Nas & Kelis Are Working On Building A Friendship

Kid Fury September 12, 2012 A Little Something Good 16 Comments

Nasir and Kelis are allegedly playing nice these days…or trying to anyway. TMZ is reporting that the ex-couple is attempting to form a friendship for the sake of their now three-year old son, Knight.

The two musicians had a very public divorce in 2009 that ended uglier than the crow’s feet along Stevie J’s eyes. Not to mention Kelis hacking truckloads of cash and Trident Layers from Nas for child support.

However the love of an innocent baby boy seems to be cooling things down. Nas apparently claims they have been on good terms for some time and they reportedly had dinner together last night. Yay for black love!

Source: TMZ

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  • LadyBug

    I always thought they were better as friends away. Good for their son Knight who wont grow up listening to his parents argue over why “Tasty” was a fail. 

    • Domii

      Lmao @ Tasty. I live for the comments on here.

    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      Some thought it was a fail..”Tasty” gave me so much life back when I had to take 2 hour train rides to work, I lived for their song “In Public” I know for a fact they ass prolly did everything they talked about in that song. lmaoooo

  • brooklynarcher

    i smell a reconciliation!!! (or I’m hoping for one). Anyway, I for one, want them to reunite and feel so good about it. 

  • Iforgotmyusername

    yes!!! make another baby please. LOL I am so here for Kelis’ hair in that photo. The original is always the best. Love her!

    • whatevs

       Kelis is my hair dye inspiration. I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOOOW AAARRRRG *shakes rainbow extensions*

  • harri008

    I hope everything works out for them! If not.. he can come my way! I’ve had a crush on him for years!

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I absolutely LOVED them together, they always looked like they supported each other’s  works.  I forgot how the whole divorce thing went down but hey, I’m all about second chances..Third is really pushing it, tho. LOL! I hope they can be cordial for their son.

  • keilo

    Oh yes Kelis I’m here for every bit of that Cruela Deville patch you rinsed in right quick!

    I liked them together too…he seemed to bring out the best in her, artistically….

    I hope they do reconcile…

  • Heyboo

    While all ya’ll is hopping up in down hoping for a reconciliation, chill. This is typical babymama & babydaddy shit. He is trying to be cool and then hopefully slide in some D action so she can chill on all that money he has to shell out each month. I know we like to look at our celebs as magical, but they are some basic ass bitches that have extra-ordinary talents. He’s not as rich, she isn’t as mad. That’s it.

  • Miles

    Kelis looks terrible….. ugh

  • OneLifeofMilkshakes

    Damn he cant go broke lol .but yasss i guess .if kelis dont want him ..he’ll get snatched

  • Nothing Amigone

    Kelis is everything. She handed me my first glowstick as a young’n, and I never looked back. I was even here for the ultimate shade of her leaving her romaine lettuce dress w/ Nas when she moved out…when he played that trailer video for his album, I hollered. She told y’all who she was w/ that very first single.

    But I so loved them together. I was way more hyped for this union than Jay-Z and Beyonce. It’s cool that they’re friends now, but I’ve seen some very similar shit w/ friends…baby momma/daddy relationships go through cycles.

  • nellkaye

    I bet nas is still sipping her milkshake from time to time.

  • whatevs

    I appreciate that they’re trying to  be friendly for Knight Rider or whatever that child’s name was, but they are never ever getting back together y’all

  • TinaGuttah

    I died at Trident Layers!