Beyoncé Serves Legs For New House Of Deréon Promo

While the Barbies and butterflies are fighting, Anderson is getting girls together and Hulk Hogan’s penis is live online, The Reigning Queen Topaz Lioness of Creation has swooped in smoother than her hair and provided life.

Get into those legs stomping cracks into her heavenly pavement in this new Winter 2012 House of Deréon promo. She is serving you harlequin boss realness. I’m through.

Source: She Is Diva

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  • Mesa

    Werrrrrk!!!! Yessssss!!! Yessssssssss!!

  • Courtney

    All is well in the #Beyhive

  • Jasmine Robinson

    Slaying your favorites since 1981 pleaaaaase believe!

  • Coonye West

    Looking like Creole Cruella DeTrill. Life is restored.

    • Heyboo

       Lmao x_x……

    • whatevs

      *holy backflip into casket* 

  • Jasonreloaded

    She. Looks. FLAWLESS! I am glad that the House of Dereon collection is starting to look good. I was never a fan of their older looks, and what Mama Tina used to throw on DC, but things have definitely improved. 

  • hahahaha

    Not butterflies, lambs lol

  • Diva

    Cute dress but i still cant rock with house of damnitswrong.

    • Bre

      Can’t…breathe X__X

  • Rwimbrly

    I MUST have that dress!

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    ugh..this woman!! Zeus, Aphrodite and all the Gods need to be on life alert cuz they are beaten and served right now.  smdh..I can’t deal. 

  • Ceira Ford

    Motha may i explain to the kids what just happened? Your life’s been served your wig snatched swiftly and placed in baby blue’s crib and that daze feeling will wear off once Madam Butterscotch Ruler of all things Fierce and Fab leaves the building do not attempt to re-adjust your careers but to our regularly schedule program…..this look is EVERYTHING and hmm that hair is something Ms. Alica Offkeyslately tried to do but couldnt pull off…now this Girl is on Fire!! 

    • YAS


  • KissmyHIGHNESS

    Bey looks great…but house of dereon is kinda played out though…

    • Heyboo

       Not to the people in Paris, TX or other random tiny towns with no fashion sense.

      • stacksonstacks

        LMAO, I thought you were going to write Paris, France. #deadonarrival

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        and  not to the ghettos across america where the baby mamas and Laquishas flock to your nearest Dots, Citi Trends or Rainbows.

  • Tyetjd


  • M.J.

    How she makes House of Dereon work for her is a mystery. #unsolvedcreolemysteries

    • SecretDivva

      SERIOUSLY!!! She makes it look amazing – but when I see it on the sale rack at Ross, it doesn’t look that amazing.. #sadface Nevertheless she brings it.

  • i just shook da taybuhl

    Everytime I see a pic of King Beezus all I think about is what a Knowles-Carter cook out would be like! Do you think aunty Rih brings the curried goat and enough Vita Coco for all, while Uncle Ye brings European chocolates drizzled with real gold and YMCMB tears.

    • Jasmine Robinson

      YMCMB tears?? JESUS! 

  • Titi

    Kid Fury did you catch what Nicki Minaj tweeted Da Brat? I’d say your lesson in shade paid off.

  • Stacksonstacks

    Beyonce is serving spicy, hot jambalaya and I am here for it. Werk!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    False Advertising this is not the Dereon that will be sold to the average consumer… Beysus though you slay, I side-eye you for this but applaud you and Mama Tina for your vast improvement in the line and ruthless business tactics #Iaintmadatya

  • Lola Waldorf.

    Ok fools, this is “House Of Dereon” not “Dereon”…. Them rhinestone tote bags in Jimmy Jazz and Macy;s are the urban brand Dereon. House Of Dereon has always had cute dresses, there just not available at your average retail store. And style and style, if you like it wear it…Why does the name on the tag matter. 

    • Guest

      Thank u!!! She’s always said that DEREON was the teen line(what u see in citi trends,dillards etc)and HOUSE OF DEREON is the couture line(find it online). I’ve never understood why people don’t get that. Yes DEREON was trash but HOUSE OF DEREON never was.

  • Kay

    Yaaassss woman! Werkk like the rent is due!!

  • whatevs

    I’m beyond into those shoes but if I saw that dress on anyone but Beyonce all I’d have is comments :/ 

  • whatevs

    Fury whyyyy did you have to remind me of that Hulk Hogan sex tape *crying*

  • Shellbee

    This is absolutely the best thing I’ve ever seen from the House of Deadwrong. This is actually classy and classic. *shock face*

  • Treese80s


  • Treese80s


  • ∞ηεℜđ∞

    I’d never wear her jeans…BUT ..the dresses have some exception..served!!

    • PrettySuper

       HOD only looks good on Bey and with that said, those gams are photshopped to the Gawds! But she is still, frankly, that B! Go head girl!

      But I really just came in to say, that 1st sentence had me ROLLING, seriously, Fury, I LIVE for you.. “while the barbies and butterflies are fighting” HAHAHAHA…

      that really makes those fools sounds as silly and childish as they and their little stans are.. really, it’s sad.

  • Marie

    FURY! Where do you get this shit FROM?!  ”The Reigning Queen Topaz Lioness of Creation has swooped in smoother than her hair and provided life.”

  • Chris

    Wow the photoshop work on this is just bad…She looks abso-fucking-lutely stunning…but that ad needs to be next level, this shit aint gon cut it

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford


    …but this photoshop job ain’t cutting it tbh :/