Preview: Brandy – Too Late + Paint This House

Kid Fury September 18, 2012 New Music 16 Comments

Moesha stopped by The Tom Joyner Morning Show today to promote her upcoming Two Eleven album and in the process released snippets of two new songs.

The tracks, both produced by Rico Love, are called “Too Late” and “Paint This House.” Listen below! The audio chops a few times, but you’ll get the idea.

“Too Late”

“Paint This House”

Source: Brandy Daily

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  • Tramaine

    yaaasss moesha denise mitchell leave NO wig unsnatched bitch

  • Platinumice187

    That ” paint this house” ! Omgg. Go in Brandy. Push the album release up

  • Michele Lee

    OKkk…I see you Bran.  Paint the shit out that house

  • Miles

    Her hair looks like a helmet though. She never gets it right in the wig department

    • DeAnna Thomas

      Seriously – Lacefronts are her arch enemy 

  • Kyana

    First track bored me to death by 0:04, But when I skipped to Track 2, Life Was Had. Brandy gurl, you got a real shot with this one! But do fix them wigs, check Rih Rih’s hairstylist, she stay snatchin.

  • Young & Pruned

    Bran Bran done got her 5-gallon tub of SherwinWilliams, her brushes and rollers, her Aaliyah hair wrap and overalls and she ready to go in on every damn last wall in this mansion. Jose and his Home Depot sidewalk crew ain’t got shit on this. #Paint

  • whatevs

    I heard these this morning & got my life from Paint This House and that acoustic version of Almost Doesn’t Count (I think. It was early)

  • Brandon Dean

    I still feel her best work was with Rodney Jerkins (Darkchild). 

    • Fastcarz44

      Ya these two songs are shit to me. Soooo boring ! She should release You Got That. Better direction.

  • @sew_far_gone

    The first track sounded like a Kelly Rowland leftover. The second sounds like it has some MAJOR potential to be one of those tracks u love that never becomes the single. I just hope this album has some type of success.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    The first one NOPE not here for it… the second one has me wanting more like heifa you better paint the shit out of that house without the primer.

  • me??

    lmao at some of these comments, paint this house sounds like it could have been a better pick than wildest dream.

  • Quell

    I’m sorry but Brandy’s career is a Done Dada, she needs to give it up.

  • Ktee1204

    Lmao.. It is weird that akk these comments are true at the same damn time….teck oone Was Blahh,, Track 2 was Love and that lacefront looks like it was created from the purest billygoat in town..No shade on the talent tho.. She still has a chance since “put it down” did so well and is Still.. in rotation i guess..

  • Ktee1204

    Auto correct is the Devil… I meant All* and Track*