Video: Iggy Azalea – Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time)

Kid Fury September 28, 2012 Videos 23 Comments

After touring for months, Iggy Azalea has dropped the new video for “Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time),” off her upcoming Trap Gold mixtape. She and her partner in crime, Shawna Peezy, run amok in Downtown L.A. for the Salvador Dalí-inspired visuals.

Iggy will be touring the US with Rita Ora starting next month and her Trap Gold mixtape is due on October 11th. Check the new video out below!

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  • Thtsqueen2u

    I am definitely here for this.

  • Guest

    hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha. HA.

  • Earthshaker1217

    Her lyricism has evolved. The visuals are simple yet have impact. The beat is energetic. I like it.

  • NewState0fMind

    *Iggy Pony tail swing* I’m here for it! 

  • Sherrie

    i wonder what her parents say about her being so “hardcore”

  • CaramelHottie


    I don’t care for anything she’s done besides “Murda Bizness”.. Like Aunty Eve said “Im not here for her lyrics but her look is dope, she’ll probably be successful because of that” 

  • CurlyBoo

    “Salvador Dalí-inspired visuals.” -hhaaahaaaa, right now!!

    but im loving this

  • Missmarchmommy

    i think iggy looks superb and im digging the song 

  • Alicia Collins

    It seems she’s toned down the dialect on this one. She must be taking notes. Good for her.  

    Her look is just fantastic, though.  Hair and make up deserve cake and ice cream because child always looks gorgeous.

  • MissDom

    I love this bitch!!

  • sometimes a cynic

    She looks great. the song should’ve been longer though

  • Gurlno

    That chick Shawna Peezy looks like a freakin muppet. Her Twitter pictures always freak me out. Is she to Iggy what SB is to Nicki basically? 

    • Nicole

      besides the fact that theyve been best friends since before iggy went mainstream and peezy isnt piping and popping iggy like SB does nicki? i guess… and why talk about someones looks when nobody knows what YOU look like?

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Did she get injections cause I don’t remember her butt being that big her hips yes.

    • jinx

       I was about to say the same thing! pause at 1:20, its her friends booty.

    • Seiko

       Iggy did NOT have ass injections. She has never had a pancake ass and in certain outfits she does look more buxom but she has not had any surgery. T.I. would be stupid too do so because Willamina Modeling Agency won’t work with anybody thats been enhanced or is TOO curvy. They have a reputation to up hold

  • Bri

    I’ve tried to get into her, but that fake trap accent is giving me so much “New-New”… I can’t. She looks cute though!

  • fresnostateofmind

    When did kaleidoscopes and an Urban Outfitters Summer 2011 look book become Salvador Dali inspired visuals?!

    Jesus be an Art History class!

    • allidrinkisjameson

      i howled at this!!! 

    • Nicole

      she didnt say that the kaleidoscope effect was dali inspired. when she says ‘Dali’ it shes referring to something she created that she thinks is brilliant. music, an outfit, something that brilliant … its her dali

      • fresnostateofmind

        Google “Salvador Dali” and have a blessed day!


    ugh the bitch is bad whhat can i say……SHE LOOKS GREAT!

  • Vpprinces01

    I love how she has to say “bitches” a million times bc she can’t say nigga.