Rita Ora Shoots ‘Shine Ya Light’ Video In Kosovo

Kid Fury September 12, 2012 Cute For You! 22 Comments

While I still feel like Rita Ora is Robyn Fenty with light dressing, the Roc Nation doll has a number one debut album in the UK and has been trotting around the globe promoting the music.

Most recently, Rita stopped in her birthplace of Pristina, Kosovo to shoot the video for her single, “Shine Ya Light.” Check out a few pics below.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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  • jajay22


  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    I have yet to still hear what this woman’s voice sounds like. I’m just not that interested, but her fashions are everything

    • Greyface

       She has a good voice just shitty song/song choices

  • and another thing

    I know that she’s white, but there’s a different kind of white that I’ve never experienced before. I can look at Kreayshawn, Justin Timberlake, Iggy Somethingorother and they look white but she just… idk what it is… and it’s not her complexion. 

    • TamTam

      She’s Albanian from Kosovo I believe. They have plenty of shades and looks over there.

    • Caucasianegro

      Hmmmm .. I gotta see her nipples and then I’ll know , LOL .

      • Dig

        I agree with “and another thing’. It’s not the complexion per se but it is the features, hair texture and that tome of melanin up in that skin dammit!

  • Iforgotmyusername

    po dat.

  • TamTam

    I really like this song… finally she did something to show off her voice.

  • AwwYiss

    I listened to her album and the only song I liked was the one with J.Cole. The rest was trash. But at least she’s having success in the UK.

  • Nothing Amigone

    I’m ashamed to say that I read the word “Kosovo” and immediately thought it was Karrymehometonight shade.

    I don’t see it for Rita Ora, and I haven’t liked her songs all that much…but I’m hoping she’ll prove me wrong. Why? I do not know.

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  • Kay

    I actually heard one of her songs on 106 & Park (I don’t watch that shit, was just switching channels) & she was on. The whole time I was asking myself what that noise was. 

  • JayAustin

    U know I’m getting old cause I love her voice … I wish they would find songs to match her… She gas potential to be a success but she needs her own lane and not more of what we already have!!

    I’m rooting for U Rita.. But find Ur lane girl and BLOW!!!

  • Dig

    I’m still supposed to believe that this girl is straight yt? I think she “passin”. Something ain’t right! 

  • Baklava

    Gwurl Bye ..doesnt she have some fish eyeballs in stewed street puddles to eat .

  • Meli

    Hi Rihanna. 

    • RihtalkedThat


  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    Rita SnOra x Rihanna = Dollar Store Doll vs. Barbie …I mean you can play with the Dollar Store Doll, but her clothes are shady, there are no accessories, and the head will fall off in a week.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Like I said.. I’m still waiting on my Rita Ora/ Messy Curry Goat threesome to happen..lmao

  • Drea

    I had no idea her album came out already…

  • Gast_oraa

    she is realy hot and from KOSOVA what do you want more  ???? :P