Candid Yams: Somebody Come Get Lady Gaga

Kid Fury September 24, 2012 Candid Yams 52 Comments

When she isn’t hidden away working on random rap songs and finishing up her third studio album, ARTPOP, Lady Gaga is caught traveling around dressed in more ridiculous costumes.

I don’t even know who created this “dress” the singer wore while leaving the Park Hyatt hotel yesterday, but it looks like a limited edition Snuggie trapped in a blasphemous position by dry semen.

Prayer. That’s all you can give.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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  • Sherae Renee’

    She’s over here looking like she didn’t listen to Wonka…

    What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?

    Eating as much as an elephant eats.

    What are you at getting terribly fat?

    What do you think will come of that?

    ::side eye::

    I don’t like the look of it.

    • SomeWittyName

      Listen….this comment right here is gonna sustain me for the rest of the day. I need nothing else.

    • Anitamjohns

      I’m so done w/ you right now!!!!!!!! I can’y live my life like this LMAO!!!!!

    • GG

      I think you just destroyed my sanity.

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

      Greetings from heaven. You just slayed my life.

    • GEZ

      “I don’t like the look of it” LMFAO! And why did I read this comment in the sing song voice from the movie? 

      Seriously, thank you for this. LOLOL

    • Apalacian

      U will live in happiness too like the oompa loopidy do

    • J Pyramid

      YEAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! WEEEEEEERK! You better quote that Willy Wonka scene!!! That is all I needed for today…its been real as usual here on I’m out! lol

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd I’m just gonna lay in the casket and go nite nite… I sho nuff read this ish singing like the Oompa Loompa too.

    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

      Lawd a’mercy…

    • mzsoufside

       yaaassss!!! I have lived, died, and brought back to life from this comment. My day is complete.

    • PrettyNSeddity

      Well Oompa Loompa doopidty do, I have a strange ass puzzle for you lol!

  • Amelie DuQuesne

    I wish we had lightning bolt over the eye Lady Gaga back. 

  • hypnatik

    Just say NO to bath salts

  • and another thing

    she makes me tired. 

  • Daviana

    After she wore that rack of ribs to that award show, I was done. I think I’d be more shocked if she had on a t-shirt & jeans.

    • Ms. Shay.

      i agree. if she came outside in regular clothes that might surprise me but this foolery, i will never have any time.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      I always say this if she really wants to shock people her and her ghetto replica Nicholas just need to step out in something regular and wearable or wear an actual gown to an awards show. Stop lookin like ya’ll hopped out of damn Tim Burton movie screen or an Dr. Seuss book.

  • Missmarchmommy

    she looks like an old hot water bottle ppls grandmas keep on the back of their bathroom doors lol

    • Bluejollyranch

      I think it a duece bag. Lol. My grandma still had hers.

  • Heyboo

    I want to know what Tamar thinks of Gaga when she does this weird shit. I can just imagine her puppet face “Oh no she did ‘int! Okaaaay, now getcho liiiifeee!” Snaps & glitter errwhere. PS: I’m sorry, but this dress is hilarious. She’s a plum fool for it, but still funny.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Her and Nicholas are definitely in some type of hidden competition on who can look the most like a Powerpuff Girls mind needs rest. :( I guess there’s room in the prayer circle for one more. Break out the annointed oils and start the scripture. 

  • SecretDivva

    Missmarchmommy IMMA SLAP YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! I know EXACTLY what water bottle you are talking about cause my Granny had that shxt hanging in her bathroom my WHOLE LIFE!!! LGG does look a mess though.. Is she trying to hide that extra 35lbs she put on????

    • Missmarchmommy

      i wouldnt touch it cause i didnt know what it was used for growing up lol

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    I think she’s poking fun at herself.. this looks like a fat suit and since everyone’s talking about she’s fat now that she gained 30 pounds only makes sense inside my mind.

  • Michele Lee

    What in the actual F**K!  This looks like a flotation device……

    …..and scuba goggles too!!??

  • nellkaye

    there is no reason for the lady walking around looking like an oven mitt

  • idreamoflabels

    is it that she can’t put her arms down, or does she just not want to?

    • ZJ

      LMFAO!!! I know, right? She looks like a gingerbread man cookie with her arms stretched out like that.

  • ZJ

    I would say that I’m over Gaga, but I was never into her to begin with. She tries way too hard to be outre. How can people not be bored with her yet?

  • Statesside

    I love me some Gaga but she does look like a Whoopee Cushion here.

  • Kay

    My head hurts. The energy it takes to understand this is no longer available.

  • Coonye West

    The thing is.. you know she thinks that she looks the shit right?

    In the first pic it looks like she’s saying ‘Public. I give myself to you. Take me’
    Meanwhile round the corner down on Reality Street she looks like an upset tulip.

  • Bre

    I’m so tired of her antics. Just for once she needs to let her art speak for itself without drawing unnecessary attention like she’s desperate.

  • EnjoyingIt

    She looks like a bubbalicious brand period pad. But it’s GaGa, so it’s not really worth trying to shade an outfit.

  • Aninawilliams

    Ah fool!! much I can’t!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amberr434

    Let some ish go down one day and she’s going to need to run and won’t be able to cuz she thinks it’s Halloween every got damn day…..smh. Do what you do Stephanie. Good day. 

  • Pineapple

    Well at least her hair looks normal..

  • Lex

    Gaga who, I cant get past that bodyguard to the right! YES MA’AM! She looks like a prop in his photoshoot…

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Chile she looks like a life sized whoopee cushion and are her arms just stuck or she just trying to poke fun at religion yet again but claims she was raised catholic. Like I said Stephan girl wear you some jeans and shirt and you’ll be on the cover of every tabloid.

  • Seiko

    … I’d wear that shit

  • who dat

    -____- whoever comes to get that bitch giver her a slap in the face for me, she looks like she’s wearing a fucking ice pouch or a damn urine bag. i am truly upset over the unfolding of gaga’s fuckeryanigans.

  • Earthshaker1217

    Just when I thought Lady Gaga was getting better.

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    See, I’m curious… because we all know Nicholas Minaj has been copy-catting 2010 Gaga with a trashy twist…soin a couple years will we see her peddling Pink Friday: Reloaded – The Re-up The Re-imagining The Reheated Leftovers in a hoodrat version of this pillowcase ensemble?

    God Forbid.

    • jajay22

       Fuck you!! *DEAD*!!!!

    • Radon Kong

       She prolly already got Safaree picking out fabric swatches @ Mood, and drafting patterns in his MEAD notebook titled ” Eyedeas And Tuff Tuh Do In Duh Futre”

  • Zels Photo

    She looks like something on the Kirby video game.

  • ColdCharge

    i don’t know if this true or not but I saw a newsfeed say that she may possibly be pregnant(God Forbid, cause she gonna have that baby giving us Cirque-Du-Soleil cunt.)

  • AbOriginal

    Weird.. I usually hate Gaga’s giddups, but for some reason I think this an adorable out-of-her-mind-fit… it makes me giggle every time!

  • Dantè.

    ..think I’m craving rainbow bread

  • Dantè.

    ..think I’m craving rainbow bread. 

    • Roy Burton

      I Like Gaga But I Don’t Know What To Think Of This