Kreayshawn Sets Record For Worst First Week Sales Of All Time

Kid Fury September 27, 2012 Just Get A Real Job! 81 Comments

After dragging out the hype from a Youtube video last year, Coulumbia Records finally released Kreayshawn’s debut album, Something ‘Bout Kreay only for it to bomb the hell over Baghdad.

The album appeared at #104 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold approximately 3,900 copies making it the worst first week sales of a major label artist ever. A spot that was previously held by Soulja Boy.

I do remember writing a certain letter to this lady over at VIBE during her “Gucci, Gucci” days suggesting that she try something else out in place of rapping. Everybody seemed pissed about it including her, but I’m gonna sip this honey lemon tea and smirk.


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  • rikki

    she better turn in that application to build a bear before keri hilson gets there

    • Apalacian

      Lol u stop it!! She can work at forever 21

      • Michele Lee

        Forever 21 is a little to ‘up scale” for her but, Hot Topic is hiring for christmas.

        • Michele Lee

          Welp…looks like Hot Topic already stops her Merchandise….can anyone say fate? 

        • jajay22

           she’s more a rainbow kinda girl…

          • Earthshaker1217

            The shade is so entertaining.

      • Samantha Reese

        more like Rue 21

      • Mocha Palmer

        Yall didn’t hear the news? Keri Hilson got the job as a professional bear stuffer.

        • Ja

          even tho keri is a writer and still banking off new songs. stfu if u know nothing.

    • kim

      Keri might get the job at least her album didn’t go double copper like Krayon.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        More like triple tin can.

      • Plum Grey

        LMFAO – Krayon, that’s a good one, and, damn it to hell if poor Kay-Kay can’t catch a break, maybe she shoud pretend to be that other Kerry….

    • Tysiah22

      She used to work at Ikea. I’m sure they have have a rehire program if Ms. Keri gets to build a bear first. :)

  • Miles

    Ooop she tried that

  • Amelie DuQuesne

    So here album when flower petal? Oh Kreay Kreay…

    • Amelie DuQuesne

      To add to that, I just think it’s hella embarrassing how these artists have all these Twitter followers/supporters and can’t sell records. Sad. 

      • Guest

        Righttttttttttttt?! Everyone wants to build stan armies over the internet like these people who “stan” aren’t just looking for attention. In real life very few will spend their hard earned dollars on you. But I’m asleep…

        • Earthshaker1217

          Especially when the product is garbage. I could see if you she was like Janelle Monae (super talented and musically brilliant) but she’s just the rap equivalent of Ke$ha.

          • Mitt Romney

            more like the rap equivalent of dirty dish water. but i digress.

      • Guest

        Yeah but in the instance of artists like Lady Gaga, half her fanbase would consist of people who have maybe posted one tweet and followed 20 people and she just happened to be one of them. Realistically, her followers that are actually active make up a much smaller figure.

    • Sherae Renee’

       Flower petal? Lmao!

  • Simone

    not even surprise..dah well

  • Her

    Is this the little titted bitch that was okay saying “nigga this nigga that” whom Ruthell Thimmons lispy ass defended?

    • KidFury

      I mean, it’s actually her homegirl V-Nasty who says it all the time and Kreayshawn allegedly hates it.

    • Laila Corrorez

      “Ruthell Thimmons”?! Really though?? For real?! 
      *beefs it up to graveyard*  LMFAO!

  • deda

    I swear I recently saw her doing hair, no bullshit!

  • saucyfbaby

    Hahahaha! Her music is trash. 

    Can’t believe she signed a million dollar deal. Her label needs to drop her faaaaast.— Nicole

  • Lusciousraen

    LMAO! Damn!
    And here I am at work, stuffing envelopes thinking I was having a bad day!!!!

  • Nahjee

    Kreayshawn sold less than Gucci man & vnasty did kreayshawn sold 3k Gucci & v nasty sold 4k lmao the apple don’t fall far from the tree huh

  • BlairWaldof2013

    I didn’t even know someone named Kreayshawn existed. Oh..the Life people give to these LITERALLY retarded artists. I feel like I’m watching Brown Sugar when Taye Diggs quits his job after having to sign two retards and he’s like f**k this I’m out. Back to studying my Labor Relations book for my midterm that’s more interesting than this nonsense.

  • LaBrandon

    Lmao! She was so hyped up – the great white hope of female rap. Now she’s simply a one hit wonder. 

  • Your-life-is-a-joke

    lmfaooooooooooo! i just read that letter you wrote to her on vibe ! hahahahahahhahaha I AM DYIN ! LMFAO

  • Sharanda Norman

    yass! i want to read the letter. where can i find it?

  • LKJ

    Sip that tea in the shade,

    If only she had sold 1 more album, her album could’ve been RIAA certified as dirt.

  • jajay22



  • LaceyCB ✌

    Annnddd this is what happens when Records Labels hop on just for the hype. They knew damn well Kreayshawn was (and still is trash) but they probally figured this is what the people want. Smh but it’s all about popularity and not talent these days.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Sucks even more for them b/c they shelled out more than she produced DEAD. She may be certified Magnesium but she still got that money from the deal.

  • Meli

    She’s trash. I’m pressed that she sold more than Nelly Furtado first week sales. Nah, fuck that, I’m soo mad about that lol

  • Jennashley511

    I laughed. I might go to hell for it, but I laughed. A lot.

  • Brittany

    I’m not surprised it flopped

  • Miss Faith.

    Iggy Azalea came and snatched that wig a long while ago…

    • Guest

      Haha Iggy is about to follow in this girl’ footsteps. You think all those album pushbacks are for nothing? Wait and see.

      • Heyboo

        I hate to admit it, but Iggy isn’t looking to good right now as far as music, but babygirl is getting endorsement deal after endorsement deal, which in reality pulls in more money than music would. Krey ain’t got shit smh.

    • Nappygirl89

      I hate to love iggy. But music is not for her. I believe she knows that. She had no album but a nice list of endorsements. Rapper? No. Smart? Yes.

    • Ivan

       Looking like precious…

    • FOLK103

      bitch who that ugly fool

  • Janeen

    Welp, I hope they still have her application for site model on file at…..

    • KidFury

      She would be a sickening model for KarmaLoop!

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Oop I thought that was KangarooJacks’s job Kreay don’t want that Asian drama Kassadin might have a Hattori Honzo sword on deck.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I bask in all glories of this shade while I sit here openly laughing at the fact that they thought this non-rapping, one hit wonder of a person was gonna be the next big thing. The song she has with 2Chainz..(breakfast nook or whatever it’s called) is possibly the worst song of this generation, The fact that somebody literally threw money at her and crafted this together in an easy-bake oven of tragedies baffles me. Oh well, if she turns in her album sales at Chuck E. Cheese, she might be able to get something out of this at least :)

  • Lifetime FuryTVsubscriber

    3,900 copies!?! That’s just her friends and family members!! Hell the video Fury posted today has more than 3,900 views!!

  • Oliver

    how a tone deaf bitch get a recording contract in the first place?
    “paper or plastic sir?”

    • Tysiah22

      I’m guessing she gives a mean bj

  • Kreay’s Leader

    The A&R who got her signed is nervous as hell right now

  • Chuck

    “You’re mad it’s my style you’re admiring, don’t be mad UPS is hiring!” Notorious BIG. 1994 Can you say: EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Katniss Everbean

    Ooh lawd. This bitch’s album went granite.

    • brandonjaye

      She couldn’t buy granite anything with her cut of the sales.  Or the total cost of all the albums she sold.  LOL

  • Joseph Hernandez’s translator

    Quadruple Styrofoam!

  • Missmarchmommy

    3900 copies sold what is that aluminum foil?

  • Geechee Goddess

    I actually listened to the album (listened, not purchased). For anyone that needs some uptempo beats to workout to, she’s got you.  But anyone who wants a hardcore rapper/lyricist, Kreayshawn is not the one. She has a few clever lines but thats about it. Her label really should have released her album last year or early this year. People have straight up forgotten her ass. Like someone has already mentioned, you would think all those Twitter followers would have bought her album.

  • Kay

    Damn… Her album has more plastic than Payless shoes. *In Sinclair voice* Woo Woo Woo *While Patting Kreayola on the back*

  • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

    Aww, poor dat.

  • Mimi

    Oh, Kreyfish, why did you even try it? No shade, but I forgot all about
    this girl until I read this post. But it’s ok, boo. I got a new song for
    you and V-Nasty for your third album…*ahem*…”One little room, full
    of sad bitches”. 

  • Candace

    When Ciara can sell more albums than you can….that’s when you know your career is over.

    • Wong Chia Chi

      That’s real talk right there

  • AKAnundrum

    I PRAYED FOR THIS! As a person who LIVES for the female contribution to Hip Hop, I felt disrespected for all the talented women of color that are constantly boxed and sold as fuck toys while Minnie Mouse was allowed to do whatever the fuck she wanted with A MILLION DOLLARS…because she is White. I have no problem w/White rappers that RESPECT the culture enough to take their craft seriously & reciprocate. This insipid troll wasted a fuckin deal that REAL female rappers are selling their souls for…

    • whatevs

       All of thiiiis

  • whatevs

    We all really knew this was coming girl… your Twitter army didn’t even bother to show up to Best Buy which isn’t a surprise, your music is trash & you’re not even good enough to be a flash in the pan. Better luck next time or actually just go away & take your white girl mob with you

  • Scarf Junkie

    Kid Fury…I did a Sophia from “The Color Purple” laugh for this shyt: “Truthfully, I think you’re cute…in a
    Salt-N-Pepa meets Casey Anthony sort of way.” The thud you heard was my big 6 foot tall ass hitting the floor from laughing!!!  

  • Nappygirl89

    The shade in the comments are better than a “got 2b real” episode

  • Reginald Charming

    She DIDN’T have the worst major label sales of all time. Rumor debunked:

    • Heyboo

       Wow, the author of that article seemed really pissed that she is getting made fun of, like she is a legitimate artist or something. Wow, if the rumor of Nicki having the worst CD ever came out, no one would go to bat for her this hard. She would just disappear. Why won’t they let this lil thing do the same?

      • itsanonhoe


    • whatevs

       Lolol okay now that we’ve got that out of the way, can we still talk about how she made zero returns on her hype & apparently the record label had no faith in that either?

  • aliceglasslover666

    so don e

  • Tee Elyse

    LMAO @ sip this honey lemon tea & smirk :)

  • Guest

    harpo,who dis woman?

  • Terese

    I’m going to say this again….What is a Kreayshawn??