Nicki Minaj Twitpics Her Real Hair

Kid Fury October 2, 2012 My Lacefront Is My Life! 85 Comments

After years of wearing wigs that would make The Trix Rabbit leave his yogurt, Nicki Minaj decided to reveal her real hair to fans on Twitter…sort of.

In the midst of having her hair braided to slap another one of those horrid lacefronts on, Nicki took a photo (without her face) tugging on her actual hair, which she claims does not contain chemicals or perms.

“We ouchhair…new pic which features my muscular arm #prettygang” she tweeted. Then later took time to laugh at Lil Kim fans who she’s dubbed #uglygang.

You can see the photo below. I’m not surprised that she has a fair amount of hair, being that she’s a Trinidadian girl. This just shows the fool wigs are for stunts and shows.

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  • PhroYo

    sew ins and wigs are the ultimate protective style so i’m not surprised. don’t know what them edges talm’bout though

    • Beanegra

      Concur on the edges

    • Rihanna’s Left Breast

      Yes, I’m sure those edges have fallen back harder than Lauryn Hill’s Taxes and Kreayshawn’s album sales

      • Ms. Myra

        Your shade was so rude…and I Loves It!

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Did it just get pitch black dark in my room… oh that must have been this shade lmao

      • Sensationaly_Slain

        i could walk boldly into the sun while using these words as a shield!!l the shadeeeeee of it all!! mao!!!

      • Beaujetto Chicks

        u r so silly..

    • Statesside

      She did strategically leave out the edges in that pic lol

      • Brandon Dean

        Yes! We still need a receipt Ms. Minaj. A disembodied lock of hair tells us nothing. For all we know girl you can be holding the other end in your damn hand!

        For all we know the other end could be attached to a track!

        And who is this woman in the 3 dollar Rue 21 shirt? I KNEW THESE WIGS MUST BE DONE BY SOME DOLLAR STORE TRAMP.

        • Johnta Oneil

          Lmao rude!

    • nat

      lmao @  don’t know what them edges talm’bout though

  • Safiyah Jay

    lmao i seen pics of nappy nicki before the fame. her hair was never this nice, mustve been treating it under them tacky wigs. but i still want a pic of the hair connected to her scalp. this angle is sketchy. and she is pretentious so i need receipts on this being her natural hair. 

    • nat

      Oh you sound ignorant @  i seen pics of nappy nicki before the fame. her hair was never this nice    

    • Mitt Romney

      but, those receipts please, in the form of edges.

  • Jessie

    I’m Trinidadian and I don’t have hair like that lol. But yeah, she is part Indian so not surprised that has long hair.

    • Kara

      Black women can not be mixed and grow long hair! Can we please get rid of that notion in 2012 almost 2013 please!

      • Linderhannah

        You are so ignorant my best friend is fully black and her hair is down her back….just bc your hair is short dont mean shit….it’s these chemicals you black people put in y’all hair not only that but you killing your hair cells by flat ironing it everyday

        • LJ

          Not everyone has a perm, and not everyone with a perm has short or unhealthy hair. Bitch shut up.

      • Gahahdk

        I’m mixed an I have long hair

      • slimj

        hey dumbass we very well can. im 100% black form trinidad and have very long natural hair. Nicki is part indian so long and curly hair is very possible

  • Mona

    It makes her lyrics about “nappy headed hoes” even more offensive.. but nice hair!


       the only people who should’ve been offended by that are nappy headed hoes tho…… I assume that’s why ur offended?

  • Scarf Junkie

    I’m sorry but I ain’t subscribing nor am I cosigning that this is her hair. She probably aint showing that hairline because it looks like a Sega Genesis controller. 

    • Suchalady

      Exactly…she needs to show some scalp and receipts. Fury since when sure Trinidadian equal long hair?? Indo-Trinidadian I get, but Trinidadian? No

      • Michele Lee

        Truth.  Im not buying these smoke and mirrors.

      • Suchalady

         sure =does

      • Guest

        Anyone can have long hair. The fact that she is Trinidadian makes it more likely.

    • KidFury

       Okay, YOU have to get the fuck out!

    • i_can’t


    • AlanaDaly

      AAAAAHHHHHHHHH x_x *gets up and walks away*

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    black chyna has some length too. I’m suprised y’all girls got hair under them wigs. *instantly thinks of when Anna may got her hair burnt out from that horrific dye job

  • MsReddick81

    Uh I’m like bitch please (in my honey cocaine voice) !! U couldn’t sell that lie to a blind man. I’m gonna need to see the receipt for proof that its yours ma’am

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    gurlll bye and call me when i see it sprouting out your scalp.

  • Jenn E. Penny

    you gonna need better reciepts than that one nicki

  • Jackie

    Until I see hairlines and scalps, I’m not believing it.

  • Sunny Smith

    It’s real cute that your “kitchen good” like you said in your little song, but nobody gives a fuck if your edges is lookin’ like Sherman Hemsley from all of the abuse. ___/ Your bench awaits ___.

  • Shellbee

    *shrugs* And……?

  • justme

    no scalp no go!

  • Nadine Jerome

    Why can’t we see her face? o_0 Because right now, I’m not buying it. But I still love you Nicki, but why didn’t you take a picture of your hair with “you” in it?

  • Ryanne

    Not a nicki hater by far but if I really wanted to show her hair why not show it from the scalp?

  • Dreadenette

    I don’t see why she would lie about having long hair. She probably just didn’t want her face/head shown while it was in process of being done.
    maybe her edges are at war with her, or went AWOL altogether.

  • MIles

    I’m not convinced until i see her face

  • Aliciatheeveeeyepee

    I’ll believe it when we see it from the scalp out. lmao This some ass on the sink trickery type shit. Nicki get it together!

  • SoulGlo

    Last time my dad went to Trinidad he said he saw some girl with a blanket over her head and some shades… under the blanket he saw some comically looking, blonde, ridiculous looking hair. He said he didn’t realize Nicki Minaj was on the same flight… if she was trying to be incognito why not just rock her natural hair if it actually exists and looks like that…

  • MissDom

    I need to see face, scalp, and roots…..

  • Michelle

    that bitch lying she’s the nappy headed hoe, this is a weave.

  • Ceresa Lee

    all this receipt paper and she’s refusing to make a transaction. Scalp = Proof. lol

  • RWE

    I mean it probably is her real hair. Its a picture from idk when of her real hair and it was curly so I’m sure if she straightens (which she did) its probably the same length as that pic right there. Trinidadians also have different hair texture than most african/black people. But it would be nice if she showed her face. Like who does that? lol She was bragging about it tweeting ugly gang would be mad, pretty gang etc. like girl..please sit. 

  • Bsdg

    If her hair isn’t chemically processed, then why is it straight? Don’t tell me she flat ironed it or whatever. Why put heat on your hair if you just gon braid it back up again. I’m not buying this, she lying bout something.

  • Courtneylee29

    K. & her point was?

  • nellkaye

    not all women of color have nappy hair or short hair Nicolas. what was your point air head?

  • BKkid

    I’m assuming she’s not showing her face because she doesnt wanna ‘destroy’ the image of her in her wretched ass lacefronts. Either way, don’t care. Black girls always feel the need to come out and show that they actually have hair. Yes you can have weaves and wigs and not be bald headed. Gold star for you.

  • aigespeaking

    She probably got Naomi Campbell edges

    • Jeeeez


  • Michele Lee

    Ok really …..this looks like Jet Black Yaki Straight…..she must think people are really stupid.  Unless she is a Trinidadian Indian I wont buy this bag of goods.

    • BKkid

      She is.

    • Heyboo

      I am still trying to understand why a Trini can’t have nice hair without being Indian. That is like saying a Black girl can’t have nice hair without being mixed or Indian. That’s bullshit.

    • SoulGlo

       Not really… I am half black half Indian Trinidadian…. my hair looks better than that. And Heyboo everyone is saying this not because you can’t be black and have nice hair but because if you know Trinis or have ever been there 80% of them are not full Black, full Indian or even full Chinese. Everyone in that country is super mixed up in a way that most Americans can’t seem to understand for some reason.

      • Victoriagal77

        you are not just dumb but also ignorant

  • Casey

    Just like her Eddie Munster edges, not here for it.

  • Fun_101

    Looks like a bunch of trickery.

  • JaQuanna

    Maybe.. we’ll see the real deal in this 3 series reality show she’s giving us ((like when Kim Zooanimals)) took off the wig in the Real Houseflies of Atlanta. 

  • Lei

    trinidadian hair is africa hair lol that shit look just like the “nappy headed hoes” she rants about in her music. i’ve seen trinidadian hair and it’s gorgeous just like i think natural african hair is gorgeous (shout out to solange) and I am here to tell yall that is either permed or chemically treated hair lol girl by. and i would say it look like weave but i ain even gon go there’

  • Missmarchmommy

    i need a picture of Jesus braiding her real hair while Angels catdaddy in the backround before i believe this #needmorepeopleandaringtone

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    What person on color has naturally straight hair that isn’t chemically processed not only is this a lie because she reuses to tweet those missing in action edges but she lied about the state of the hair. So I’ hoping she just flat-ironed that little part.

    • Heyboo

      What is wrong with you people???? LOL seriously? People of color can’t have naturally straight hair? Ok, I guess I will tell my mom that her hair is betraying her and her color. People of color truly have been conditioned to think that this stuff is true. It’s amazing.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        like I said it’s ain’t that damn straight unless it’s been flat ironed or chemically processed. I’m not saying she has to have my curl pattern cause she won’t due to her ethnicity, but I doubt when she hops out the shower and lets her hair dry with nothing more than a good brush that it dries without any type of wave in it. Now her “come up days” wavy yet greasy looking hair looks more like the natural state of her hair *shrugs*.

    • nat

      you’re ignorant.  my grandmother has bone straight hair.  her mother had bone straight hair down her back.  my hair is super curly but I get that from my paternal lineage.  read a damn book.  i need a receipt for your education.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        “i need a receipt for your education.”

        I can give you a cold shoulder and a side-eye lol.

  • Kay

    Onikka girl, I see the transaction but I’m awaiting the receipt.

  • Heyboo

    This post is sad, the picture, the comments, just everything….

    • nat

      the ignorant comments about her having nappy hair because no one believes her hair is this “nice” are very sad.

  • stacksonstacks

    In K Michelle’s voice, “Where are the receipts”

  • GTrain

    That photo could be one of my cousins for all I know. Girl, bye!

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞

    those edges are probably dried out somewhere under the Trinidad sun

  • Idkayy


  • Ms Shackleford

    Ok now it can be anyone in this world u have to reveal the real deal un less u dont have any edges thats the only way but I dont like her and who gives a fuck bout het hair trindad people hair and stright so yeah chick u got a perm u not slick stop frontn like u just thos girl who dont need perms u do plus my hair come to my sholders and I dont need a wig u hoden something dont care bout it at all hair no hair colorful hair who care team lilkim

  • blessed blessed

    Trinidadians have no different hair than any other person of African descent. Some people have curly hair, wavy air, kinky hair, nappy hair, straight hair.  People of African descent hair comes in all different textures. Most Black women who wear fake hair are not bald headed, many have long to medium length hair because their hair is protected from harsh chemicals and heat from daily curling and ironing. 

  • nash

    Im sure her hair might be long, but I’m sure those edges are deceased.

  • Kschloer

    Doesn’t matter she is still a hag looking ho with the ass and ugly face and mouth to match!

  • Heat2Hot

    Why would she take a photo of her hair without her face if she wanted to convince people that it’s really her hair? This child is full of shyt…

    • Dainty

      exactly I dont get the point of this picture. I feel like shes just laughing at all of us contemplating this.

  • Leo

    CATEGORY IS….Long Hair Realness – Uh! Miss Ting, I’m sorry but b4 you let us have it.. you’ve been chopped. Something about the hair needs to be attached to yo scalp.

  • Goodlife

    Nah I don’t believe it, what’s that hair connected to the back of her head or her moustache?? Half a picture ain’t working fo me.

  • TaJa

    That’s black Chyna’s hair lmao.. check her IG..