Rihanna Heading Out In London + Huge New Tattoo

Kid Fury September 10, 2012 Candid Yams 30 Comments

Rihanna spent last night partying at The Arts Club in London with Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. The pop star was dressed like she had Mary Kay and Molly for sale in her purse and that’s just something you’ll have to deal with.

Rih & Jay both performed at the Paralympic Games closing ceremony with Coldplay. Chris Martin was also present for the later festivities.

Meanwhile in further Lightskin Tattoo News, Rihanna revealed some new ink yesterday via her infamous Instagram. The tattoo is of the Goddess Isis and is sprawled across her ribcage, just under the breasts to commemorate her late grandmother.

“Complete Woman – Model for future generations- #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart #1love,” she captioned the photo.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  • GEZ

    She has on pajama pants, Gaga has on a wedding dress and Jay looks like he’s about to mug them both. #TheRichDoingRichShit

    • Kahlijr

      lololol. RIGHT!

    • Michele Lee

      Didnt Ye call it  “Pajama Rich”

  • Lina

    Its big, but idk the way it arches her breast, the meaning, and the detail, makes me like it. people Will have their opinions because its big and its rihanna, everyone be hard on her lol But idk I like it. Idk why, but I do and the caption of her pic explaining it was nice Too.

  • Leisha_bug_07

    The tattoo itself is beautiful. As for the placing she is grown so she can do as she pleases. I just hope my sister doesn’t get one

  • Ivy Blue Carter

    i just cant believe rihanna went nude at

  • SecretDivva

    La-La-La LMAO!!!! @ Jay Z bout to ronb them both! Thanx for my morning LIFE!

  • MissDom

    like the tattoo, jus dont like where it is placed

  • TalkAboutTalk??

    I absolutely love, adore & stan for Robyn but that tattoo……..bye Rihanna

  • whatevs

    And I’m officially Rihannasexual 

    • Dannielle Simms

      hahahahahahha…me too!!!

  • LadyBug

    Not Mary Kay and Molly… 

    I love Rih and her antics she gives me ever-loving life and this new Tat is… cute. Personally I wouldn’t put it there on my body but after further research on the Goddess Iris I would consider getting it just not there. *hypothetically of course* All and all her first huge ass tattoo is something nice and at least it means something to her unlike some people we know *side eye to Yellow Cake and Killingmesoftlywithhissong*


      Not “Killingmesoftlywithhissong”, though!?!  D.  E.  A.  D.

      I LIVE for the shade thrown at KooKooRoo on this blog.  Thanks so much for this!

  • Latanya

    After a couple of kids she gonna have to lift those bad boys up just to see it but if she like it then I love it!

  • Melcheznic

    Her tattoo is unique, artistic, dope & has a beautiful meaning behind it unlike KC & Hoe Hoe!!

    • Rayloves

      lord kc and hoe hoe?! ..*passes out*

  • gurlbye

    yes for Gaga lookin like Glenda da Good Bitch 

    • Karen Walcott

      LMAO Not Glenda da Good Bitch lol!!!

  • Kay

    I like the tattoo but not where it’s placed & I prefer small ones but RIH don’t give a fuck, neither do I. Btw, I live for that hair style on her.

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  • Statesside

    Photoshoots are going to be a little awkward now with that postioning., but I love the meaning.

    • ummm……

      they will just airbrush it out if they don’t want it seen……..

      • Statesside

        She wouldnt want it covered.

  • LadyM

    From Wikipedia: “Isis was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans and the downtrodden.”
    Welp. That about covers it. 

    • immmmheeeaaa

       SHADE so the girls don’t bask in sunlight. goodbye with your wikipedia reads.

  • beatsmasher

    Its interesting that her background staging from the mtv vmas and from past concerts have Egyptian themes lately….maybe she drew inspiration from that

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