Candid Yams: Rihanna Leaves Recording Studio

Kid Fury October 3, 2012 Candid Yams 19 Comments

Still working on her seventh album, Rihanna was spotted leaving a NYC recording studio last night in one of Rick Ross’ bedtime shirts. She signed a few autographs and took a couple quick pictures for fans before hopping in her car and punching the pavement.

The pop star will be performing her newest single, “Diamonds,” at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which airs on December 4th. Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars have also been asked to perform.

In the meantime, she and Yellow Cake Chris Brown have been having all sorts of fun together in NYC, with him staying at her hotel for hours and allegedly cuddling/kissing on her in nightclubs. His girlfriend, Khiasgoldtooth, can leave all the shady tweets she wants — she’s in NYC too.

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  • Staley_diamondk

    Lmaooooooooo WHY FURY WHY?

  • Too_plush

    Komingforthtocarrymehome needs to hang it up. Just let it go and get used to wearing gloves.

    • Pnnylne

      It really must suck to be Kinky Kurly Kustard… being publicly shaded and have a fugly tat on your hand to remind you of your time in shade before fading into the abyss of obscurity. 

      • Fee_clochette97


    • Suchalady


  • Bianca

    omg she looks so pretty here!

  • cherryminxx

    LOL KhaisGoldTooth… Dead. I cant wait to see the visuals for the diamond video though.

  • tdotmiller

    “one of Rick Ross’ bedtime shirts”…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    lmfaooo..Kantstoptilyougetenough is all in her feelings today on Twitter. I’m over here dying at Khiasgoldtooth and Rick Ross’ bedtime shirt. I am living for those boots tho…cunty queen madam curry goat betta werk. 

    • Awkwardfunny_girl

      YASSSSS! Puss in boots honey!

  • We out here trynna function!!

    I think Kae is done this time. We’ll see how everything plays out once they’re back in LA. For Rihanna I just wanna say that the saying “The way you got your man is the same way you’ll lose him.” has never been a lie. Know that.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Rih Rih looks GAWGEOUS giving me Angela Basset Bernadette tease from the neck up.

  • Kay

    Khiasgoldtooth? *goes towards the bright light* & Rihanna must be a work-a-holic bringing out albums one after the other.

  • Heyboo

    Yes, she looks so much better than those pics from a couple of days ago. Maybe it’s that big jumbo kindergarten pencil that’s making her glow.

  • nellkaye

    kottonmouthking need to let Chris go before she gets herpes or a razor slice to the face and arm. :-( its kinda sad really.

  • CurlyBoo

    that lil pixie cut is just doing her major justice. fits her perfectly

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    Kracklincornbread you need to go ahead and relax in this lovely, soft, velvety backseat that has been prepared for you….its over girl…start grabbing some sticky rice and learn to roll up that raw fish

  • Itossdudes

    fellow yardie, where is the shade on mr vegas?

    • Suchalady

       Yes! That Mr. Vegas story is juicy as it is sad :(