Is Krosswordpuzzle Shading Chris Brown Now?!

Kid Fury October 2, 2012 Fall Into The Shade! 185 Comments

Rumors of Chris Brown and Kadabra breaking up have been shooting from confetti cannons for a few weeks after Ms. Tran tweeted “the end” last month. Reasons for the alleged split have not been determined, but I mean, do we really need an explanation?

Now after Chris and his infamous ex-boo Rihanna both made appearances and supposedly “hooked up” at NYC’s Griffin club last night, Karamelmacchiato tweeted the following.

Welp like hell! Poor little Kaspiansea, it’s been a long time coming. However, you needn’t shade the man with your social media weaponry. If he’s a boy today, he was a boy when you met him and a boy when you rode his skinny cack for the past few years. Jokes on you and your face is on the lawn.

Oop! There it is.

Update: While the break-up rumors started a few weeks ago, Chris and Kaughtupintherapture were spotted together leaving Compound in Atlanta this past Saturday. However reps from Griffin have confirmed that he was indeed in their club with Rihanna last night and Lady Tran was not.

On top of that, Chris was photographed leaving Rihanna’s hotel room Tuesday evening and then went to pick up Keepitonthedownlow at a separate hotel. Guess she ain’t that smart after all.

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  • Pnnylne

    KrashBandicoot is waking up and smelling the coffee. Good for her. 

    • Tits to the ground.

      I kind of feel sorry for Kegel. 

      • Pnnylne

        Eh… Kantu Shea Butter knew what the deal was when she got with yellowcake. From jump, we heard about how he was hooking up with curry goat. She should not have tried to get serious with him.

        • Rozay’s Right Breast

           KoolAssBitchFromTheWestside  knew what was coming … umm no sympathy

  • Myfashions2dat

    I’m so happy if they r done..#teamchrianna

    • SecretDivva

      I kinda feel the same way… Rihanna has been chasin’ for Chris ever since she ratted him out, ONLY because Jay Z (allegedly) threatened her whole career and life, so I see why she did it. But SINCE then, she’s been checkin’ on Chris. When they kissed and hugged at the VMA’s, I knew it was OUTSKI for KeeblerElf. 

      Krustytheclown, girl, pack your bags, cut your losses and call it a day. You got some bags and shoes, girl… Do it movin’.. But shade is not the way to go. Makes you look bitter and thirsty.

  • LaceyCB ✌

    This article of everyFUCKINGthing. Like girl don’t try and dog him out now, when the signs have always been there, you were just to naive to see them. But I’m sleep though!

  • nellkaye

    we all knew this was coming. that Rihanna rain just won’t let up. the moment yo man go out of his way to make a song with his ex girlfriend about how he want to sleep with her again got yo man and another man fighting over her while u there stories of them two meeting hooking up and pics of them kissing at the vmas what the fuck kinda happiness did u expect from this? i should have put yo foot down from day one and nipped all that shit in the bud. to late to be ringing the alarm now. sorry Kalamazoo

  • Mesa

    About damn time!! Sheesh she deserves better… And Lmaooooooooooo at krosswordpuzzle your so outtaline for that! Hahahahaha. Lol. And I have no words for him and Rihanna hooking up, smh there getting on my nerves lol

  • MIles

    KuntSmellyLikeChowMein is piss. Christina is on drugs and Rihanna is a bold trashy bad bitch. Anything else?…….

    • namegame

      Really. You said it all!

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    I am so sick of KMichellesquickweave and her feelings.

    • fresnostateofmind

      The mere mention of quick weaves sends me into convulsions!  LOL!!

    • Dulce

      Yoooo wtf =((((( just when I thought I was over the nicknames. In crying right now lmfao

    • Tjfdragon

      KMichellesquickweave — I just spit out my coffee onto my laptop

    • Gabriellelwright

      That name has me in tears. *flatlines*

    • Rayloves

      kmichellesquickweave STOP IT!!! lmaoooo

    • £V|ANA

      I’m sorry who is kmichelle?….and how much her career worth? I mean really…lets b real

  • Domii

    I come to the Koffeecake posts for the nicknames. Boo Hoo for her thoo.

    • Staley_diamondk

      Yes I hoipe the KoolAidJammers shade does not cease

  • P4

    KarmaChameleon should have been aware of all the signs wayyy at the beginning cause everyone else knew what was up.

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    Well it looks like it’s over for Light Mike and Keylargomontegocomeonbabyletsgodowntokokomo. She took it fast with him and now she’s just going to have to take it slow. 

    • fresnostateofmind

      Looks like he’s moving on to BermudaBahamascomeonprettymomma.

      • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

        Y’all ain’t shit..lmmfaoooooo!

        • Buckey’s Wig

           loooool…they are so wrong for that!!!!…..KIDFURY I LOOOVE YOUR WEBSITE IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY INSIDE…WHEN I FEEL DOWN I COME HERE AND I JUST BE DYING WITH LAUGHTER…i hope he reads this!!!

          • Dear Suhmer


      • Bdub27

         I hate ya’ll for this

    • Legz

      I died!’

  • MissDom

    Whats up wit Chris’ hairline??

  • AS501

    But if Keepingupwiththekardashians isn’t with CB, she loses what little relevance she has and we don’t get to have fun with her name anymore.

    • KidFury

      She’ll probably date another celebrity or fake-write a book or audition to be on some teen drama for The CW. They always do.

      • Drea

        I see her on the next season of Basketball Wives with Draya

        • fresnostateofmind

          I was thinking the same thing.  Put Tyga up in there and we’ll have all his girls.  

          • Guest

             BYE! lmao

          • £V|ANA


  • CS

    Girl, run. This booger doesn’t deserve any woman’s time of day

  • Tinaley

    I live for Konkfritters daily name changes…. Po lil’ Tink Tink!!!!

  • LaLa

    Kolorsdofthewind needed to go.

  • RWE

    I hate when women do that. Like don’t get mad and start calling him names “little boys” etc. when they leave you, bitch you chose that little boy. You the one Ray Charles to the bullshit when the sign was all there in your face. Why is your man refollowing his ex? Why is he befriending his ex? Why are you befriending his ex? Its just so much that you let him do. The big question I got for you is, now what? I been tweeting and giving you advice, what I tell you? Put holes in the condom and you set for life, but no, you wants to block me. Ch….*hair flips*

    • Ceira Ford

      *dead at put holes in the condom you too much right now

    • Jade Alexis


    • Mi Mi Mi Mi Miiiiiiii


    • AlanaDaly

      Lawd father i come to u on todayyyyy!! hahahahaahaaha i cant take this!!!

  • Lala


  • Jasonreloaded

    You guys are so mean to KeriHilson

  • Statesside

    Baby come here and sit down, let’s talk I got a lot to say so I guess I’ll start by…

    • Glittebraids

      CAN YOU GOOOOOO!? I am so damn weak!!

    • Kanigetarefill


    • Suchalady

      You aint shit…lmao. Karvedpumpkin isn’t going to get ANY sympathy from me. She played her damn self.

    • nellz

      NOOOOO!!!!!! lol just died 3 different kinds of deaths…..shade has been given!!

    • AlanaDaly

      :’D cause of death ^

  • nellkaye

    get out before u get knocked up or knocked out

  • GuessWho

    Lmfaoooo @kadabra ! Hahhahahahha

  • FrostByteMuah

    I must be the only person alive who has no problem with this girl.

    Tha hell did she do wrong??

    If anything, Rhi Rhi’s the pathethic ex is this scenario. I do like her but not the hapless person she became after Chris moved on.

    Can’t wait till K-whatever hooks up with Drake :)

    • Georgie

      Rih Rih* girl. Respect her.

      • Melbisno1

        Yeses! They better bow to the princess!

    • St. Yaki

      Girl, please. The only hooking up KaptKrunch and Drake are gonna be doing is late night manipedi sessions so Drake can get the tea on what Chris’ dick do.

      • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

        Oop, now that’s the shade.

        • Bianca

          LMAOO no the fact that your name is ‘Joseline’s Adam’s Apple’ is the true shade that i live for!!!

      • Bianca

        OH SHIT. it JUST GOT REAL. lmaoooo *jumps up & down with laughter*

      • AlanaDaly

        u know whaaaattttt x_x

      • £V|ANA

        Gave me life…..and then I died

    • KazzleDazz

      i definitely read that as “Can’t wait till K-whatever hooks up with DRAYA”…wrong girl my bad. 

  • MOE

    I guess shes not Ray Charles anymore! But she still has to wake up & see that ugly dragon tattoo on her hand :’(

    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      lmfaoooo.OMG! I can’t deal with all the vitamins and minerals in that shade.

  • Pimp Named Slickback

    Aww. Poor KushAndOrangeJuice…NOT. She should’ve seen this coming. Dumbass.

  • Samantha Reese

    Y’all gon’leave KickBallChain alone….

  • Tjfdragon

    Does this mean no more posts on Kantstoptillyougetenough and the endless shading of her name??  Say it isn’t so!!!

    • Laila Corrorez

      LMFAOOOOO @ Kantstoptillyougetenough 
      lawdamercy, y’all have officially slayed me this good Wednesday morning.

  • ummm

    katmando and her fake anger can go and sit down somewhere…. she knew the deal from jump to her and her tweets are laughable….. old navy is hiring so she should be good….

  • Yiles

    Damn Kookoocachoo it took you long enough. At least you can get back to modeling… hehe I coud’nt even type that with a straight face LMAO! Don’t try and get mad at Yellow Cake now, it’s not his fault you were acting short bus special to all the bullcrap. He’ll only do as much as you allow.
    SN/ Why can I imagine Chris and that Carribean Heffa singing “to the left to the left,” while KitKatBar and her brown paper bag of stuff take that walk of shame right’on out the front door?

    • Ten Ten

      Girl, Krymeariver will ONLY be modeling if the theme on set is “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

      End of telegram!

      • jajay22

         her agency is instagram so..that’a how far her “modelling” carrier will go

        • Jamaicangyal01

          LOLL!!!!!!!! Y’all kill me but kantgetdadoughwitouthim is tryna act like she happy without Yellowknife I need palmtreerih to knock her out so kushanddrugs can wake back up at McDonald’s n act like she remember her old path of life before Yellowwolf

    • Guest

      I cannot will not. lmaooooo

  • You’re Welcome

    Good for you Kneesandtoeskneesandtoes

  • Drea

    Love you Kid Fury for practically summing up my feelings

    Now a shady tweet from Rihanna would make things even better

  • Drea

    I live for these nicknames…Legit crying at work

  • Marie

    All I did was scroll down the comments to see what NEW name you all would come up with for this poor girl LMAOO! I cannot contain myself!

    Favorite name variations:

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    KaligraphyCursive knew what she was getting into. I can no longer feel sorry for her anymore. She gonna tweet all her anger or whatever..Gurl, pack up your Hello Kitty suitcases and leave on up outta there already. 

  • TinaGuttah

    Why is KooKooCheYe getting salty now?! She knew what she was signing on for from jump. Nobody told her to deal with him! #GirlBye

  • Michele Lee

    So….. how does dating a boy who is clearly in love with another women make you anything but a love sick little girl ?  Child boo.YOU teach people how to treat you.  KarmelKorn, nobody cried for Argentina and no one is crying for you, please grab a handful of these seats……

    • Anthill927

      yess for that evita read!!

    • Tjfdragon

      Evita shade proper!!

    • AlanaDaly


  • Bianca

    Look, KanIGetAWhatWhat is a little slow, i’m convinced. HOW can she get mad? Did she think all the pictures and blogs were lying? Girl, have a seat and half because you asked for this. And now you are officially *in my Erica from LHHATL voice* IRRELEVANT!

  • MFV

    KristopherRobin must have known this was going to happen. 

    • TinaGuttah

      Winnie the Pooh read!

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

      I can’t at KristopherRobin. I just can’t.

      • Buckey’s Wig

         looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool…bury me at the Eben Ezer Baptist Church of RI…Fury please give my eulogy!!!!

  • Beyoncesbigtoe

    Riri also tweeted “bad religion” – Kwanzaa shade?!

    • Yiles

      Frank Ocean song

      • Beyoncesbigtoe

        referring to the fact that this song now applies to Krillin cos her love for chris is unrequited…

  • MissLadyLG

    Wow.. I’ve never seen a person become irrelevent so quickly.. Poor KarrotCake

    • MissMe

       One must be relevant before they can become irrelevant, lol

  • Safiyah Jay

    Sorry, but I feel no one knows what goes on behind closed door. And the way their entire relationship has played out, he never really seemed to put her FIRST. Not even when they walk in the streets, member that pic of them shopping? Lmao he has one bag, she had two big ass bags, he ain’t even help her. The way a man courts his woman says A LOT about their relationship, this is why I never respected it. I feel like Chris was just finishing up his community service, giving Karangatang a place to sleep. He never even looked happy man or that interested in her when they caught pics of em together. He need to put some meat back on his bones. Even if he not going to Rih, i’m glad he done with her. Idgaf if people love her cause she’s cute, she’s obviously a gold digger, just a silent one. That’s the worst kind. Shawty put aside her self respect to hold on and keep the lifestyle chris gave her. I never saw their shelter as a house or a home so whatever happens between Rih and Chris, I honestly wil never see it as homewrecking, I see it as the rekindling of a flame. I never hated Rueche, but she sure makes celeb gfs look dumb and sad. I commend her for being an obedient puppy by not speaking or being messy or even supporting him in public, however I feel she’s sneaky for the simple fact that she’s is silent af on twitter but her bffs are MESSY as hell. Esp the gay guy. I wonder who she really is and what she’s really like. 

    • Guest

      Girl you out here writing dissertations and we’re just here to catch some shade. Relax and enjoy the jokes no one is actually looking for explanations.

      • Buckey’s Wig

         looool i was just thinking the same thing i read the first sentence and i was done…Safiyah Jay wrote a short essay on us….we not here for that sir we here the Shade (hood rachet nicki/roman/barbie/cleopatra/lisa frank monage voice )

        • Buckey’s Wig

           for the shade*

  • turntUPPPPPPP

    Wow… poor Krankshaft…

  • Terese

    Oh no KitKatBar…I can’t wait for the golf umbrella of shade Rihanna will have for you!!

  • Esha

    Kooookiekrisp, I know you were staring at your puff the magic dragon tattoo and feeling all the feelings but its too late to stunt on twitter like this. 

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

       KookieKrisp though?! You know what….

    • jova

       You just gave me EVERYTHING that I could ever need. *Goes up yonder to see King Jesus*

      • Shelby


    • Sunny Smith

       -faints twice @ kooooookiecrisp-!

    • nellz

      Kookiekrisp!!!! thank you…..*walks into coffin and closes the top*

    • Ali Smartypants

       DEAD!!! But KingJesusIsAListeninWhenYouPray should have packed her bags once RihRih spilled the tea with Mother Oprah.

    • Sharanda Norman

      i die! kooooookiekrisp though?

  • diggynigga


  • Shellbee

    Kaspian Sea?! Kaughtupintherapture?! Fuck you KF! *dies slowly*

  • Guest

    These comments are everything. Y’all are just the best. *praise stomp*

  • moni

    i here some of yall blasting rih..but chris was the one who flew his thirsty ass to new york to be wit her and yall dont know what was going on between chris and kae they mightve been gettin ready to break up anyway,,chris knew where his heart was and it wasnt wit kae so stop blaming rih for chris’s actions because it was a two-way street im glad they finally showing how they really feel..u cant stop tru love so let it be beautiful!!

    • ∞ηεℜđ∞


  • YolaHippie

    NOW…don’t get me twisted i think kortizoneitchcreme is super fucking dumb and all & i like me some rihanna but that bitch need to take responsibility for her actions, you know the nigga is in a relationship yet you carrying around with him on some thirsty bitch shit. interviews telling people you in love with a nigga in a relationship & all that jazz. chris not even claiming her. this has NOTHING to do with their domestic abuse, rihanna is just COMPLETELY disrespectful for the shit that’s been going on, her frankenweenie big ass forehead self need to move the hell on & stop chasing after a nigga that played her on many occasions & put her pussy list on blast. Krypto should be the only one going through whoes with chris. & nobody dare come for me cause you know i’m telling the truth, it’s been months & it needs to be said, cause if this was tatiana from down the street bitches would have been in her ass everyday calling her all types of names, but since it’s your fave(mine too but i’ll let my fave know when she acting up) it’s ok. i think this whole situation is being drugg out & WAY TOO STUPID we got 10head rihanna tweeting bad religion, Kastaway tweeting she perfers men when she was fucking a boy from the begining & chris tweeting bullshit. SMH all these niggas losing. money don’t make you smart,loyal,or even protect you from hoodrat antics. i do have fun tearing karueche’s name apart but this love triangle is not her fault, rihanna needs to woman the fuck up & learn to fucking count a relationship is 2, not 2 plus a dumb jumpoff bitch on the side -__-

    • Safiyah Jay

      chris brown don’t even claim karrueche. like when has he ever acted like that was his gf or he was in a committed relationship, the way you started off this essay just made the rest completely null . Pack it up.

      • YolaHippie

         Nope. still here

        you sound hella dumb, is chris claiming rihanna? or is rihanna bending over backwards for his attention? love? life? ratchet tatoos? stupid ass antics?

        but i know your dried out face honey i see your dusty pennyworth comments on anything having to do with never get right chris & his untimely shenanigans. he is wrong & rihanna is double wrong, just like that avi & first name, i pray that your mom made a better life choice than that.

        karueche is only wrong for one thing & that’s not knowing her worth, no money or pencil thin dick would ever make me compromise my integrity.

        & if you still don’t understand where i’m coming from after this then sweetheart i suggest you leave the commenting to others & go apologize to all your teachers because CLEARLY reading & comprehension was not your strong point in HS.

  • NoseyJonesy

    The shade in all these names for that girl >>>> !!!! LAWD y’all got me rolling!!!

  • Brittany

    Kaughtupintherapture? FURY I CAN’T with you! Lol

  • Brittany

    I bet Rih is laughing as she’s laying next to Chris

  • cherryminxx

    I dont think she’ll leave though. Like all the other times bitch is actually dumb enough to stay… That dick and money must be good to put up with this shit… All I know is any self respecting woman wont. I have no respect for her at this point.

  • CocoaKissXX

    Is it just me or is CB starting to look like a rocked out El Debarge? And can Katlitterbox just take a seat and stop lookin like a Mimi (LAHHATL) clearly he loves RhiRhi ass. Let that man drive his bus….its both them hoes fault if they stay on and ride.

    • Buckey’s Wig

      so that would make Rhianna Joseline….. loooooooooooooooooool…hahahahahaha….Chriz chu ebba lev meh?

      • MissMe

         I hate you for the tears that are streaming down my face right now… I totally read that in Joseline’s voice, LMAO!

  • No Ma’am

    I have no sympathy for Kanutellmehowtogettosesamestreet, but Chrissy better tread really carerfully b/c ole girl might pull a stunt and have one of her friends push her down a flight of stairs and serve him up some thin line between love and hate. 

    • Ceira Ford

      oh dear  Kanutellmehowtogettosesamestreet … i hate you right now *dabs eye holding chest

  • aly

    KukiSanban is just a delusional social climber. 

    • Leggo My Eggo

      Noooo lmfao!!!! Is that double shade? one for the nickname and two cuz both are asian? I’d really hate to be KallMeMaybe right now with all these damn names lol

  • Rae

    KetelOneVodka is full of salt right now…po’ lil tink tink. Smh…but hey, some females bring this on themselves. Any smart woman knows when a man ain’t really here for you like that.

  • Lei

    um wtf, chris is starting to look old as hell, or cracked out or something. them cheek bones is gettin a little to defined for me.

    and personally, i think kourtsideseats should leave him, because he ain’t shit, as far as we know she ain’t shit, two ppl that ain’t shit can’t advance. chris never healed from 09′, he crazy as hell, and who in they right mind would wanna b with that? nelly said it best, must be the monayyyyyy.

  • St. Yaki

    Poor dat, no1curr.

  • Leggo My Eggo

    KeyshiaCole knew what was happening the entire time. She wasn’t Ray Charles to shit. She was just there for the ride and now the ride is over. *shrugs shoulders* It was bound to happen now or later

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Oh I see KentuckyBlueGrass is upset huh? Listen here Kassadin ain’t nobody go and tell you to align yourself with the second coming of David Ruffin you chose that path and chose to be blind to the BS rather the truth. You knew Light Ike was still in love with the Bajan Goat goddess of Vita Coco but you still put yourself in that triangle and now that he kicked your rusty butt to the curb with nothing left but a fine China Bowl and some chopsticks you wanna run to twitter an get all up in your feelings?!?!?! KeriHilsonJustCan’tWin your seat has been collecting dust in the ‘we told you so’ corner but you can join it now thank you.

    • MissMe

       This comment gave me everything I needed and a little bit of stuff I didn’t know I needed yet… *applause*

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    quite frankly i’m glad little Katchingtheholyghost has seen the light! Perhaps now she can move on to greater things….like opening a combination sushi bar and nail salon (like the chicken place and hair salon combo in BAPS) that will spread joy and soy sauce to the masses :)

    • Erockbaby3000

      NOOOOO. I’m through with all y’all I’m highly displeased for making me damn near cry laughing at all of these nicknames you guys are giving poor little kandyland, you guys just ain’t right, leave sweet young kingdomhearts alone.

    • Tinaley

      I cannot breathe…. Katchingtheholyghost is evereeethang!!!!!!!

  • Joseline’s Missing Peen

    Thank you so much for these comments. I live AND die! 

  • Fantasia_donaldson

    Lmfao Kae bye time to go back and give kisses from Vietnam

  • Kay

    Look Kamehameha has nothing left to do but deal. & Christen should be happy cause with this broad out his life, maybe he’ll get one who will bring him to Jesus cause you know the brutha looks straight up on life support.

    • Erockbaby3000

      not Kamehameha though… I can’t even (stands in line before god at the pearly gates)

  • Mimi

    So is the end of her relevancy? Aww, just when I was really getting into creating more nicknames for Kastingoutdemons!

  • ijustbewatchin

    Welp *packs up folding chair and binoculars*  it was a good game. It had it’s ups and downs but someone has to get the L at the end of the day. 

  • Auntiechicken

    Kohlsclearancerack is delusional if she ever thought chris was over rih.

  • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

    *calls insurance company to let them know I am dying laughing*
    Jesus! These names!!!

    Well, KantHideLove should be glad its over cause Lite Ike look like he was just a week away from selling her ass to buy more crack.

  • Maricarmen

    Literally read every comment JUST for the nicknames!

  • Safiyah Jay

    yall stop calling ha a model she is 4’9 and don’t have the look, aura, or body to be a model. *twirls away* Can’t wreck a home if it was never a house to begin with, can’t wreck a homeless shelter if the heart already had a home all along. * end of time stomps away*

  • The Urban Sage

    Poor KareemAbdulJabbar. I almost feel bad for her. We all knew this was going to end. Hell even KimmyGibbler knew where this was going. She needs to just let it go.

  • BrittBitch

    LISTEN! Where’s Sweet Brown when I say that ain’t nobody got time got that? KPopkaraoke can’t be mad at nobody but herself. Christy knew what he was doing… Hell , kuchiekutters knew what he was doing. She was lowkey throwing shade like she had the upperhand.. Karatekid should just have a swift seat. Because girl…

  • Yhy

    poor KinkyTwist…oh well life goes on maybe she can get on the next season of LIHHP

  • blackula

    Krispychickenfreshlettucethreecheeses can have a Roman Coliseum full of seats.

  • No shade, But…

    Kantnobodytakemypride just needs to cut her losses and move on. It’s just a bad situation. 

  • Ch0c0lateDr0p

    I wonder if KrayolaKrayons can call the mall and get her job back selling glowsticks and cupcakes

  • She_aint_u

    Just like KristopherColumbus to stumble across what was already there but still have the nerve to act like she discovered this information- weren’t you the same one joking that you kept getting emails from then blocked ms jia when she told you take heed! The signs were there

    Kumbaya Kumbaya

  • Dumb & Dumber

    As we all laugh & say Keyshiacolesgap is dumb… Rihanna is as well, maybe even dumber. LETTUCE not forgot that Chris was cheating on her & (didn’t want to bring it up BUT) abusing her & she is happily running back to him sooooo… Both of them should be the co-stars for the 2012 Dumb & Dumber if you ask me. Anywho… ALL of this over pencil dick?!

  • The Urban Sage

    Keyshiacolesgap? Damn! Damn! Daaaamn! Kriskristofferson can’t catch a break.

  • MissMe

    As soon as I see a story about these three I immediately scroll down to the comments to see what names ya’ll give this girl… I have lived and I have died, thank you all! lol

  • Udunmessedup

    Kicklikeaninja packed her shit nd left … But wait… Where Kuntduochebag gon go? It looks like her parents don’t even remember her name like we don’t. She dun fucked up her life in riches… Hope she made ah keepallchrisloot savings

  • Nothing Amigone

    Yassss…slander Kikkoman to Barbados and back for these Twit-emotions and subliminals. KaleidoscopeDream has been doing the absolute most for months on some Mokenstef “He’s Mine” shit.

    Y’all really don’t see it for these women whose names begin with K, do you? It’s ok, I know KanyeTitta will make it somehow. Somebody’s got some empty coattails to hop on…at least until  KrushGroove bumps heads w/ the next man’s ex.

    Excuse me while I listen to MJ’s “You Can’t Win” in honor of KatGotYourTongue.

    • BrittBitch

      I was gonna use kaleidoscopedream too lol.

  • AbOriginal

    I don’t think Karatekid is stupid for staying with him. That’s probably the smartest move for her. Honestly, wouldn’t we all stay with a star, longer than our pride would allow for common folk, just to stay with the life? What makes her stupid is her social media blasts. Yes, we’re sure you feel crunchy sometimes, but you’re gonna stay so don’t talk like you’re fed up when you’re not leaving. Keep your feelings on lock. Like Mario Winans said, I don’t wanna know, Kiterunner. She makes herself a target… too easy to laugh at. The general public should not know that you have no real backbone without TMZ prying it from your tattooed dragon’s claws.

  • Kendra

    Kswissonherfeet , kanigetarefill, kickpushcoast, kelloggsfrostedflakes whatever her name is..

  • Janelle Rogers

    aint none of yall shit! lmfao i can rest well after reading all of this KantGetRight shade

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞

    What we all have been waiting for….. LOOK  : First off let’s play back to Rih’s interview with Ms. O  , When she stated :” I am not happy unless he (Chris brown) is happy”. So under that coconut shaded tree , we can assume that chris hasn’t been happy. I mean how many times has rih saw chris in the past 4 months…san trope..Numerous clubs..and let’s not forget the NYC Hotels with “Never Say Good-Bye ” Lobby Music. It’s not that hard to put the pieces together that they are still F.W.B (Friends with Benefits)correct me if im wrong , BUT didn’t KallMeMaybe state that her and Chris had a “open relationship” what’s the issue than right?I’ve been waiting for this day for years to see Chris brown leave her, not because she’s her as a person ,but  she isn’t doing anything but supporting his erratic behavior ,and trying to cover it up with non-profit organizations and 2005 tattoos but who am i too say..Idk easier said than done.I know them dating is no longer a secret.Rih clearly doesn’t give a fuck about KareBear

    • The Urban Sage

      I said this same exact thing a friend of mine a few months ago. I don’t think KoochieWallieWallie can get any stupider when it comes to this. Open relationships don’t work for people like her when they date people like Chris. The reason being, he will forever take advantage of the open clause of their relationship KNOWING that KikMessenger ain’t going NOWHERE. The only way he ends up single is if he leaves her. Or he beats her and then they break up, but I like not to think about that. She’s going to keep getting walked on and disrespected until she grows a back bone. But I don’t see Karmaloop doing that anytime soon.

  • Smiley Babi

    It’s about time KantGetABreak it’s finally OUTTA HERE!! Can’t wait for ms rih rih to respond with so much shade

  • Radon Kong

    As much as I like thinking of groundbreaking and innovative ways to butcher KantstopwontstopRocafellarecords’ name. I never got why folks were so angry at her. Sure she’s dense, but so is that other girl. KanIbuyavowel? let Yellow Fury disrespect her, and Rihanna let that muthafucka pound on her, and went water skiing with him the next day. K tried to be “the cool girlfriend” and Rihanna has been vigorously campaigning and pandering for CB’s penis for month’s now.Neither of them bitches are MENSA members nor will they be on the Tyra Banks Self O Steam round table discussions any time soon. This whole ordeal is nuthing but a pool of beige abandonment, and broken homes. I have no ill will towards KutKlose, for she has unwittingly provided me with hours of wholesome fun. I have slim hopes that she’d gather her duffle bag of Urban Outfitters ensembles, a book on self-worth and move on, but I hope she does. Let those two simple ass sock puppets fist-fight and fuck each other into oblivion, so they can have the inevitable break-up they were meant to have 3 years ago. 

  • nat

    I’m just here for the name shade.  Has KraftCheeseSingles been tossed out yet?

  • Heyboo

     Ya’ll gonna run out of names soon lol

    • The Urban Sage

      Never. So long as Cs and Ks sound alike MountKilimanjaro will forever be shaded.

  • serenissima

    you know… part of me wants to feel bad for KaptainPlanetHesAHero… but the other part desperately wants homegirl to wake up and smell the curry goat… I don’t see Chris marrying her or EVER leaving Rihanna alone so she’s irrelevant at this point, just a placeholder for when Rih is off doing her thing… here is a chick that desperately needed to attend the Kris Jenner Academy for Hoes, learn to capitalize off that cooch and get some kind of career/money off her association with  celebrity… the whole thing is messy af and just makes me smh… 

  • Idkayy

    lol omg the nicknames ! 

  • SmashMclovely1

    Kleancoloreyeshadowpallete is probably holding on to see what kind of shady tell it all interview she can collect coins from. She’s probably going to try to push the “Prevent teens girls from unhealthy relationships” envelope. TeenNick just hasnt made thee offer yet. She knows what up.

  • Sharanda Norman

    Ketchupwithri needs to sit her tired ass down with that dry ass shade. guhh, bye. 

  • Mike

    Aww, I actually kinda feel sorry for KissMeThruThePhone. But I’ll get over it…..

  • Seiko

    I used to feel bad for Kantgetenoughofyolovebaby but now… eh… NOT SO MUCH. She is allowing him to play her for a damn fool because she knows good and hell well she is going to be around as long as that money is around. Recession on the other hand won’t leave him alone because she loves HIM. Not his money. But Kantaburysnewchocolateicecreamsandwiches is going to deal with it for the lifestyle.

  • ziggy gnarly

    Poor Krenshawboulevard! She should’ve known what the deal was a LONG time ago. When that restraining order got lifted, she should’ve gotten a clue. But no … KlitRomney had to stay and be a Captain Save A Nig. Poor baby.

  • Emmatavarez57

    Jesus christ!! The names…LMFAO!!!

  • Angelbaby

    KeepMeNearTheCrossJesus need to just go to bed. And why is she referred to as a “model”?? What she modeling? Shame on me for not googling KaliforniaKingBed before commenting but I just refuse.

  • ICantHandleKidFurysCuntness

    All I can say is Mickey D’s is hiring ,blurry eyed Kitchensopenforalltheniggas

  • Eriuy

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  • JazmineThomas

    I would’ve felt much worse for her if she wasn’t blind to the fact that he didn’t give an absolute blue motherfuck about her from jump. This nigga followed his ex, became friends with her, they had tweets back and forth imploring more than friendship, made a sex song about FUCKING each other, probably fucked each other after, she was shading the fuck outta you like daily, then ya’ll break up and NOW you reach the epiphany we had been throwing in your damn face for months?! Girl GOOD BYE!

  • Hi

    KonkersBadFurday needs to shut her ass Lbr her free trial of fame is over and done