New Lil Wayne Record: “No Frank Ocean, I’m Straight”

Kid Fury September 17, 2012 Goons & Goblins! 77 Comments

So the self-proclaimed gremlin, goblin or whatever the hell Lil Wayne thinks he is, released yet another remix to some horrible rap song that they only play in clubs with broken toilets and lacefront attacks. Not that his lyrics can ever be taken seriously, but this time he spit something even more annoying.

On a remix to “Turn On The Lights” by Future, the Young Money chief raps, “Tell her I skate/I ain’t got no worries/No Frank Ocean, I’m straight.”

The line is simply an unnecessary cheap shot at an artist mixed in with other silly metaphors and dumb punchlines. I think it’s quite interesting, since Wayne has been a huge advocate for Odd Future which is even more evident in his skateboarding, wildboy antics.

It’s also worth noting that he owns jeggings and has a lip ring, but this is Lil Wayne — he has also rapped about a woman’s clit looking like a jellybean and he probably doesn’t remember breakfast. Just pray for him.

Source: Karen Civil

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  • Cuntelope :)

    I’m not even gonna listen to this fuckery for three reasons:
    1. Little Wilbur and the rest of the animals in Charlotte’s Web (YMCMBASDFGJHKL) annoy me. 

    2. Don’t come for Frank Ocean. You know you shove well-oiled bananas in your galaxy when no one’s around. And at least when Frank Ocean talks about The Gift of the Vagi, it’s classy (that soft Pink Matter). You on the other hand, prefer to talk about it like its a deli meat.

    3. Your relevance is slowly declining. I think you need to sit on a throne of thumbtacks along with Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Kanigetareeeeefill, PooNeNe Leakes, Katerina Stacks and Jonathan aka Joseline Hernandez.

    • SmashMclovely1

      And my little soul just ascended into thee Heavens…..Hello Jesus!

    • KidFury

       This was the read of the day.

    • Lesheajohnson

      LMFAOOOO #StraightLikeThat

    • Drea


      Dead at the Charlotte Web reference lmao

    • Suchalady

       And in that order.

    • Beans


    • Raelola48

      Lay me down by the river and sing my soul home to white baby Jesus cause I just flatlined LMAO

    • Sherrell

      No one else’s comment is need after this because this is everything!

    • whatevs

      *ex fucking pired*

    • Statesside

      LOL and Please let us not forget the kiss with Baby.

    • Terese

      ::Getting out my IPAD so I can sit at your feet and take notes about how to read these bitches for AB blood with no transfusions::

      • Orihime

        Bitch yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

       *swan dives into casket* I’m done.

    • JaQuanna

      and in that order! 

    • lolwat

      This comment deserves all the awards.

    • ColdCharge


    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford


    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      You tried succeeded and my spirit thanks you from Heaven. lmao.. straight read to filth.

    • Jai

      You just read him for FILTH. 

    • Eboni Weekes

      You may now read my last rights. DEAD

  • Nicolerichards0821

    I refuse to pray for this man. Imma need his Gollum looking ass to go back to Mordor. Buddha never sanctioned him or is merry band of fools.

  • chinaff

    Same verses, different beat.

  • FAM20!0

    I’m sorry, but you can’t convince me that you are straight when you leave me with no jean choices. So sir please have a couple _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ away from the women’s department fitting room. 

  • breggy

    He always looks crunk

  • Bianca

    *sigh* how do i begin to address such a sad cry for help? At this point, I am more than convinced that Wayne is “secretly” gay. His pants have slowly become tighter than mine. He wears neon snow boots & leopard skinny jeans. I have openly gay friends that act more manly than him. 

    He looks two chromosomes short of a lawn gnome and I’m just not here for him & that trashy YMCA. Drake is the only human on there. I just want him to retire and attend to his 125 children and 65 baby mothers.

    • Tjfdragon

      Two chromosomes short of a lawn gnome…. *spits out morning coffee onto computer screen*

      • Bianca


    • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

      “Lawn Gnome”

      *dies and meets Jesus*

    • Suchalady

       I cannot!!!! lmaooooo

    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

      The comments on this story are fire. I can’t.

  • kissmysexiness

    So nobody is going to mention him and Baby’s make out session. He is such an annoying queen.

  • Coonye West

    That picture up top is.. worrying.

    Why is he proud that his torso looks like an Etch-A-Sketch?

    • Bre

      I just choked on my linguine while reading this. Not an Etch-A-Sketch.

  • ijustbewatchin

    I can’t with this buffoonery…CANNOT. 

  • Sugablum

    This nigga is reaching smh :/

  • ogosh

    He should be rapping “No Frank Ocean, I’m a sellout”
    I can’t stand that gremlin. 

  • Suchalady

    I’m guessing he forgot about his attire and make out sessions with Baby….but whatever he needs to say to convince himself.

  • brooklynarcher

    listen…this fool does not dress gay. gays have swag on all types of levels. the only “gays” i seen dress remotely like this was the club kids circa late 80s early 90s. lil wayne is just a swagless self hating, confused coon buffoon scallywag and i for one, hope he retires soon. he and his ymcmb goblins are so basic. and any1 that stans for them are basic as well. 

    • Heyboo

       There is a lot of truth right here…

  • KillahKey

    But he was the same one kissing another grown man (Baby) in the mouth though… Oh ok Wayne.

  • U Ain’t Bout Dat Lyfe!

    How DARE this experiment-gone-wrong baboon come for Christopher Breaux!!! Do us and the world a favor, Waynetta, and nurse on Bird Man’s nectar. 

  • Roses

    Amazing! Wayne isn’t the only one, smh… I’ve seen folks use his name in that way other places and it’s just pathetic! That man made 100K for two songs at a NYFWK event and The Get Along Gang still making club appearances in the trap….Sort that out…*taps foot* I’ll wait Wayne….

    • True Tea

      Lol NYFW wasn’t what your making it out to be. He left the stage because the flash photography “offended” him. Not because he was only paid for two songs.

      • Roses

        Oh. But still lol….

  • nellkaye

    lil Wayne and the rest if them circus freaks need to keep it cute and mute cuz at this point lil wanye can disappear and nobody will notice.

  • Miles


    aint nobody got time for your butchqueen antics 

  • Beans

    Can we all just agree to boycott these fools and not buy anything they sell?? Can we please.

  • Melcheznic

    I honestly think Lil Waynesha and his clit eating clique all have a weekly meeting deciding what cries for help they are gonna order. Firstly the picture above reads fruity tuichi. Secondly didn’t that dread locked devil french kiss Baby & lastly I won’t be surprised if Kid Fury’s next headline reads Drake is pregnant by his goblin girlfriend.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    How is he trying to take a cheap shot at Frank Ocean but always trying to hang with Odd Future every chance he gets? Somebody needs to take his toys away and put him on a time out.

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    These slick comments are coming from a man who came out of jail after completing a nice long stint w/ “tunchi” as a new nick name?? ……..oh ok….thats wassup…*sips tea*

    • Drake’s Lake of Tears

      The shade in this comment is phenomenal. I applaud you.

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

      Pronouced – tune-chee
      (term for)(The sexual reproductive organ of a – Boy pussy, Mangina & or Gooch.)
      “I wish that guy would stop flaunting his tunechi in those skinny jeans.”


      • YAS!

        YAS for the urban dictionary entry!

  • Jordan

    Umm did he forget this pic?

  • whatevs

    Wayne, do you really think your boycrush Tyler the Whatever is going to stand for you coming for one of his collective? Do you even know who you are when you wake up in the morning? Please swan dive out a window and onto one of the tusks from the elephant from your lil Rella knock off video.

  • Mo

    Wait….didn’t he kiss that bird guy…and is that his dad or no? Ive got a Public Policy, Adolescent Development and a Spanish exam tomorrow and should not be on here trying to figure out this foolery, but since im here…help me understand?

    Just because you impregnate a handful of girls in one year, doesn’t always mean your straight, I’m just saying.

  • PrettyNSeddity

    Coming from a man who wears jeggings straight from Forever21, kisses another grown man full on the lips & more than likely touches himself to the softest of Drake’s harmonies, I see all types of irony. I refuse to take him or Nicki seriously, they have lyricism reminisce of Dr. Seuss & about as much sense as a cabbage patch kid.

    • LadyBug

      Dr. Seuss was deep on the low… lets say the people that write the script for The Wiggles. LMBO

  • @BlondeHeaux

    Cuntelope went INNNNN! Keep throwin shade at them chucke Cheese lookin asses chacacters! #Salute To you cuntelope!

  • Kay

    I feel like Wayne let his queen side out when he came outta jail, only he & the participators know what went down.

  • SoulGlo

    Lil Wayne seriously needs to go suck a dick…. that troll looking thing is like 30 and just started shopping at hot topic! Loser….

  • Casey

    To this day, I’m still not here for this Rattata Normal-type Pokemon looking mothafucka… I can’t & I shouldn’t, therefore I shan’t.

  • ColdCharge

    He don’t look like a gremlin, he look like one of them Skekis off of Dark Crystal

    • Twirlisha

      Yeaaassss God!

  • ShayShay

    If only proves with I have been saying about Lil Wayne for years.  He is the biggest dick-riding, bandwagon jumping, followers I’ve ever know. He does or say things because its hot at the moment…he has no real substance

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    ….There’s nothing left to say here. I’m done. I. Am. Done.

  • Twirlisha

    He looks like an escapee from the Island of Doctor Moreau. He really is the poster child/warning label for closeted butch queens across the globe. Come out or this is what you will turn into…a closeted Gollum/Crypt Keeper genetic remix with no swag.

  • Mama Elsa’s Original Face

    This momofukka right here is just the new age version of Flavor Flav. Sit the hell down and put your head on the desk, it’s quiet time you minion.

  • Barack Yomomma

    Ms. Carter has her nerve to talk about Frank Ocean when we all know she and Ms. Aubrey be giving each other body oil massages while Sir Nick the fool records it. I’m just gonna sit back and sip my mug of tea while he slowly diminishes what’s left of his bath salt-overrun career

  • LiesFairytales&&Fallacies

    _ !!!!!!

    PS Fury could you please go in on Jodyyyy for trying to come for Cole ( it would give me life ..)

  • BornFamous

    That 1st comment gave me everything I could ever expect by coming to this site! “rolls in the floor kicking YES GAWD I’m too tickled

  • Seiko

    Wayne has that “Baby how my ass taste” look about him so I don’t take him seriously… Him or that pin cushion he calls a face

  • sydney

    he look like donnie from the wild thornberry’s.
    look it up and tell me i’m lyin. 

  • Zan

    Y’all’s comments NEVER fail to deliver!!!! LMAO!

  • Those are women’s pants

    He has a lip ring? My God how can you tell?

  • Ron

    I am done and I mean DONE with this clown. The day he retires from the rap game, that is if he hasn’t already retired, the rap game and all of music would breathe a lot easier. Just looking at him, he looks like a bunny rabbit, a ghetto cockroach, Gizmo from Gremlins( if you poured water on him)and Flava Flav consummated and he was the end result. I can’t stand his nasally, scraggly, whiny voice. He calls himself the greatest rapper alive but he wants to be a rocker and a skateboarder? This poser can jump off the highest peak of Mt. Kilamanjaro for all I care. And I still can’t believe why someone like Lauren London would even have a kid by him, she had so much to look forward to her…career. This homosexual devil just needs to fade into obscurity for good and out of our music.