Poor Kakarot: Rihanna & Chris Brown Hug & Kiss At The VMAs

Kid Fury September 7, 2012 Colored Love 129 Comments

Last night, I prayed for a moment where Rihanna would saunter past Aubrey Graham smelling of coconut water and fresh sex which would incite a round two Yu-Gi-Oh battle with Chris Brown, but the girls kept it cute.

One thing you may have missed on the main show however, was a sweet embrace between Rih-Rih and her lightskinned love lost. She and Chris shared a kiss (on the lips) and hug before she returned to her seat for the remainder of the show.

Kittylitter was nowhere to be found, but I’m sure Rihanna would have kissed that man even if his girl was sitting next to him. Check the clip below!

Update: Interestingly enough, around the same time that this loving lock hit the Internet, Krembrulee posted this photo on her Instagram page. Oop! Maybe it was just a coincidence.

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  • Michelle Brantley90


  • KashOut

    KittyLitter….What strong potent 

  • KungFu

    Oh And Btw. He knew not to bring Kitkat to the show ..i believe his intentions were planned

  • Mr_webstar1

    Oh my…I can smell the coconut water, KFury. Kirrana would have been fuming, but she would have done just like Shay on the Love and Hip Hop Reunion “Sat Right There In the Seat”. Rihanna’s from Barbados…we talking about razor blades and lemon juice…lmao

    • Kahlijr

      lolol. right!

      • Isiah Izzy G. Gentry

        You see how see snatched that award and microphone from Kevin Hart. She snatched it like “this is mine. Thank you keeping it clean.”

    • Buckey’s Wig

      Loooooool……I cant y’all to funny ……forget mediacoonout everybody needs to be on kid fury website…..oh yeah fury arre u gona do a video about nicki hoenage dissing rihanna?

    • Lei

      lmaoooooo “razor blades and lemon juice” i just DIED. them island girls are wild tho lol

  • GirlDontTryIt

    Karatechop wasn’t about to say DID-DA-LEE-SQUAT to Rihanna. Rihanna came with her wig already snatched (literally)! She was waiting for Kryptacronakonalite to make a move…too bad she wasn’t there!

    • Missmarchmommy

      dead @ kryptacronakonlite 

  • Lina

    I know, shit happened that one night n it ruined their cute relationship. I know, shit got ugly cause he made a mistake, but I am so here for him n her being cool with each other. KantgototheVmas really gotta try to find out whats her purpose in Chris life cuz she dont seem to have one. Other than sex she like a place holder. Are they in an open relationship?

    • Kahlijr

      ol girl has said they’re in an open relationship and that she’s cool with him being “friends” with Rhi. and i think her motivation is just to be relevant. she’s not a celebrity and no one would be talkin about her without her connection to chris so she’s just tryin to ride that wave as long as she can before going back to being a nobody.

      • KeKe

        Is it me or does she just SCREAM amber rose pre kanye breakup t’s??? kalaydeeoohoo (?) will be great once team breezy sees fit to give her them papers.  Too bad for her chris brown gave all his f*cks to give about realtionships gone wrong on an album about rhi two years ago.

    • Dannielle Simms

      KantgototheVMAs….everyone is slaying me today!


      Soooooooooo DEAD.
      Oh my gawd. 

  • Naomi’s Edges

    KangarooJack must be so sad. She got that Puff the Magic Dragon tattoo for nothing.

  • Beautiful1

    LMAOOO you’re so funny, Kittylitter should pack her shit and leave tbh!

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    Kasperthefriendlyghost is probably fuming. Expect many instagram snaps of herself and Mr. Brown tongue-wrestling and rubbing their matching tattoos together.

  • Tiffany

    Aww… poor Kinu.  She can always see what Drake is up to….

    • LaTissa ChaNelle

      Kinu #lifegiven

    • keilo

      She did….Tyga found out & threatened to start fucking Chris again…so she backed off…

      Tyga may play around about a lot of things…but when it comes to Drake…he turns into Nivea…”Don’t mess with my man…cuz imma be the one ta bring to ya!”

      • Buckey’s Wig

        Loooooool…..this website and these comments give me life…

        • FirstNameLast

          your name though! LMFAO!!! buckey’s wig!! aha ha ha ha!

        • Hookerboots

          Buckey’s wig!?!? Lawd let me live again!!!! #dead
          Poor KanusmellwhattheRockiscooking.

    • Suchalady

      A Different World! Yass!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       NOT KINU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh god only ADW fans will get this and it fits so fkin perfectly Whitley called that girl everything but Kinu thou… Kinusabi, Kicukola oh my fav episode by far.!!!

  • SendHim2Jail

    MTV missed a perfect opportunity to have a 3way tie with Chrinna and Queen Drake EBT would have been all over that messy goodness what a shame!

    • KeKe

      I mean really MTV, dont fill the cup and not spill the damn tea when its RIGHT THERE!!! EBT (or even VH1 with their super messy asses) wouldve had them all sitting on the same row if not tried to get brown on one side, drake on the other and rhianna sitting smack in middle. Then they didnt even show the kiss either, we couldve had something to tweet about today.

    • Laila Corrorez

      Omg, yasss! BET would’ve made SHO there was some fuckery taking place that night.

  • Meli

    Poor dat…didn’t Kellogs tweet that she was sick and wondering who was gonna take care of her. Meanwhile…her man is hugged up and kissing on his ex. I heard from people inside that it was on the lips.

    • Suchalady

       Yeah. Sick of being #2.

  • Miles

    Rih is just such a BAD BITCH!

    I fucking live for her….. and lord knows that she would probably suck Breezy’s dick in front of KaliforniaKitchen and not give a solitary fuck 

  • keilo

    I’m starting to feel kinda bad for Keepmenearthecross…she probaby really & truly loves her Amber Rose with a schlong & its gotta sting when an ex comes back into the picture….

    Especially when your ex is Rihanna, whose hair is LAAAAAY-EEEEEED for the Gods, demons, angels, devils & gentiles…

    • Introspective

      Keepmenearthe cross!??????

      Mine eyes have seen the glory. *dead*

  • Suchalady

    Kallacab can accompany him to all the ratchet club parties but an awards show where Rih will be present? Nope. Hope she’s stashing some cash for a rainy day..

  • LadyM

    I’m surprised but I actually think that blue hair looks cute on Janky the Smurf.  She should keep that for a minute.

  • Drea

    Poor KleenexUltraSoft can’t win :(

  • keilo

    She kinda looks like Joseline Hernandez in that picture though…

    No shade, just an observation…

  • Meli

    The perfect songs to explain this mess. Rih first it was this now its Kae just like and she wishing she could Getcho LIFE!!!!!!

  • Bye!

    Chile Kornonthecob knows her place, Rihanna’s curry is potent Chris can’t resist for too long

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    you know how much I fell out when she petted yellow cake on his head tho? She is keeping her girls in line. Can’t nobody tell me they didn’t hook it up at one of them after parties.  Poor Krawfish..she might as well just leave the Big Brother house tonite.

  • Missmarchmommy

    i love rih rih short cut

  • Susan

    Lol this is pure gold.. I wonder when they will finally just say Fuck everything, and just be together. After that video came out last night the song that i couldn’t get out of my head was Mya’s Case of the Ex lol.

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

     Damn, Katscratch ain’t nothing but a side ho.

  • Zhangstagangsta

    She petted him too!

  • Diamondkiara

    Poor KungPowChicken just move on love because Chris already is……

  • Misha

    Fury, did you see the instagram pic that KickRocks posted last night?? It read: “Treat Your Girl Right”….I have advice for poor wittle KoolAidStains, TREAT YOURSELF RIGHT FIRST, BITCH!! She needs to pack her shit and get the fuck on I’m not here for her damn pity party. 

    • keilo

      Love is blind…we’ve all kinda been in this position & those who haven’t most likely will one day…

      Now don’t come for me when I say this…just remember we’re all brothers & sisters in Christ & Fury…but I’m rooting for Chris & Kall1800Steemer…she seems like a really sweet girl & from what I can see, they she’s someone he can just be himself around…in his true ratchet project chick ass form…they probably do hoodrat shit like eat koolaid & sugar from a ziplock bag & watch funny YouTube vids…how can you not want that?

      She just needs to open her eyes a little bit more, that’s all ..

      • Latanya

        *Kall1800Steemer*….{walks away from the computer and pick up the phone to reserve a plot at Forest Lawn Cemetery next to my granny}!!!

      • imheeaaaaa

         everybody caught the 1800steemer but the true SHADE OF THE GODS AKA RAIN FOR 40 DAYS & NIGHTS WAS “she just needs to open her eyes a little bit more”

  • Myfashions2dat

    Totally here for it!!!!

  • Poison Ivy

    Kangaskhan needs to understand even though her Asian Persuasion is holding Chris’ attention for now, Rihanna’s curried flavored cooch and coconut lime breeze scented farts are buried deep into the pores of Chris, so he’s gonna go back like Mimi to Stevie

    • Coonye West

      NOT KANGASKHAN!!! I really can’t!!!

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    KondoOnMyWristGirlI’mCashingOut is somewhere right now tattooing a chair on the back of her ass because Curry Goat just ran out of seats and fucks to give LMAO Yasssss! Wait til I tell Jesus about this

    *Sips tea*

    • Misha

      *DEAD* @ KondoOnMyWristGirlI’mCashinOut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  FYI I hate that damn song.

      • Dannielle Simms


  • Tasha Zondo

    poor katmandoo like this is not looking good for her, but what is up with light ike’s hair am i the only one whoe’s gonna mention his hair, oh my gad! but still keepcoolandcarryon was probably getting a tattoo then instead of being at her man’s side awkward

  • Baybay

    These comments are so harsh….. and sooooo funny at the same time… am sad lol

  • nellkaye

    ummm hummm killertofu needs to get her self esteem in order and leave Chrisy and curry alone

    • Debo’s Chain

      LMAO! KillerTofu! I see what you did there. #DougShade.

      • Lei

        wowwwww. shade with a nickelodeon twist. ME LIKE-EE lol

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       Nickelodeon’s Doug reference for the win!!!!

  • TopFlightSecurityGuard

    Don’t nobody curr bout KarotidArtery she had it thee fuck coming. She should have kept it cute and just opened up a nail shop but noooooo. Welp. Yay for those two waffle colored tots CHRIANNA is catchy ;)

    • Dannielle Simms

      KarotidArtery????? DYING…slowly! lol!!!!

  • M.J.

    Oh, boy… I predict Keepontruckin will go Alex Forrest on Yellow Cake Mix, Barbadian Barbie, and her new Toni Braxton “Just Another Sad Love Song” wig. 

    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      I damn near choked on my sammich at “Keepontruckin” lmaooo

  • Someoneelsewill

    Why does everyone keep saying poor Kockadoodledoo? I think she knows what the deal is. She’s just rollin’ til the bus stops.

  • Statesside

    Kakarot! lol I love your DBZ references man! Technically that is that more Asian shade thrown her way hahaha

  • Avaaa

    Karatekidwithjadensmith ain’t about to cross RIH-gina George, casting shade all damn night, she gon keep it grool and keep on keepin on

    • Here for the Shade

      I can rest in peace now…#dead!!!

    • Susie Carmichael

       Yes. And Katy Perry was her Gretchen Weiners. Big hair fulla secrets and side eyes.

  • αѕнℓєу♥

    I knew they kissed on the lips!! Rih was so bold wit it tho!!! Like no fucks where given whatsoever. lmao 

    • Poison Ivy

      Sweetie Robyn came out of Monica with the same amount of fucks it took to make Baby Jesus = NONE

  • Sherae Renee’

    I can’t even feel sorry for Komeandletsplaytogetherinthebrightsunnyweatherletsallgotogullahgullahisland. At first I thought she maybe…JUST MAYBE was secure enough with her self to be okay with him hanging out with an ex. Now, she’s just plain stupid. Time to leave this butterscotch colored negro with all his shenanigans.

    • SuthernHummingbyrd

       I am dying a slow death at my pc, and in need of sumone to deliver my eulogy, all behind this comment. Did you take it to gullah gullah island?LMAO! Forget that I’m reading it again, and saw “butterscotch negro”, I’m DOA.

    • KeKe

      My whole body froze shook and fell out reading this. “Butterscotch negro” though!

    • Kemh36

      Hahaha…you got me silent crying and punching the air!!!

    • Rayloves

      I jus …But..i.. Jesus why?! .. LOL i cant with any of you!!!! … *placed in casket*… im done

  • LadyBug

    As you all may know I gave up on KanIgetaRefill a few weeks ago with that ratchet ass burlesque boot zipper tattoo on the back of her leg. Rih has been my hero since she started rolling Vita CoCo flavored blunts and popping a lil pussy at Cochella. So of course I’m excited to see her display an act so so so This bitch just didnt give a fuck and I know she had a pocket full of em. 

    And I know it burned Drake’s soft supple juicy coochie to see this and it gave me so much life!!

    • Kaye Ballard

      Madam! Lmaoo

      • Askskh

        YeYeYEEEES. Elle Varner flavored shade! Y’all are too creative. 

  • Ivy Blue Carter

    love…. i cant believe chris brown stripped at

  • Melcheznic

    I wonder how the convo went after the VMA’s back at the crib with Bage sisqo & KronikKush

  • Whitney

    Kalamazoo is so tragic. I feel the pat on the head was total shade to Kock-A-Doodle-Doo, who had to watch the VMAs with the rest of his fans. 

    It was as if Rih was saying, “Yes, Christina has your Egg Foo Young ass in the cage you belong in, but guess who keeps him on a leash?” 

    I really need for KoreyInTheHouse to wake up & smell the chicken lo mein & get the PHO-ck on with her life!!!

  • Trash monkey

    Awww. Poor KumguzzlingKumquat

  • Trch1097

    Stunt move…next.

  • Lopolopolo

    Ummmm.  Kanilivehellnoyoucant was sitting right next to Chris when all this went down (according to tmz). How she didnt rise up and give a hell no fist to rhi rhi’s face, I do not know.

    • Misha

      Pics or it never happened!

    • umm….

      that wan’t kountingdownthedays that was one of the gymnastic girls…… 
      kanilivehellnoyoucant was nowhere near that damn show…..

      • keilo

        *throws IKEA glass at the wall* GET OUT! U WILL NOT CALL HER KOUNTINGDOWNTHEDAYS! …..I’m telling.

  • Misha

    Kolgate better get her bag and the $30 that she came into the relationship with and get ready to go back to that parking lot where Chris picked her ass up from in 3, 2, 1…..

    • Karborator, gorl….

      I was thinking she might have had $10. LMFAO! 

      • Michele Lee

        Girl stop playing you know a Greyhound ticket is $ 38 dollars one way…..Kryingonthebanksoftheriver ain’t gonna make it ya’ll.  Imma add her to the sick and shut in list this sunday.

  • Alicia Collins

    I live for the way y’all fuck over that girls name. 

    • Seiko

      Can’t nobody figure out how to say that bitch name… I Don’t even think CHRIS know how to say that bitch name

  • KeKe

    Now after seeing the kiss I believe her whole performance was shade to karpaltunnel (?*slow shrugs*) with all the strong ass pelvic thrusts so soon after that interview and such and then to turn around and kiss and hug cb was basically a big fat F*CK YOU B**CH!!  to that girl. I feel bad she gettin publicly played out but im sure she know what it is.

  • Coonye West

    I’m running out of sympathy for KodeTenManDown (I didn’t have much to begin with tbh). It looks like she wants the life so bad she’s happy to be publicly humiliated by an Angry Beaver day in, day out.

    • Seiko

      Did you REALLY just call that bitch KodeTenManDown????

  • Kemh36

    I have died several times over!! Then I rise!! Y’all are going in hard on Kony2012!

  • T.d.

    Rih Rih and Chris = Joseline and Stebbie! Just more money and more fab

  • Kay

    Poor KalifroniaKingBed! I think it’s time for her to move on

  • GetAtMeHeaux

    Kathmandu need to buy some mountaineering equipment and take hike or trek to to the top of MT everest, because obviously Chris is ready to be face deep in that Caribbean voodoo vagina again, and I ask you koalawithasadface, WHO GONE’ CHECK HIM BOOO.

    • Can’tGetWitIt

      “Koalawithasadface” I’m ALL the way done with you!!! I want a casket made of pearl and for Alicia Keys to cry/sing at the services… *DEAD*

  • Raina

    I guess KaptinKrunch is pressed

  • Miami

    KWhatsHerName ..Ray Charles to the bullshit still? more like HELLEN KELLER if you’re still with Lightskin Stevie J ! Go hold an everlasting seat with Mimi b/c ya’ll both seem to not be able to see or hear your men are playing you.. welp better turn on the redlight on the camera & leak a sex tape KitKatBar cause Joseline Hernandez’ sis is back in the mix..not like she ever left but …KrayolaCrayons, I give it a night and you’ll still be on ChristopherJ’s yellow pencil, walking 20 steps behind him as usual telling twitter you’re “Ray Charles to the bullshit..” Good day. 

  • Karborator, gorl….

    I’m no Rihanna fan or stan, but Kashinout stays pressed tryna throw shade on the low. Girl you’re pressed, and you’ve BEEN pressed. Like I said before, Chris is a single man in a “relationship”. I don’t think she’s EVER sat with him at an award show and the first time he sits in the audience at a show (in a couple of years), her ass wasn’t there and he’s hugging and smooching on Rihanna. She better pack her lil bags and head to the homeless shelter. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’ll be glad if she’s never seen or heard of again. LMAO Sorry girl, your lame pictures of Chris in the background and that fake ass kiss in the sunset picture didn’t convince ANYBODY that y’all were “head over heels”. Chris might be head over heels alright, but it ain’t with YOU. That’s the tea AND the shade. She can post lil shit on Instagram all she wants to, but that’s not gonna stop this friendship from ending. Katerpillar doesn’t seem like she demands any kind of respect anyway. She follows him around because she benefits from his wealth cause y’all know she ain’t got shit of her own. She better start thinking of a masterplan on how to keep these out of season shoes and bags coming cause I believe Breezy may be chunking DEUCES to Krackrock soon. And to top it ALL off, her wack ass long chinned best friend used to be on shitty ass Baldwin Hills and she’s hanging out with Christopher’s former jumpoff, Draya, the Unfit Parent & Christina Milian. How LAME can this chile get? LETTUCE PRAY.

    • Misha

      “Chris might be head over heels alright, but it ain’t with YOU. That’s the tea AND the shade.” I’d call that the GAG and the SHADE!!   LMAO 

  • Seiko

    ummm Kentuckyoriginalgrilledchicken… YOU KNEW THEY WAS STILL FUCKIN! Everybody else knew it how come YOU didn’t know it… AND YOU LIVE WITH HIS LIGHT BRIGHT ASS! Rihanna came with a pair of Billy Blanks Tae-Boa Kick a nigga face off sneakers and a ol nasty ChiChi Rodriguez/Joseline Hernandez “Lub Sess Duhty Sess Eby Sess” cut! She came ready to fuck Tyga AND KanYouStandTheRain all the way up!!! She was not letting KanIGetATootToot come between her and her high yellow love thang! Now I tell you what! Kandycoatedraindrops might want to fall back before Ratchet Rih Rih get to furniture movin’ and fuckin shit up cause Krispychickenfreshlettuce3cheesesranchdressingwrappedupinatastyflourtortilla (One time for Mary J and her Ratchet ass) Don’t know her place as the “Replacement PUSSY” not the new girlfriend! The Replacement Pussy… 

    • Sherae Renee’

      “Lub Sess Duhty Sess Eby Sess”


      ^I just flat-lined.

  • MsNisha

    Yall gone stop epic style fuckin up this child’s name!!!!! I feel bad for her real talk because its clear to everybody else that Beige Ike ain’t in  a relationship – he just chilling eating her shrimp fried rice until society will accept him gettin back with Curry Goat.  But yall bet not sleep on Karburetordonewentout – cause I don’t think she gone fade into irrelavance without it being a fight to the death and Rhi Rhi might be ratchet as shit but she don’t look like she can buss her way out a paper bag.  A desperate bitch is a dangerous bitch!!! RT

  • C ♈ r i . E l l e ❤

    these comments are TOOOO funny

  • C ♈ r i . E l l e ❤

    Po lil Kantgetright

  • Barack Yomomma

    Normally I’d feel sorry for Kantkeepaman but this time she’s really stupid thinking she’s going to keep Rainbow Dash from that coconut juice he loves oh so much. She might as well invest in being a tattoo model since that Dragon Tales tattoo went to waste

    • Karborator, gorl….

      DEAD @ Dragon Tales. I’m out! 

  • Blue Ivy’s Curls

    fuck it if Keysiacolesnosering knows she’s being dawged then let her be you never know she might just be staying getting those chips from light ike if so then i gotta give props to kelfromkenanandkelsgappedtooth cause i would do the same 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    KanIkickItToAllThePeopleWhoCanQuestLikeATribeDoes wasn’t gone do not a damn thing but hold her seat down like gravity. She knows like everyone the Bajan pop princess comes armed with razor blades, pocket knives, and Morton’s salt. She on want those cocunuts.

    Clearly the dancing Werther’s Original gives not a badly dyed blonde hair of fks for her feelings, so you damn sure know Rih don’t.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa


    • Kay

      You did not just reference ATCQ!!! I am DEADDDDDDD!!!

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    KettleKorn would not have done diddly! Hence the reason she kept it cute and put her rice cake flavored mouth on mute by not showing up at all! 

  • Sexxymissus

    according to TMZ… was actually sitting right next to Chris as he got up to kiss coconut gum drops. :)  

  • ColdCharge

    Well at least KyuubiWreckedKonoha now knows what the deal is?

    • Harukishirozaki

      Dat naruto reference….
      I must now join the four hokage….

  • Guest

    hey Rihanna’s forehead, long to no see…

    • Guest

      *time no see

  • Veronnica

    KabbagePatchKid needs to chuck her “Deuces” to her karate master because Rhianna is the true dick and it’s too hard for her to swallow…GOOD DAY!!!

  • imheeaaaaa

    ok yall need to  simmer down  KortizoneItchCream has feelings. rih (who i live for) & chris(not so much) need to cut ole girl loose if they’re gonna pull cunty stuntys like this.

  • Amanda Green Stewart

    I have been given life…and life more abundantly. Krispychickenfreshlettuceranchdressing3cheesesallwrappedinatastyflowertortilla has my sympathy.

  • Samantha Reese

    Khrysler 300 would have sat there with the Honey Boo Boo face and nothing else, had she been at the awards. She don’t want none of Rih Rih…