Nicki Minaj Curses Out Mariah Carey On American Idol Set [Video]

Kid Fury October 2, 2012 Stewed Beef 144 Comments

The folks over at American Idol tried to their best to cover up any evidence that new hosts Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj aren’t getting along, but all that shit has officially hit the fan.

TMZ has obtained footage of Nicki and MC getting into a huge verbal spat on the set of the talent show. In the video below you can hear Nicki yelling, “I told them, I’m not fuckin’ putting up with her fuckin’ highness over there.”

Mariah kept it relatively cute as Miss Minaj screamed and cursed at the producers to “figure it the fuck out!” Apparently, the argument started over Mariah calling Nicki “inadequate.”

Producers canceled the North Carolina auditions for the rest of the day and are now worried about how to get these women to work together for an entire season. Boom goes the damn dynamite, ladies and gentlemen!

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  • Jasmine Nicole

    I wouldn’t take a grown woman in a pink wig seriously. 

    • Jeniphyer

      To be honest Nicki is the item that doesn’t belong. She hasn’t been in the game long enough to even have an opinion. So yes she is inadequate for the job, let’s be frank here. Even on x-factor all the judges have been in the game for decades (yes Demi Lavato has been in the game just as long as the Jonas Bros). So what EXACTLY can Nicki bring to the table? Mimi is just saying what everyone in the room is thinking lol

      • Kee

         What was that old song in school?? “One is these things is not like the others”

  • Roman

    OMGGGGG THIS JUST GAVE ME LIFE IM DYING LMAOOOOOOOOOO I love nicki but hey we dnt know the whole story so who knows what’s going on? LMAOO

    • SecretDivva

      Didn’t they do a song together? All grinin’ and hugged up in the video? NOW, all of a sudden they can’t stand each other? Odd. I smell foolishness and publicity all up in here…

  • MIles

    Nicki can not even try to come for Mariah….. stop being a loud gum-popping ghetto hoodbitch NIcki

  • 242Miss


  • twerkisha ampro gel

    God she is such a cunt

  • Sun-Kissed

    i KNEW they would not mesh well. Mariah on that high horse and Nicki with that mouth of hers, I just knew it! I find it amusing darling. haha

    • CaramelHottie

      You should’ve said Nicki with that horse mouth. Her veneers are so thick, sheesh.. 

  • Krys1814

    Chile…… mmmm mmm mmm Smh. 

  • Lablong

    Team Mariah!!

  • Princess.

    I hate Nicki she makes us New Yorkers look bad -_- fck her.

  • Gyest123

    Come on Nicki you’re making yourself look awful. They have you on camera cussing her out? No matter how big you are now you’re the ROOKIE out of all of them. Humble yourself.  Mariah aint stupid, she kept it cute meanwhile they got you on video looking wild & ratchet. You got endorsements and a future to worry about. Lawd!!!! 

  • Seats

    OH BITCH. I almost hopped through this screen reached for the cotton candy and smashed it into that desk until it stopped moving. Ain’t nobody got time for this bitch. There is no way in hell, heaven, earth, or anything in between that NickiFuckingMinaj could EVER come for Mariah. NO FUCKING WAY.

    WOOOOO black Jesus come in and surround us. Nicki should have never been put on this show in the first place. It’s time for her to go. This show was the end of her fifteen minutes and I’m done with her and this joke of a “career”. Good riddance to her and that nasty ass fucking lace front.

    • f’em all

       LOLOL The 2nd sentence of your comment got me crying at my work desk

    • Eboni Weekes

      I will leave everything to you in my will….*DEAD*

  • Missmarchmommy

    MC paid her dues so Nicki need to pay homage I dont even know why she is on a talent show? MC (i am by no means a stan) has been doing this longer and has grammy’s and all other accolades to back up her EGO nicki please rest them feet by grabbing a seat  

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Nicholas take a backseat here, you’re dealing with a true Diva you don’t want get burned. When you sell as many albums as Mimi and have as many #1 singles on billboard then you may have a slither of a reason to be upset. Mimi is the one who should be pissed to share a spotlight with you chile she’s royalty in the business and yes you shall deal.

    • YolaHippie


  • whatevs

    Llllllet’s get ready to rumblllllllllllllllllllllle!

  • Hahhahaha


  • Missmarchmommy

    cmon got2breal has to cover this ;-)

    • U Ain’t Bout Dat Lyfe!

      This, right here, just has to be done. Don’t quit just yet Patti LaHelle!!

    • Lucritia

      I was thinking the same thing…lmao!

  • Janelle Rogers

    i never saw it for those two birds any way mariah is a BITCH and onika cant keep it cute.. mouth far to quick to pop off to sit at the round table with mariahs delusional ass

    • Miguel

      Um, goodbye.

      • Janelle Rogers

        still here dear  im like rosa parks honey you cant make me give up my seat mariah is indeed a beast in this game but even her silly ass lambily has to see she’s a KNOWN shady bitch…

        • Toby

          *was a beast 

          • Janelle Rogers

            *nodds Knowingly* thank you . excuse me WAS… a beast .. WAS.

          • Kogimal

             Yes, and because she was a beast, she is now a legend. =)

          • Missmarchmommy

            *slow claps* THANK YOU!!!!

          • UpOutMyFace

            thank you!  and nicki just destroyed herself…

          • Heyboo

            I wish this was true, but no she didn’t…The business is not what it was even 10 years ago. Tweets, bad press, being an disrespectful asshole with no talent but “just as long as u getting them coins!” means WAY more than accolades these days. It’s just that kind of world now… :-(

          • Janelle Rogers

            *stands up slowly clappin and shakin head* especially when the one with the acolades is an even bigger asshole

          • Lucritia

            Mariah can be a asshole all she wants she earned the right to be one. Nikki only has one good studio album and she’s acting like she has it all. Sorry but the Legend trumps the Rookie! 

          • KLC

            So, because Patti and Aretha don’t make radio singles anymore, that takes away from their “beast” status?

            Your logic is flawed. You guys are talking about “who makes coin now” and other young rhetoric. WEALTH is what you should be talking about. Mariah is STILL making money off of album Number 1. She may have gone loopy for a couple of years, but she has never been broke. That’s called a CAREER.
            That is to be respected whether or not you like her. The thing about everyone on that panel BESIDES Nicki is that they’ve been in this industry for a LONG time and have experienced the highs and the lows and STILL made it through.

            Nicki hasn’t. She’s been a hook “singer”/rapper and had a few hits in only the past few years; that’s it. Don’t come to me about “mixtape success” because you and I can easily make one and give them out for free.

            There’s a legit reason Mariah feels like she’s better than Nicki. With the main one being that she’s actually a singer.

            You’re right, Mariah should disrespect no one. Nicki, however, needs to learn how to get her message across without being a stereotype times 100. Be a woman and talk to her on the side. Hooping and hollering like a common thug is childish and demeaning. “Act like you’ve been there before.”

          • runnergrl

             And this was all I needed to read. No other comments shall be read nor made relevant!

          • Makaelaaa__


  • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

    So nicki is gonna sit her fuck ass there and act like she didn’t grow up singing Mariah Carey songs then? This bitch done snorted too much cotton candy and lost her damn mind

    • whatevs

      She needs to go back to Candyland with that bullshit

    • Paz20

      Snorted cotton candy…..girl you’re funny!

  • Toby

    Y’all stay doing the most when its come to Nicki. Why does she need to pay homage? lol you don’t even know whats going on. TMZ messy asses happen to catch her on cam during the argument like Fury said Mariah kept it cute & well Nicki…yeah. I knew they wouldn’t get along from looking at the conference videos Mariah is so (can’t think of the word lol) so imma just say Diva. She should of been the only chick on the panel tbh. People underestimate Nicki she already done told y’all she crazy lol Mariah better leave her alone 

    • Janelle Rogers

      mariahs ass didnt keep it cute when he heard nicki minaj was joining the cast he was never here for another younger even more relevant female sharing the light with her no count rude old ass i  got 100 on the idea that mariah said one too many slick things and nicki was ready to jump down her simp ass throat

      • Janelle Rogers

        p.s. im not even a nicki minaj fan i just know mariah is a bitch and OLD bitch with problems

  • Yiles

     __/<—- Nicki your chair at the rachet hoodbitch convention awaits you.
    /   /    How do you think you're going to come MC like that? Y'all seemed like great ass friend in that Target commercial y'all did some time ago what happened? MC has way more experience and is more equipped for this job. So imma need you and your Betty Spaghetti wigs to calm it the fuck down.

    • Samantha Reese

      Thank you. Nicki coming for Mariah is like Soulja Boy gunning for Tupac. Bitch, you AND your cotton candy hair can have several seats.

    • Cre8ightz

      lmfao! Not Betty Spaghetti! X_X

    • Brittany


  • Nicolerichards0821

    Nicki doesn’t and will never have the credentials to come at Mariah Carey. This court jester of a woman needs to spend more time praying for her hairline and less time making an ass of herself. Nicki isn’t even fit to wipe the ass of ‘dem babies’. 

  • Treese80s

    MC needs to call the queen B, to take care of her light weight

  • Aliciatheeveeeyepee

    lmaoooo why is Nicki a judge again? Because she has talent in what aspect? *thinking hard* MC is too classy for that shit. 

  • Oh

    One reason why I didn’t won’t Nicki to do this. Even if she didn’t start it cause I heard Mariah was throwing jabs at her, and we know Nicki is not going come for anyone unless you offend her. Either way this makes her look bad and gives people reason to attack her. I would rip up my contract tbh. Who wants to sit at a table knowing the show is being/going be shady towards you, cause tell me how TMZ got the video? They don’t care for you, they just here for the ratings. This defiantly gonna make people tune into AI to see these two go at it smh. Sad, but true.

    • Buckey’s Wig

      just went to watch the video on TMZ and like i said they are already
      calling her ghetto trash go read the comment section guys the white ppl
      are going in on Nicki and sticking up for Mariah…she shouldve never
      did Idol now the world is going to see how ghetto she REALLY is….at
      least she got 12 million out of it….lol…i still think its a set up
      but the joke is going to be on Nicholas….young money is a joke

      • Seiko

        I mean honestly? She IS inadequate. Nicki has no type of experience. Shes still trying to keep her own flop of a career afloat so how can you judge anyone on their talents?! Exactly. Mariah has the Grammy’s, The #1 singles, The Platinum and Diamond Albums, The Half a Billion, The husband who practically OWNS Nickolodeon at this point and Respect from every Rapper, Singer, Producer and Record Executive in the industry… Nicki has 6 EBT Awards, 1 Platinum Album and 5 Number one Singles… Exactly.

  • Michelle

    Why does Nicki need “credentials” to come at Mariah? Everybody steady sayin how Nicki aint been in the game long enough to come at Mariah and shit but what does talent/time have to do with them arguing? All we see is this little clip when shit hit the fan, we have no idea what lead to this. Im not team Nicki or team Mariah cause I dont know what the fuck is happening. Everybody needs to hop off Mariahs has-been nuts.

    • Meelah

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Mariah served Nicki some light shade and instead of serving it back in the same tone she lost it.  You don’t act like that with cameras there.  Granted we may have never seen this had someone not snuck a camera phone vid but she doesn’t control production. 

    • Makaelaaa__

      Umm for ONE Mariah has never gone off on someone so boom and for two Mariah is NOT fucking crazy she broke down. Everybody does it. EVERY ONE HAS BREAK DOWNS! Fucking Demi lovato. Exactly. Okay and another thing Nicki AINT SHIT but a copy-catter ass how. So you can have that seat now. YOU’RE WELCOME!

    • 10Cents

      To me, it’s about how you react to it. Nicki could’ve easily came back with some light shade and a grin, and kept it moving. Instead she let MC get to her and this is what was caught, Nicki screaming like an idiot, while Mariah looks cool and collected. Mariah knows how to play the game. We never saw her getting loud whenever Mama Whit put her in her place.

  • Samantha Reese

    Figure it out? Done. Nicki, Roman, whoever the fuck you are, you’re fired.

  • Dertyo_0

    To quote Mimi “One uses glasses to shade the classless”

    Nicki is really feeling her cheerios

  • Hillary Banks…

    When is Nicki’s 15min over? Cause the fame is starting to get to her lacefronts!

  • Michele Lee

    And.. it begins ladies and gentlemen…its was only a matter of time, maybe it was a week later than I predicted.  The person with the most # 1′s in history can stay, everyone else please vacate those judges seats….Nicki, right this way…

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Yep…time to start setting the DVR for American Idol again. She coming for Mimi, she gonna get every pink cat hair on that lace front snatched. smdh

  • Buckey’s wig

    publicity stunt…im still not watching….Nicki is the only fool when
    you think about it…she is playing the ghetto black girl while Mariah
    will always be known as the classy chick even if Mariah started it…im
    so over nicki can you tell?

  • Enveme1025

    Nicki needs to have several urgh she annoys me

  • WellTHEN

    The hood nicki came out…she said in numerous songs that she is mental…mariah beta watch out lmfao…but I’m not on nobody side cause we REALLY don’t know the other half…from the looks of it nicki ain’ gon take NO shit no matter who you are .

    • Seiko

      Boo please. Everybody in Nicki’s old hood said she was a cock sucking who-are who lucked up and sucked the right dick (Fendi) For some camera time and fucked the right dick (Lil Wayne) to go mainstream while bumping pussies with Diddy and Deb Atney in between. Nicki only got buck because she knew Mariah wasn’t going to have an out of body experience and tear that face up on National television. Mariah is 43 years old… that bitch is singin’ about Stretch marks, Mortgages and Diaper changes… The fuck is she gonna worry about Nicki for? 

  • Beyoncelover56

    what if she was going off on beyonce like this? Lol?

    • WigCap

      That would never happen. That would be career suicide.  Remember that Keri Hilson chick?

      • Buckey’s Wig

         loooooool…yall be talking about Keri Hilson like she was at the underground rail road….got me singing pretty girl rock in a cotton pickin kinda way!

        • ∞ηεℜđ∞


      • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

         Girl who? Stop trying to make up fake celebrities like Ashanti

    • Shame

       oooh GOD how i wish this bitch would.  she would be tarred, feathered, dragged, scalped, snatched, clipped, and shipped back to Trinidad

      • Beyoncelover56

        LMAO!!! Your comment made me fallout!!!

    • Suchalady

      She is not above getting her ass handed to her. Aretha did it, Etta James did it.
      You just can’t have less talent than someone and come for them. This is the mistake Nicki made (well aside from her career as a whole). Mariah is a veteran, so there will be none of that fuckery lol.

      • Mel_Mel

        “You just can’t have less talent than someone and come for them”
        You SAID that!!!

    • Heyboo

       It would never happen, because Beyonce is a classy, subtle shade thrower. Mariah is shady queen and shady queens usually have dramatic reactions, hence the staged mess you witnessed.

    • KidFury

       Bitch please. That ho ain’t stupid.

      • CaramelHottie

        I’m sorry Fury but I can. Hoodrats don’t know any better..Obviously lol 

      • Beyoncelover56

        Fury your talking about a woman who says she has multiple who live inside her.

  • ijustvewatchin

    knew that was bound to happen lol..

  • EbonyLolita

    *StuffsPopCornInMouth* then Cackles………. Oh Nicki ya time is UP!

  • kimaras31

    or this could be a publicty stunt! You never know with these “reality shows”

  • OhBoy

    I think its a publicity stunt too ! come to think of it !.. Mariah is still following Nicki on twitter ! lmaooo

    • Heyboo


      • lovewill

         Know your enemy. And know when they throw social media shade.  (Mariah is SMART people).

    • Pineapple

       Mariah is too busy to be worrying about who & what is following her on Twitter…

  • Thmsdar

    Dear Nicki,

    Have several of the finest seats that idol money can pay for Mariah Carey is a heavy weight in the industry while your 15 minutes in ringing up loud as hell!!!!!!! DONT EVER COME FOR A LEGEND WHEN YOU BARELY HAVE YOUR PRO KEDS OUT OF THE SLUMS OF QUEENS NEW YORK POINT BLANK AND PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mo

    I’m sorry but I am SO living for Mariah’s high and mighty shade. You know it’s coming and I usually HATE when celebrities get like that, but damnit, Mariah has earned her right to sit and throw shade at others while simultaneously throwing sunshine and rainbows at herself…again, its Mariah, you already know it’s coming. I just love how a lot of other celebrities would be afraid of Nicki and just be her “yes man”, but Mariah and her narcissism are strong members of the NMFC. I’m so here for Mariah’s shade!

    • AbOriginal

       LMAO.. LOVE the “while simultaneously throwing sunshine and rainbows at herself” line! It’s absolutely accurate!

  • KarlieReddswikipediapage

    mariah allowed nicki to do the up out my face remix. bitch kiss the ring!!!! u were barely popping and mariah gave u a handout. 

  • Kay

    Nicki, Roman, girl whoever you are, have several before trying to come for Mariah. Now I knew some shit like this was bound to happen with Mimi constantly throwing shade BUT Nicki I believe your 15 is at 14:59, so please girl follow the yellow brick road to the exit sign.

  • Basquiat

    We all know that Nicki Minaj was not the instigator; it’s just that Mariah has diplomacy and everyone’s respect. They’re really just the bleached versions of NeNe and Star Jones.

  • stacksonstacks

    Umm yeah this bish needs to learn to her respect her elders. She really don’t want it with Mariah

  • Heyboo

    I am more shocked that people think that this will end her career..If “Stupid Hoe” didn’t then her getting at Mariah won’t either. This drama is great for business. How many people dismissed this show when they found out Nicki was gonna be on it? Now how many people are going to watch it because of this staged drama? Exactly, you guys are going to learn, Nicki is an ACTRESS, they need publicity for the show. I am not saying that there is no real beef, but ya’ll some plum fools to think that this is not indeed STUNT QUEEN shit…smh

  • jay145

    Credibility and who’s been in the game longer have nothing to do with this. This is obviously just two women’s attitudes not meshing. No one truly knows what’s going on, so stop saying nicki can’t mess with mariah because she has more rank. It’s not like their beefing over tracks and calling out each other’s musical ability.

  • M.J.

    20 years from now, Mariah will still be remembered and adored by the masses, while Onika will be walking around NYC, peddling her 90 year old pussy for chicken fingers. Fuck Nicki, fuck her wigs, fuck her damaged roots, fuck her career, fuck her giant blackhead pores, and fuck her cement-filled buttocks.

    P.S. Fuck Keri Hilson (It had to be done)

    • sometimes a cynic

      lmao chicken fingers

    • Dayday0804

      cement filled buttocks! *dies for 5 minutes, then comes back*  thought it was just me, but those buns are NOT real

  • U Ain’t Bout Dat Lyfe!

    Why Onika sitting there looking like a Mattel reject?

  • CurlyBoo

    nicki is only there for ratings & to keep hold of those young viewers. Cause how would she know shit about singing??? They couldn’t get a better judge than this Barb? im pretty sure she would make good television but……if someone needs to go-i vote her

  • Meelah

    Nicki was really feeling herself.  She’s sitting there going on like she’s the whale on that podium.  The glue from her wig must have seeped into her pours and made a b-line to her brain.

  • Ms. Shay.

    All i’m thinking about is how great this would be for the next episode of gots 2 be real. [sips tea ] 

  • rlewis247

    Those girls at Fox pulled it big time. American Idol is a sinking ship and in dire need of some drama to stay afloat. Can anybody name the past three winners? *waits patiently* Exactly! They’ve been setting this up from the jump and the media has been gagging ever since. I just might tune in to catch the shade this season. 

    • sodaflake

      please don’t watch this shit, the more you watch, the more it gets renewed- like the Kardashians-American Idol will NEVER go away!!!

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    These comments have slayed me! Is there anything else that needs to be said cause practically everything has been.

  • StebbiezBus

    that poor white man who has to sit in the middle of that…loool…you could tell he not used to that type of behavior…nicohlas and her hood street light antics…smh

  • CaramelHottie

    Onika you are NOT about no TYPE of life! You can rap about being a thug but I know better. In Queens you are known as nothing but a SLORE so QUIT it with this tough guy act. Y’all act like the Butterfly Queen was gon jump up and say “Bitch I wish you would knock me out” lol..

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but think if that was Whitney.. You know that Newark would’ve came out real fast LOL! 

  • CaramelHottie

    FURY we need a video for this please! 

  • S.

    Oh how I love Mariah …lol!!! @ “inadequate”

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞

    ..Ramen…Ms.Mariah is fairy god-mother to this industry, You CANNOT come for Carey, its just not even a argument.Nicki keeps this shit up she will be sippin fatback with canned pineapple daiquiri’s under the acorn tree’s with foxy..ijs…
    respect the pioneers heefuh.

  • A.King

    Anything could’ve happened to make Nicki act unprofessional on national television. It even could’ve been Ms. Carey throwing a shady parade….we just have to wait and see what happens

    • Seiko

      I don’t give a flying fuck what happened. Nicki was out of line. She KNEW the camera’s were rolling and shes going to end up getting replaced because she thinks america should kiss that ass full of fix-a-flat. If she had any type of Decorum her ass would have WAITED til the camera’s were off and pulled her to the side to discuss the issue. She’ll get buck with an R&B legend but when Lil Kim came for that ass she stayed her ass quiet until Kim spoke then 3 months later dragged it back up because she felt a certain type of way. Fuck outta here Nicki wouldn’t have pulled that shit if it was anybody else. She did it because she thinks Mariah ain’t gon do shit about it

  • Soleil

    Children…please. “has been”, “irrelevant”? Ms. Carey has been making music before most of you were a twinkle in your parents eyes, and decades from now YOUR children will know who she is. Missy Elliot was right saying things are different now. You would never call someone who was in the game for 10 years anything but a legend. Now, you don’t bring out albums every year you’re a “has been”. Prince is still selling out concerts and he hasn’t had an album in years. Would you call Aretha Franklin irrelevant? What about Queen Latifah? And say what you want about Lil Kim but she still gets gigs, seats at Fashion Week, and she hasn’t had a mainstream album in years either. Y’all chitlets are the reason Minaj thinks she can open her mouth to those who came years before and are still killing. MC isn’t blameless. But she has earned the right to be proud, and Minaj should be honored to be judging with her and taking notes on how to survive in the industry for YEARS.

  • serenissima

    we know nicki is crazy, but we also know mariah is batshit crazy as well, so all the comments about mariah needing to chill cuz nicki is cray can get the fuck on… mc is a legend and has HITS, if anybody thinks any of nickis trash ass music is shitting on mariah they need to kindly remove themselves from the planet… mc’s talent is exactly what gives her the right to shade nicki. we come on here as nobodies and shade the fuck out of her, if mimi wants to come for that pink wig on idol then we will DEAL. nicki is just mad cuz shes’s not the biggest diva in the room anymore… calling mariah ‘her highness’ when everybody knows that nicki is the biggest cunt in the industry right now.

  • ZJ

    Who didn’t see this coming from a mile away? I’m not a big MC fan, but I can give props where props are due. Homegirl has had a successful 20-something year career in the industry. If I were her, I wouldn’t appreciate sharing judging duties with some two-album neophyte. *And* she’s only making a few million less? Anyway…

  • BoyBYE

    idk…im still not convinced this is real..

  • Akrysc1

    Lmboooo @ people that think “Mariah better be careful because Nicki is crazy”…lol. She may be crazy but I doubt she is that stupid, if she lays a finger on Mariah I’m sure she will be doing time for assault & Mariah will taking all the money Nicki’s to add to her shoe collection or expand her closet.

  • Lucritia

    LMFAO….My cousin sent this to me this morning, this has made my entire day. See this is why I wanted to watch this season cause Mrs Mariah is gonna tell it like it is…these kids better watch out! And yes Nikki you are inadequate lol! 

  • Radon Kong

    I must admit I am bias towards Nicki. As I have not seen it in the cards, bones, nor crystal ball for that bitch for quite some time. With that said, it is with a shady heart I must state, this clip did not do her any favors. She looked like a prepubescent street urchin having a tantrum because someone used too many multisyllabic words in a conversation and she felt excluded. All the ADULTS looks annoyed, exasperated and confused. The one image Ramen Noodles has managed to maintain is the one of appearing cheap, and stupid, and her reign endureth.
    And I can promise you one thing, Keith Urban does not get low lights, and citrus facial peels  to deal with this shit.No the fuck he does not.

    • fresnostateofmind

      My favotite cereal is LIFE.  I got it and I LIVED!!!

      Best summary of this fuckery thus far.

    • Seats

      I AM DONE!!!

  • Dayle Naarden

    What spit in the face. a hoodrat with a pink wig really? Thats an american idol judge now? Mariah Carey actually has an amazing voice..come on. lame.

  • Dayle Naarden

    spit in the face. a hoodrat with a pink wig really? Thats an american
    idol judge now? Mariah Carey actually has an amazing voice..come on.

    Edit Reply

  • Dayle Naarden

    What a spit in the face. a hoodrat with a pink wig really? Thats an american
    idol judge now? Mariah Carey actually has an amazing voice..come on.


    DAMN! The ink ain’t even dry on the contracts and this blow up doll already showing her fake ass. That shows she has no business being there in the 1st place. I’m gonna need her to have 4 seats and STFU!

  • Justin

    One gif. describes my face right now. This bitch DUN SHOOK DA TABLE!!

  • MissDom

    Bitch, Nicki looks like a ghetto bipolar hoodrat with cotton candy on her head. Her career was already almost over, now it just DONE!

  • Thefollowerofthesun

    I swear, NO
    ONE, & I mean NO ONE in YMCMB actually understands the meaning of
    the word, “professionalism” or “tact”. I swear, this is Murder Inc.
    happening all over again, accept with more ratcheness.

  • Brittany

    and no suuuuper glue can fix this shit (Mariah voice)

  • PhroYo

    “Apparently, the argument started over Mariah calling Nicki “inadequate.” …time out. *DEAD* i STAN for Ms. Mimi. 

  • lovewill

    Let’s put it in perspective.

    Nicki Minaj net worth – 12 Mil (2011) (not even half of 50 mil, or the worth of one of Rick Rosses titties).
    Mariah Carey – 500 Million (2011) (Half a BILLION dollars).

    That’s the difference between someone who simply entertains….and someone who works behind the scenes as a producer and songwriter when not entertaining.

    Mariah kept it cute because she A). could buy Onika 41 times over with a little change (8 million to be exact). B). She is a mother and doesn’t want to be seen as an irresponsible cussing machine. C). She’s just older and more refined. and D). Her voice is and always will be lauded as one of the best of all time.

    Let Nicki try and sing Hero. Let her try that….(please….I wanna see that FRESH earl grey.).

  • Lucritia

    A lot of these young artist aren’t anything more then low class pieces of shit, a group of them calming to be superior to us. Whether they want to know it or not were their damn mothers, ok…they materialize in the 3rd dimension before our eyes in this music industry…bitch you better humble yourself and pay homage…Dionne Warwick Got2BeReal…LMAO

  • Lucritia

    There’s just two things you don’t work with in show business…children and animals…so why would I sing with a baby goat…Mariah Carey…Got2BeReal…LMAO

  • lookbeyondthesurface

    Nicki is playing the part that has been written for her…lets get a black woman to act loud and ignorant and create drama and TMZ just ‘happens’ to catch it on camera? Please. Its clearly a leak from AI producers to create drama, and Nicki is feeding into stereotypes of black women to make it happens. 

    • WellThen

      EXACTLY ! 

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    Nicki’s Bozo the clown wig speaks for itself tbqh. I’m not here for her antics. If Mariah called her inadeaquate for the job, well………….she ain’t lyin’.

  • AlanaDaly

    Thiiissss is why u only put hoodrats on shows like Love and Hip Hop. Not AMERICAN IDOL  -_- wtf. MC is a LEGEND and a natural SHADE QUEEN.. what did Nicki THINK was gonna happen?? I wanted Mariah to pay Nick with a smooth glance and hair flip! I would have gotten my LIFE. 

  • Tkelly

    Look nobody knows the real reason behind the argument so all this “nicki came for Mariah” mess is a bunch of assumptions. For all we know Mariah could have said some shady shit & Nicki must have had enough. True she kept it cute but Nicki is not known for doing that so why are everybody shocked that she went there. Give me more facts…..

    • Anthill927

      This is what I been saying. Sometimes, u can be respectful and tell people to stop it but sometimes u gotta act a fool to get results. We don’t know if nicki told Mariah I don’t appreciate your shady comments and told her to stop before professionally. And people are acting like she came for Mariah musically. I’m sorry if u keep disrespecting me, I’m going to go off. I do feel that it could’ve been handled better by Nicki but shit, sometimes U have to cuss out certain people because they don’t understand the simple approach. I been through this. I told this girl plenty of times not to talk to me a certain way. When I had to act a damn fool, then I got results. Maybe the se thing with nicki. I’m just leaning more towards nicki on this.

  • Alicia Collins

    I’m here to extend my sincerest apologies to Keith Urban. 

  • Scarf Junkie

    The alleged transcript from the tiff:

    Nicki: “You think I’m playin’? You think this is all a joke? This is a joke? This is a joke? This is a joke? Say one more disrespectful thing to me! If you say one more disrespectful thing to me: Off with your head! Off with your head! Off with your head!Mariah: Excuse me. I am not being disrespectful.Nicki: Don’t call me a bitch! Don’t call me inadequate! You’re going to get set! Just fall back! You don’t know shit! You just sitting there while she running down her resume every five minutes. Every time you take a shot at me, I’m going to take it back and if you got a fucking problem you better handle it!Nicki: I told them I’m not fucking putting up with your fucking highness over there. Figure it the fuck out. Figure it out. Figure it out!Mariah: “Oh Why, why, why do I have a three year old sitting around me?”Nicki: “I’m not sitting here for 20 minutes to have you run down your resume everyday No! No! goodbye!”Mariah: “Listen I can’t see my kids because you decided to have a little crazy fit and run around the stage.”Nicki: “Oh Good. Go see them now. Go see them now. Go see them now. You’re boring as fuck!”