Missy Elliott & Timbaland Sit With The Breakfast Club

Kid Fury September 18, 2012 I Stan Because I Can 35 Comments

After dropping two new records, Missy Elliott and Timbaland sat down with Power 105′s The Breakfast Club morning show and discussed everything from Drake’s alleged Aaliyah project, Nicki Minaj, the state of hip-hop and much more.

You can listen to Missy’s new tracks “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” here and watch the interview below!

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  • jajay22

    they are here to snatch some synthetic ass looking lacefronts.. and I’M COMPLETELY HERE FOR IT!!!

  • LooseControl

    Missy elliot looks totally different ,that graves disease is something serioua

    • Romans Conscience


  • Elle

    Dead @ “Did that pretty albino girl reach out to y’all?”

    The shade is real! 

  • snowflake

    is that dandruff on Uncle Timbo’s shirt?

    • MissDom


    • Maritsa0330

      yes the dandruff was distracting. he looks rough.. a trip to tthe dentist wouldnt hurt either.

    • Laila Corrorez

      Lmao why ya’ll always clocking somebody’s tea? Damn!

      • snowflake

        Cos I thought it was part of the design of his shirt at first too! I’m surprised that’s all no shade on my part I swear lmao!!!

    • PowderedSugar

       I scrolled down to the comments as soon as I noticed it. At first I thought it was a design on his shirt. Then I think I saw a little fall off his shirt…..He just don’t give a fucc.

  • Michele Lee

    Missy and Tim…just kept it fun back in the 90′s and earlier 00′s.  Tim was right most of these “rappers” today wouldn’t have survived when people like Big or Pac was at their height, no one is original everyone sounds alike. 

  • Michele Lee

    LMAO@ ” Songs nowadays are like one everlasting Beat”  that’s so true!!!

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    Love this interview. SO excited for Missy getting back in the game <3

  • Marie

    that was the REALEST interview ever!

  • ColdCharge

    They pretty much said that Aabriyah the Pooh’s Aaliyah Tribute Album is nothin but Lies, Fairytales, and Five-Dollar Lacefronts, and I like how they were smooth about it.

  • Coonye West

    YAAAS at Missy being the Hip-Hop Prophet

  • Geechee Goddess

    Whatever happend to Magoo? I always thought he was a better rapper than Timbaland.  I’m glad Missy was strong enough to talk about her illness.  Ole dude is right though. Today’s society, if you take a seat too long you become forgotten. There isn’t the same appreciation.  And yes Jay-Z has stayed relevant by putting out all sorts of stuff besides music.

    • SuthernHummingbyrd

       I agree, Magoo was the real rapper out of the two to me. i always thought he should have went solo.

  • Lei

    missy has been wearing the same eyeshadow, lipstick and tracksuit for 2 decades and for some reason i have not got tired of it.

    but i am tired of charlotte/champagne. i swear i just can’t stand that man he is ever-annoying. and i see his soft didn’t pull no shade w/missy and timb. any other artist he be tryin to crack jokes on but his ass new better this time…smh hoe

  • LoDi

    The Breakfast Club are the worst interviewers ever, Charlemagne is not funny, Angela Yee has an annoying ass voice and the other one is CORNY! Like, wtf, can’t ya’ll do an interview by listening to the answers first and going off of that instead of being rude and asking random ass questions, SMH

    • Buckey’s Wig

       i actually like the breakfast club that’s what makes them stand out they ask questions people don’t want to talk about they keep it real…and 99% of what Charlemagne says is right he can tell most of these current music industry celebs are so fake and played and when they come up to interview he doesnt hold back…and they are #1 in new york radio and they are syndicated on iheartradio so i think they are doing there ting over there…and there interview style makes the artists feel comfortable

      • Whoa There

        Child boo Charlamange is a joke, his head is so far up Nicki Minaj ass he could see her intestines. He just knows how to pick and choose his battles it has nothing to do with “real” or “fake”.

    • Brittany

      I’ve never liked them.

  • Alicia Collins

    I just want to go to Waffle House with them two and talk shit about everyone. 

  • Bri

    I love Timbo and every single hot link on the back of his neck. He told Miss Aubrey not to pull it in the most loving way possible.

    So glad to see Missy back at it again. Lacefronts will be in her clutches.

  • Heyboo

    Was Timbo drunk or on zoloft or what? Shit….Missy was reading hunny!

  • ijustbewatchin

    They are back and ready to SLAY!!! 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    That was some BS what charlemange said about Ciara if that was the case Beyonce damn sure shouldn’t be hot about.5% of her songs are personally relate-able and she doesn’t even write them so they aren’t telling her story. People don’t even care about relate-able songs when it comes to Bey and Ciara just a hot track that can dance to. A MJB, Jill Scoot or Elle Varner are the ones who need to worry about personable tracks not Ciara.

    • ZJ

      Yeah, I don’t have to relate to a song to like it. I mostly care whether a song has a good beat and the lyrics aren’t gibberish. If I *can* relate to a song, I guess that’s a plus, but it’s not a requirement. I also don’t agree with him that artists need to be transparent. That criticism has been leveled at Beyonce too, that she isn’t open enough about her private life. Whatevs. I’m from the old school. I don’t feel entitled to know all of a celebrity’s business nor do I want to. In fact, quite of a few of them should keep more shit to themselves (I’m talking to you Rihanna and Dim Kardashian).

    • Julius Maloney

      Sorry I’m confused, when did Beyonce STOP writing her music. She is one of the few African-American Female members of ASCAP (American Society of Composers & Producers (I think)). So I think your percentages may be off.
      That said I agree with your point that Cirara shouldn’t be disrespected, and most times it is simply about good music. I do agree also with the DJ who questions the product Ciara is releasing currently, I mean does it not connect with audiences because it isn’t as strong as some previous releases?

      • Mssjones130

        Beyonce didn’t write ALL her music. Actually, its well known that Ne-Yo writes for her sometimes….do carry on.

  • Eboni Weekes

    Imma need Timbo to invest in some Head and Shoulders….other than that, great interview!

  • EnjoyingIt

    I love what Missy said about respect. She was honest and genuine and wasn’t throwing shade, trying to get hype, but then she’s never been like that.

  • CaramelHottie

    This interview was SHADE from beginning to end. Am I the only person who caught how classy and respectfully Missy checked Nicki Minaj. Don’t undermine what someone has done, who actually opened this large doorway for you. Like she said be respectful! 

    And she hit it right on the nail when she said there’s no diversity in music today. But I blame the labels and people who support it. I love Miss and wanna see her win again like the true queen she is.

  • GTrain

    Missy is a class act. I really liked what she and Timbaland were saying about the state  of music and respect, and I love that she didn’t fall for Charlemagne baiting her with the gay rumors.