbroccoli, I guarantee it!

  • DeeUpInHere

    I’m ‘a need KoreanKukaracha to upload a video where she pronounces her name for all of us on these here internets. Because it ain’t right that we keep messing up KonstantKraving’s government name like this, y’all. It just ain’t right.  #KeepItMovingKimchi  

  • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

    Welp, KlipMyNails has learned a life lesson. Her only hope now is to ask Jim Jones mom, Mama Jones if she can be the next face of “PumKashe’” the perfume…

    I’m keeping my paws off Lite Ike and Voodoo Cunt…

  • lolwat

    Poor dumb Krakatowa 

  • YolaHippie

    i truly do feel sorry for her. we may make jokes but i think it was serious for her, i’ve never had a gold digging feel from her. Oh wells. sorry Krutons :/

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    This proves that Rihanna’s curry is potenr and Chris couldn’t get rid of the taste since 2009. I almost feel sorry for Kikisdeliveryservice. Almost.

    • Tiffany

      This name is the most!!  I can’t even read the comment because that name ugghhh! :)

  • Ceira Ford

    oh well lucky ChrissyBooBooChile and RihannballZ will give us much more entertainment now that Kandidatemitromneyandlucyloulovechild is outta of the way R.I.P girl these names will be missed

  • LadyM

    The most tragic part of this whole affair is that we won’t be seeing any more of these wonderful names for KokoVia. Unless she gets her own career. So, yeah, like I said.

  • ilikechicken

    Aw… Poor KrustyKrab. Everyone knew that Chris still loved Rihanna BUT her. Oh welp. Better late than never *shrug*

  • Andrew Simson

    I really do feel bad for KarlieRedsParrotAss. She might’ve been boring, stupid and delusional but I can’t ever recall her being a bitch in anything other than a retaliatory fashion.

  • yushook

    omg! i’m dying a slow death at the way y’all are fucking up that girl’s name…lol! she knew what time it was. the carefree lifestyle on chris’ dime is over girl. time to go find a job.

  • You’re Welcome

    Guess Kreamcoloredponiesandcrispapplestreudels was not one of his favorite things (I’m reaching…I know…don’t judge me and I won’t judge you!)

  • Tinaley

    Keylolo…. Just to add another name change…lol and KINU!!!!

    • Bmarie

      and if i recall, whitley kept messin her name up too!

  • Freshie Howser

    I called it!!! I just knew chris & karate chop was gonna break up!

  • Meep

    I feel bad for Konquistador. Poor thing probably thought she could win the fight against the forehead =/ Stay up, Konundrum. At least you had some type of fun during this “relationship.” I hope you saved a few coins to continue your trips to Urban Outfitters. Dang son..all I can say is poor KeeblerElf. 

  • Mr. Hernandez’s Grammy

    The clock has been ticking for Krayola’s64PackOfCrayons since Rih and Mr.Turner Jr. started playing Tag in nightclubs all over the nation. All the advice I can give her is:

    - When putting your application on CareerBuilder, make sure you cite ALL your names as I’m sure most people don’t know your real name. (You can check KF for a full list)

     Replace ” Instagram Model” with “Freelance Model”. 

    - Write a Tell-all book before your 14 mins and 59 seconds are up. (There might be some Tea left over that Christopher (or TMZ) hasn’t spilled during his ‘Chris Smash!!!’ stage)

    If all else fails, I’m sure that Draya has a corner of a couch (or futon, If you’re feeling homesick) to lend.

  • Meep

    Poor Klapback!

  • Michele Lee

    Kazakhstan  baby girl how do say goodbye, to what we had…    I just hope you put away enough yellow cake coin in a secret account to get by.  Maybe you Keri Hillson and Kreayshawn can get make a ” 3 K’s We ain’t shit “mix tape. …..I know Macy’s is hiring…

    Ok..I tried to help her but, that’s all I got.  

  • Thmsdar

    Awww it will be okay Kay Jewelers mabey you and [insert name here] will be together ….. and Rih that Number 2 pencil must have cocaine sprinkled on it cuz you can’t leave it alone.


    These names tho *DEATH*

  • MK

    Ok, so y’all don’t feel bad for KrankThatCreoleWigCrypt tho? All her fake friends gon be GAWN. Bye-bye.

  • Apalacian

    Well she might be able to get a job with LHH Asia edition.

  • WELP!

    im impatiently waiting for a KanyewestpresentsGOODmusic interview although i fear shes been paid a pretty penny to stfu but gwarl its time to go AWPH!

  • Roux

    I feel bad for KalgonTakeMeAway, who wants there relationship broken up

  • designby12

    There’s not a chance in hell KrenshawAvenue didn’t see this coming… Sad for her…

  • tommykimon

    These names are killing me, real tears LMBAO

  • Melcheznic

    Ahhhhhh it’s officially a wrap on nick names for KrispyKremesKitKat!!

  • beatsmasher

    you couldnt write a better story than this……i wonder karcouche will do interviews now

  • Brittany

    I’m not surprised young el debarge and Koochiecutters broke up

  • Meme Al

    KallMeIshmael needed to bounce a long time ago, we all knew Rih Rih wasn’t going to let Chris go. Sad thing is that Rih is still a victim of the abuse- she still doesn’t understand what he did to her or her rights as a woman and as a human being. Somebody needs to read her Human Rights out to her or give her a class on women’s history. And then you have someone like Kony2012 who thinks she has the magic capabilities to change a man like that, like no KinderSuprise you don’t, don’t be a victim too- Yellow pages deserves no one. 

  • Missglamzon

    @KallMeIshmael ! I live and I die.   But  KatchasKatchcan should have seen this coming maybe there should be some sort of handbook for women who date celebrities just to  get famous.  If there is one  KlimbingUptheRoughSideoftheMountian did not read it

  • Benzino’s Neck

    KarliReddsRealAge ain’t through being in the spotlight yet……just give her some time.

  • Malon

    Damn Kickinitoldschool is finito. Where will I get my daily laughs now :(

  • Malon

    Damn Kickinitoldschool

  • LadyBug

    I just got the Tea on KrispyHotCheetos and her breakup. I’m sure I will see her real soon ringing me up at Forever 21 or being a model at Karmaloop or Hot Topic. I just really hope she doesn’t got away she worked hard for her relevance and while we had a heated seat in the corner of “WAKE THE FUCK UP GIRL” waiting for her she politely declined and said, “I’m gonna get my shine!” So Kudos to you KarteLipGloss you’re a fucking celebrity ex-girlfriend  now. 

    I hope yall caught that Rhi shade when she tweeted Bad Religion. I’m just saying I think that was directed to Kolemancampinggear. 

  • Radon Kong

    Welp, I guess this is it KarlRovesCampaignStrategy. I never had nuthing against you, but the majority has spoken. And now CB & Rihanna are free to give each other rug burns and disrupted PH balances to their hearts content. This is what happens when you try so hard to be “the cool girlfriend”. I’ll always remember the good times we your expense, but girl no harm done. You’ll bounce back w/ an Oxygen show, or an promising sales associate position @ Foreign Exchange. 
    PS- I can’t imagine Kid doing a Name Memorial. This been goin on for like a year, better find an intern, someone who may recently be down on her luck and may need to build up their resume..till that modeling career take off…

  • Sugarsmoke

    How Christella gone say he broke up with her over a “friendship”. That’s a damn shame.

  • MC

    Why KrucialKonflict look so straggely tho? Welp, better to have loved than not loved at all or some shit like that…

    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      Lawd, I pray to thee..NOT KrucialKonflict. <—Casket's ready. lmfaooo

    • turntUPPPPPPP

      Heeeeey, in the middle of the baaaaaaaaaaaaaarn…. Isn’t that the song? CTFU!!!!!! Dead and gone…

  • The Urban Sage

    Y’all ain’t SHIT for these variations of KillaCamsMinkCoatSweatStain’s name. At all. I am in TEARS.

  • Meme Al

    Maybe KosherSaltBeef actually loved Chris coz she has not been ballin’ throughout this relationship. She’s stupid for not getting anything after spending any time with a woman beater. Like you should be draped and caped in designer shit, opening nail bars with the rest of the Tran-slate family on every corner. 

  • Hummingbyrd2306

    Can’t say that I feel at all sorry for KantWeAllJustGetAlong. She knew what she was getting into. Looks like it’s about that time to setup that account KaptainPlanetHesOurHero

  • Trudy Proud

    Poor KarryTranandTheDeathlyHallows, what is life without bleaching Falco Punch’s hair and twatching Rihanna’s twitter for Asian shade. I for one really do feel bad for KueQue-Na-To-Ra-YouWillUnderstand because besides instagram modeling, getting tatted up and being blind to the bullshit what is there for her?  I mean she is a pretty girl so maybe she can find a captain save a hoe rebound esque man like Wiz to fund those Jeffrey Campbell shoes and Urban Outfitter bodysuits until she get’s picked up for the next season of Bad Girl’s Club. Until then hopefully she and Aubrina can get together and paint each other’s nails and eat Ben & Jerry’s  while listening to old school Mary J and Keyisha Cole. 

    But enough about KodeLyoko, let’s move on to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s  and Hitmebabyonemoretime’s new rekindled “friendship”, I don’t see that lasting long at all. Those two are hot heads and once that light skin lust and Ky Jelly runs out those two are going to be back at it again. I want to be optimistic and try not to picture Chris stomping Rhi rhi out like a Welches Cranberry fields worker but there’s just a nagging thought in the back of my mind. Or maybe thats because I couldn’t be friends or hell even cordial with any friend, foe, lover, family member, cat, dog, ant, or goldfish that beat my ass or hurt me not just physically but emotionally as well. *-Sighs-* I don’t know Something just tells me this is not the end of the Yellow Mike Tyson/ Curry Goat Jerky/ KnockKnockknockstopknockinidontwantyoucallingmenomore saga at all. 

    • DeeUpInHere

      LLLLOOOOOLLLL @ HitMeBabyOneMoreTime !!! That’s it!!! THAT is Rihanna’s new name from now on!!! OMFG you are so dead wrong for that…

  • Damnshame

    I feel so bad for Kidneybeansnrice, she had to know that this was coming.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    This ain’t the last of KallMeBeepMeIfYouWantToReachMe I can assure ya’ll that….someone said they didn’t get the gold diggin vibe from her, but not all those who date celebs dig for gold in the form of coins and cash…headlines perhaps *Hey Kim*. KanIKickItToAllThePeopleWhoCanQuestLikeATribeDoes I lend you this advice take the L girl, you lucky it only came with a broken heart and not a busted lip. Find a good ass tattoo removal surgeon, change your name to something pronounceable (especially some that doesn’t sound like what’s between ya legs) and open a bomb ass whatever type of Asian you are food restaurant.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I must say…everybody outdid themselves and went straight the fuck in on KandymanFarewellToTheFlesh name. I think I ruptured something from laughing so hard. Maybe one day she will find this and laugh her ass off at it. lmao

    • Queen_Of_♥’s

      I think KrusinDownTheStreetInMy64 is sitting quietly in a corner wishing death upon us all for this. I bet her twitter block list is longer than Yellow Cakes parole violation printout by now.

      • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna


    • Damnshame

      I feel sorry for Kantkachabreak, lol.

  • Ana

    Even if Killingmesoftly didn’t blatantly see till recently, smh it’s still sucks

  • TaajRogers

    Poor Karete Chop………….

  • Stacksonstacks

    Baby come here, sit down, let’s talk. I gotta alot to say so I guess i’ll start by saying I love you but you know this things ain’t been a walk in the park for us

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    welp! Krackandcocaine lasted a lot longer than i expected thats for damn sure…..keep yo head like Tupac say girl

    • Hummingbyrd2306

      I was surprised KanyoutellmehowtogettoSesameStreet lasted as long as she did as well. She endured all that Rihanna “Rice Cake” shade, stayed and still got dumped publically. Prayers are being lifted up on her behalf.

  • smiley314

    I know kowabunga thinks by writing her feelings on twitter is actually gonna help but CHIL!! KooKoo just can’t win lol Curry goat and rice get what she want and what she wanted was them yellow pages

  • Oregontrail

    Someone needs to go check on Drake — he might be crying loudly somewhere. He might be just as mad a Korruptable. No love lost for the girl, she came out of the relationship not beat to hell and high water; good for her.

  • Tiffany

    I hope she has her peking ducks in a row because her pencil riding is officially ova and that makes me sad…..not really.

  • Trulade77

    What is KumKoveredKocoaChicks gonna do now?

  • DeeUpInHere

    I’m ‘a need y’all to leave KumquatsKimcheesNKumStains alone! Leave that baby alone, I say!!! What the hell did Kolonoscopy ever do to y’all??? I do believe that Kukaburra will bounce back from this somehow… *sips tea*

  • Kay

    If this aint a messy break up ch… He even mentioned Ri’s name in the statement, no respect. La-Kookaracha girl we tried to warn you… Your chariot awaits you my lady.

  • Ddttrs87

    Kabracadabra definitely saw this coming but I reckon she was only in it for the dick. Punto y final.

  • Mistyfee

    Kickmetodacurb should have seen this coming.

  • Sunshineblueskys

    What will KaptainKangaroo do now?  She has no talent.

  • DeeDaw

    oh no! i am DEAD at the disaster that is this girls name on blogs. #logsoutoflife 

  • Krunchynoodles&bacon

    *Singing* I bet it sucks to be you right nowwwwwwww……………….

  • Tajia Reed

    Poor Krustykrab….we tried to tell you girl. Get you a new itinerary. And check it this time before you take off to another bullshit vaca that leaves you broke and embarrassed #thatsthatfuckshit

    • Erockbaby3000

      no you did not just you did not just throw in spongebob shade!!! I gotta stop reading these comments before y’all leave me 6 feet under

  • Dopexclusivedesigns

    Lmaoooo, these names y’all giving her has me weak!!! Omg.

  • Leggo My Eggo

    Well Kamehameha looks like your off the gravy train for good. Maybe you should’ve poked some holes in a condom or something. Well looks like you’ll be on looking for a job while you buy some concealer to hide them damned tats until you can get them removed

  • Rihanna

    we all knew KrustyKorndog was gonna end up dumped anyway…was just a matter of time before chris got tired of fucking the sam old kreeky p***y 

  • darianndavis123

    Well first of all kae is the one who mad her-self look stupid, she confirmed the breakup instead of keeping it on the down low, but no she decided to take it to twitter instead. Chris never said anything about the breakup, he didn’t tweet or dm fans about it. I don’t have a problem with the girl and i do feel bad for her, she didn’t deserve it. And i also don’t have a problem with rihanna but she kind of disappointed me, because she knows what it feels like to be cheated on, so the fact that she would mess around with chris was kind of rude. And no i’m not a chrianna or chrae stan, but if chris is happy then that’s good. And i’m not going to judge any of them because nobody knows the true story about any of this. And we shouldn’t stress ourselves out about something that does not concern us, just stan for who you like and accept their decisions.

  • darianndavis123

    And if chris and rihanna are back together maybe it’s for closure since they were pretty much split apart, maybe they want to see what could have happened. Ya’ll know ya’ll ain’t right for messing up that girls name.

  • Leitak00

    So whose going to be his stylist now?

  • TrinaBaby

    Does anyone still think Christopher beat RiRi’s ass unprovoked and that she was a true victim?? Dat Bajan succubus bitch was/is on some high tech crazy shit; she been fiending for Christopher since the beat down and was all out in the open about it.

    Karma’s a BEE-YOTCH and if she’s not careful, RiRi will be headed down Whitney Houston Lane.

    Only victim in all of this is Krunchkake… Poor little half eaten Krunchkake.

    • serenissima

      lol my mom calls her KarrotKake

  • Justin Joseph

    yall leave kasperthefrendlyghost alone. it’s yall fault for reading the bitch so hard on twitter.

  • that bitch

    Poor kashmakethecoochiegowoowoo I really hope she’s okay right now, the media is in a frenzy over this breakup.

    • Trudy Proud


  • TurnUP

    KreamOfMushroom should’ve knew this was coming tho. Smh..

  • Erockbaby3000

    personally I’m going to miss kreamofwheat just because of how much enjoyment I’ve been getting out of reading all of Fury’s updates about her and the situation with chrissy yellow cake here. Also y’all are dirty for all these nicknames for this poor girl, kentuckyfriedchicken had to know this would happen though.

  • Zan

    a WALMART casket, though?!?!?!!? *jumps in with you*

  • Scarf Junkie

    Poor Kall1800SteamerStanleySteamerGetsYourHomeCleaner….

  • shizbgby

    Jesus catch me, these comments have slain my life, and its not even 9am!

  • smh@you.

    C’mon KrustytheTran. Step it up! You should’ve had your eyes peeled from the start. Wait pause… 

  • babyRonni1

    how could you date someone that’s in love? Krazystupidlove is all wrong for this, ain’t body fault but hers, she knew chris was in love…

  • LisaMarie

    stop it with the nicknames i’ve got cramps through my whole body lol i can’t control it ! Katchmeatthecountybuildinggettingsomefoodstampslordknowsineedthem 

  • Hi

    Even though I really didn’t like karrueche I feel bad for her but he did her wrong. I’m rihanna navy and team breezy. But notI chrianna. But rihanna seems thug life on Twitter and a sweet heart in real life. I feel like if she was in karrueche’s place it would hurt her more. She got what she wanted but it might not be what she really needs. People blame karrueche for chris smoking weed but rihanna smokes weed. Chris is a grown man he makes his own choices.

  • /slain

    At this point, I am truly weakened by all the shade.

  • DeeUpInHere

    Honestly, I think we’ve all been a little harsh on Kukaburra (myself included). Clowning on her and changing up her name is fun and all, but I think several things about this situation:(1). Yes, we ALL saw the signs, and she should have, too. But keep in mind that she’s still a young woman who stood by his side when it seemed that everyone hated him. Saying that she deserves to be publicly shamed like this is a little harsh. She’s young; she’ll learn from this.(2). I don’t necessarily see her as being the rebound chick – he dated several women right after the mess with the Bajan Billygoat – Draya, Jasmine Sanders, and a few others I can’t remember. Kukaracha has been the longest, most stable chick in his life since the CurryGoat breakup.(3). I personally don’t see why Kockadoodledoo chose to date a man who was so viciously violent to another woman, but maybe she thought that he deserved a chance to redeem himself. Better her than me – I certainly couldn’t do it.(4) People who are running around talking about being on “TeamChrisNRihanna” probably don’t give a damn about either of them, and just want a front row seat to all of the drama that is INEVITABLY going to result from them reuniting. This re-relationship has DYSFUNCTIONAL written all over it.KuntaKinte girl, be GLAD that you are done with this disrespectful, violent, two-timing, ignorant, anger-management-special-needs-case. Keep on doing you; you’re young and pretty and I’m sure that you have more to offer to YOURSELF – and later to a special man that will know how to treat his girl properly. Understand that karma works in wonderous ways, and that dysfunctional pair are doing their damnedest to self-implode their careers. and you will, at that point, enjoy a heartfelt snicker at the tragedy of it all. Keep your head up, sis  :-)

    • CaramelHottie

      @ DeeUpInHere 

      I live every time you post up here. You literally took the words right out my mouth sis. I think you’re the only person who’s rational and compassionate because everyone’s been dragging poor Kae like she’s personally done something to them.  

      • DeeUpInHere

        You are now, like, my best friend in my head!  Happy Thanksgiving btw  :-)

        • CaramelHottie

          O_o Happy Thanksgiving? Lol. 

  • hardbodyVA

    hold the fffffk up ! you’re  praising Kan’tsuckitjumponit like she’s god, 1st Krisusetobuymeeverything gave chris head in his sports car multiple x’s ) 2. she use too fuck with tyga ) 3. she does drugs behind camera ) 4. Keemotherapy is not perfect, so stop making her out to be, and people drgaf about Krankthatsouljaboy she “FUCKING KNEW BETTER, AND THOUGHT SHE WAS COMING AND STAYING!” NOOOOO KUTBACKONFUCKINGWITHNIGGASINLOVE! YOU THOUGHT WRONG MY FRIEND!    -CHRIH REIGN!

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    Well, we told you girl.

  • a

    poor krustykrab

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