Candid Yams: Rihanna Feels Her Beat In NYC

Kid Fury September 27, 2012 Candid Yams 18 Comments

After releasing her new single, “Diamonds” yesterday, Rihanna checked into her downtown NYC hotel this afternoon, but not before playing around in the lenses of paparazzi cameras. The new track is currently #1 in 17 countries (the US ain’t one of them) and tickets for her Diamonds World Tour are now on sale.

Source: Pacific Coast


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  • Michele Lee

    Rihanna girl I knew you were in town…I smelled the unforgettable scent of Curry Goat, Pineapples MountGay Bajan Rum and Black and Mild Cigs.  

    Loved  the new song “Diamonds”

    • Karen Walcott

      No you didn’t just mention Mount Gay Bajan Rum.  I come from Barbados and that is the premium export. LMAO!!!

      • Michele Lee

        lol… yup! I  got family from Barbados and Mount Gay and Cockspur rum are staples in any Bajan household, thats how I know Rihanna walks around with it in a thermos. My family from Trinidad always has ponche crema, my family from the PR and Virgin Islands always have Cruzun Rum + Bacardi…..that just a universal west indian thing. #Rum on Deck

  • Melcheznic

    Love me some curry goat but is it me or doesn’t she sound like Willow Smith on “Diamonds” #No Shade!!

    • BKkid

      Omg! I knew i wasn’t the only one who thought she sounded like Willow!

  • Safiyah Jay

    I love diamonds. Kinda felt like i’d be like ugh go away, you need a artistic break. But its a nice song, so i’m here for it. Her bod looks GREAT. I think she’s putting back on some weight in her thighs. she looks happy, that’s good.

  • Have a Seat… Please

    Were people clamoring for new music from Rihanna? Why does this girl have to put out an album every year? Damn. Give people a chance to miss you. Probably why her albums don’t go #1 here.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      I honestly think it’s the record label that does that. I guess they say if it’s don’t broke don’t try and fix it but the point is even though they sell they have yet to reach #1.

      • whatevs

         I agree that it is most likely the record company, even if artists have total creative control they still have someone over them & that someone is looking for MONEY BIIIATCH. I don’t know why they think this is the way to do it though. The weird part though is she comes out with albums & singles like every weekend but it never feels like she’s saturating the market to me? Idk…

        • ZJ

          It feels like it to me. Maybe it’s because she’s on the blogs a lot due to her antics. At any rate, I agree that she needs to sit out a year or two because it seems every time I turn around, I see the words “new music from Rihanna.” It’s too much.

      • Tits to the ground

        she’s trying to get out of thay def jam contract, thats why she putting out so many albums.

        • Tits to the ground


  • Buckey’s Wig

    I love this chick….she look like a regular person…like one of my home girls

  • JAYE

    I’m sure Diamonds will be a hit, I already have it stuck in my head…

  • Kay

    Did I miss something or did Talk That Talk not come out yesterday evening? I love Riri but damn, she comes out with an album every 6 months, like damn at least let us miss you or sumthin.

  • Ghzhzhshsh

    Cackling @ “the US ain’t one of them” The States just be paying RiRi in dust. So much for being an “international superstar.” She better pack up the Navy & move overseas.

  • EbonyLolita

    Not a fan of Diamonds but I KNOW she’ll prolly NOT disappoint w/the rest of the album :)

  • serenissima

    I like Rihanna recently… She seems really happy and like she’s found some peace… I like ‘Diamonds’ and am a little confused as to why you guys say the US pays her dust. She may not have a #1 album under her belt but homegirl has five Grammies and has sold 47 MILLION singles in the US.