Kanye West Has A Sex Tape Ready To Drop!

Kid Fury September 21, 2012 Oh, Kanye 71 Comments

If this ain’t some Friday fuckery for you, nothing ever will be. Apparently there is a Kanye West sex tape being shopped around right now. Like a video of Mother Kanye Omari West having sexual intercourse with a woman described as a Kardashian look-alike.

Radar reports that the video is about 20 minutes long and features an unidentified woman who admits to being over 18 and says her husband no longer plants the peen in her, so she’s there for Yeezy sex. So far all the media has is the screenshot above. has seen the tape in full and can verify without a doubt that it is Kanye in the footage and we have published a screen grab.

During the couple’s steamy sex romp, they never kiss and don’t interact any further than simply doing the deed, in various positions throughout and with Kanye wearing a condom.

Kanye is clearly aware the romp is being filmed because you can see that he’s the one who set up the camera in the beginning and at the end he looks directly into it before switching it off.

“The sex tape is being shopped right now and there’s a lot of interest, but Kanye is freaking out!” the insider revealed. “He doesn’t want this tape out and will do anything to make sure it stays private.

“If this were to hit the market it would be worth a fortune… there would definitely be a lot of people wanting to see this!

You already know that I blame that raggedy Armenian yamp Kimberly, although they’re saying Kanye’s video is much hotter than her’s. Well I suppose you can expect to see Ye’s cack on film very soon. What a cruel summer.

Source: Radar Online

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  • Courtneylee29


  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    but we already seen his nudes.. I can’t see my father in this light. *runs to hide in teyana taylors sideburns

    • Buckwild

      shame on you! leave that transexual alone!

  • and another thing

    his whole life rn is just in shambles. first those photos from yesterday of “Kim” with that fuckass photo quality. My phone was $40 and it takes clearer pics than that. 
    ┐(‘~`;)┌ Yeezy what’s up?

  • Joseph Hernandez’s translator

    Why does he look like a bottom in this pic?

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      lmao but he———- never mind I could but I won’t.

      • Julius Maloney

        I’m with you…and pretty much every folk here. Lol.

  • Hillary Banks…

    that kinda looks photoshopped but…whatever!

  • Casey

    No ma’am, Ms. Pam.

  • @EighthDeadlyCyn

    Lawdamercy! Well, isn’t this lovely news for a Freaky Friday.

  • Misha

    So I’m the only one who’s interested in what Mr. Kardashian is working with, huh? 

    • Samantha Reese

      Yes, girl.

    • WTFrenchtoast

      Nooooooope. I’m actually quite thirsty myself. #noshame

    • Radon Kong

      Meh. I can tell he’s a “grower” that achieves moderate size when erected, width no wider than 2 1/2  inches. Nothing to laugh at and nothing to praise dance to. I usually have a sixth sense about these things….

    • Misha

      I actually just want to see it purely for shits and giggles. 

      • Zan

        more “giggles” than anything, I’m sure… lol

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    May Jesus and Jay-Z save you, Mr. West.

  • Jsmn1012

    Soooo Kanye is freaking out? But he has no problem throwing positive comments around about Kimmy’s disappointing ass “porno”… Kanyesha, girl swerve! 

  • Radon Kong

    I’m both disgusted and intrigued. I always thought of Kanye as a-sexual. Mainly because he has the sexual appeal of a Drake cardigan set…or Drake. However I have several theory’s as to what he does during sex, I kind of thought he’d be on some negro Donnie Darko erotic shit, w/ rabbit ears and ball gags…but the description does not support my theory ( but does not disprove it) However what I do find disturbing is that he made a sex tape w/ a Kim look-like. especially after his concession he watched her tape to get lil Yeezy aroused. It’s like he was recreating her sex scenes..that’s unsettling, and obsessive. I’m beginning to think he watches her sleep, he’s always watched her sleep….. :(
    That description of the sex tape ain’t helpin either. He probably commanded that girl not to look him in the eyes, to stay the fuck quiet and pretend a corpse…so she could be just like Kim..

    • Mimi

       At first I thought I was dying at the Drake cardigan set, but you threw in the negro Donnie Darko erotic shit and I couldn’t even make it to the casket. That pretty much cremated me. I’d thank you, but I’m too busy making it to the upper room right now.

    • TinaGuttah

      I personally thought Mr. West silently gives women the “suck this dick” look, but your comment murdered me! Pure hilarity

  • Michele Lee

    *In My Jamaican Voice*…..” it is a weepingandamouringandagnashingofteeth”…..

    • whatevs

       *Kid Cudi dance across screen*

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Whips dress for my life like Teyangelou Taylor and video fades to black… this is too much.

        • Seiko

          *Stares into the Camera with my tight leather jacket* 

  • F-ck—it

    Those two have no morals or guide lines in life…they deserve each other.

  • Kahlijr

    who really wants to see kanye fuckin somebody??? i mean really, he is not at ALL sexy lol. i’m so straight on seeing him naked. friday fuckery is right.

  • whatevs

    … I’ll torrent it *crickets* 

  • Aundrea Emerson

    UGH….I’m just discouraged that Ye  has taco meat.  I was sure that he was well groomed with his prim flawless fashion.  He disrobes and there’s taco meat beating me in the eyes.  For shame.

    • akeeba the diva

      ok, you went and killed me. I was thinking the same thing! LMAO!!

  • Tjfdragon

    Girl please,  freaking out about what?? You are the one shopping the sex tape.  I work in the porn industry in so cal.  

    Now let me school all the children about “celebrity” sex tapes.  US federal law 18~2257 states that any and every person appearing in an adult pornographic film sold in the USA must have, on file with the custodian of records of the company releasing such video, a signed model release form along with photocopies of two forms of I.D. (one being a government issued photo I.D.)  Penalties for violating federal record keeping law 18-2257 are an automatic 5 year prison sentence.   

    In conclusion,, any sex tape being released has the consent of the HOE who appears in the tape. That includes Pam Anderson, Kim K, Ray J etc..  All those lawsuits to prevent the tape, crocodile tears & interviews speaking out against it are pure unadulterated fake fuckery!!!!

    • Heyboo

       Oh. That’s some good confirmed tea, now what’s up with Mr. Marcus and his leaking dick? Him shutting down the porn industry, was it a conspiracy???

      • Sherae Renee’

         Lmaoooo @ leaking dick. Y’all are too much for me.

      • Esha

         Nope, no conspiracy, there are pictures that clearly show him as patient zero

      • Tjfdragon

        Mr. Marcus did fake his test.. although NONE of the girls he worked with while using the faked test came up positive for syph. One of the syph positive’s was a gay performer and in no way linked back to Mr. Marcus therefore he cannot be patient “zero”

  • nellkaye

    I always think of Kanye as the cool cocky Cuzin not Brian pummer eww

  • Chrissybabe

    No one wants to see Kanye’s titties jiggle after every stroke.

  • Apalacian

    Ewww I don’t want to see that! He is not sexually appealing. Stick to rap.

  • ZJ

    LMAO at “Kanye’s video is hotter than hers.” I think it’s safe to say that anyone’s sex tape would be hotter than than DVDed act of necrophilia. I usually don’t like to let what celebs do in private affect how I feel about their work, but I just can’t with Kanye’s shenanigans. He’s really flipped his wigs.

  • St. Yaki


  • Julius Maloney

    Oh that’s right because Sister-Girl-Kanye loves the ladies…with his penis. Per- lease.

  • Geechee Goddess

    I can already tell from that little screen shot that I don’t want to see that sloppy body in motion. He is so disgusting.

  • GTrain

    No, no thank you.

    • Losh

      That is exactly what I said.  Out loud.

  • accelgors

    I like how this comes out not only right after the Cruel Summer album, but also after it was forecast to debut at #2. Hmmmm.

  • Shellbee

    Yuck! This is not directed at anyone in particular, but before you “perform” in a sex tape, take out a gym membership and use it. Nobody wants to look at your moobs, unless they have a moob fetish. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Xstellerxforeverx

    Well im ready for it! Im getting my care package ready as we speak

  • Esha

    That pic of Kanye reminds me of that scene in silence of the lambs when Buffalo Bill is setting up the cam for his sexy dance. I don’t even what to think about this sex tape, it is triggering my gag reflex.

    • Radon Kong

      *Dies* not Buffalo Bill’s “sexy dance”. 

    • Sherae Renee’

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That was some funny shit.

    • Zan

      “It rubs the lotion in its skin…”


  • CaramelHottie

    I can’t fathom seeing Uncle Ye fornicating but for some strange creepy reason I wanna see it. He always struck me as a power bottom..

  • stacksonstacks

    Well at least he can ask his girlfriend for advice on milking a sextape scandal to the max

  • Heyboo

    His publicity antics used to be sooooo amusing, talking about President Bush, straight disrespecting that chicken Taylor Swift & talking about fashion on twitter for phucking HOURS, like people really gave a damn. I fucked with that. Now, he is going down the “reality star” publicity route. And that ain’t cute. He truly downgraded by being with that ho Kim. Otherwise this would of never happened or at least never be talked about. Beyonce step in and help your sister Queen Ye.

  • Sherae Renee’

    This screen capture though. He’s channeling Black Jesus with that ‘ol somber ass expression. He’s got this weird posture thing going on…and those eyes; those sad, sad ass eyes.

    ::side eye::


  • Kay

    Oh Ye what have you become? I’m on the fence. Part of me wants to see it but the other part would never look at Kanye the same. 

  • Mimi

    Kanye’s low budget porn makes me sad. I’d figure mother would have ballet dancers, bird-women, and golf confetti raining from the skies as Rhianna bleats a few choruses in the background. Not the best porn of all time, I’m sure. Color me disappointed.

  • ijustbewatchin

    Wow! Once this leaks or if it ever will lol.. it’ll never be the same especially if we know what he’s packing with lol…but I’m not sure I’m here for seeing Ye doing the deed.. i feel like he’d be tearing it up all the while rapping some of his lyrics,” shut the fuck up when you talk to me fore I embarrass you,…Way too cold, i promisee you’ll need some theraflu.” Like wtf is this dude talking about? lol

  • nellkaye


  • Bianca

    at what point do you say “lemme retain some dignity”? seriously, at what point?

  • Francis Moore

    He looks just like that bear on the cover art of Graduation. 

    • Francis Moore

       But I don’t care what any of you say, I still love me some Kanye West. Judge me now. Cause I think he’s sexy.

  • PrettyNSeddity

    That pic looks photoshopped but I must say I’m curious to see it. Kanye works for me in some warped way. My pervy mind wants to take it in & hopes its more entertaining than Kim’s faking & Ray’s bent little penis.

  • Buckey’s Wig

    that girl and her family are bad luck….yet black men still keep going there i don’t get it..Reggie bush career, Kris Humpris career and now Kanye’s career. and lets not forget about the other sister look at Lamar’s career. i don’t blame jay z and beyonce for staying away from them they rubbing coco-butter on them ashy elbows with the Obama family and drinking that white house kool-aid…sorry Yeezy Bey and Jay are going to tell you four words I TOLD YOU SO!!!…I still love him though I pray he finds Jesus look at those sad eyes, sad miserable eyes. He needs a regular girl, those Hollywood girls don’t care about stuff like that they just want to be seen…

    • Heyboo

      They are black & mixed mens kryptonite. I think the gov’t has something to do with this. “Take down any black man at the top of his game Kim & Khole, if he happens to be mixed, just fuck with his emotions, NOT his money… now go hos go!” – The Gov’t 

  • sydney

    my nigga, please chill.

  • EbonyLolita

    I need RECEIPTS!!! Ya know why? I feel like he did this so Kim doesn’t feel bad about HER sextape. Either way the fact that he’s screwing look-a-likes is a lil “weird” to me. He seems emotionally detached since his break-up with Alexis. Mi wouldn’t fling my good pums wid him nor any of these otha celebs. Mind you me I’m a Ye STAN but it nuh look like a good wuk to me, big “D” or not *KanyeShrug*

  • Zan

    I stand by my theory of Kanye going far left field after his mama died…I’ve been there, so I know it can cause issues. However, he’s gone just a little too far with this…

    • TinaGuttah

      That’s how I feel. After his mom passed, he lost his mind

  • Karsmashian

    How much publicity does he need ? Why cant niggas be more like Queen B & Jay some construction with your life ..does kim now realize men dont cuff hoes and shes just a side of KFC dried wedges ..oh but no.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I think Kanye’s obsession with Kim is about as bad as Drake’s obsession with Aaliyah. This is just weird as hell. Making a sex tape like your current gf with a girl that looks like your current gf. Something ain’t sitting right with me. lol