Video: Azealia Banks – 1991

Kid Fury September 3, 2012 Videos 31 Comments

Azealia Banks has dropped yet another video from her 1991 EP — this time for the title-track. The Harlem rapper works vibes, vogues, and poses for the latest visual while rocking her new MAC Yung Rapunxel lipstick. Check the video below!

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  • dijah la garveyistaღ

    me likey :)
    luv her!

  • jajay22

    I LIIVEEE  for that white 90′s backdrop and that vogueing..YASS YOU BETTER WERK!!!

  • SoulGlo

    She is seriously making me feel like I took a time machine back to my childhood…. the sound is fantastic. 

  • Shaden Smith

    im doing that vogue count in the club. to bad her and leyomi is beefed out and didnt fuck this video up anymore

    • KidFury

       Wait, really?!

      • Shaden Smith

        yes sis, ill give you the tea, well awhile ago someone from azealias camp hit up leyomi and asked her to be apart of her Ball Tour, vouging and what not. so leyomi was down for it. but i guess azealia was promoting her tour on twitter and the fans was asking what is a ball. so azealia defined a ball as a party for gays lesbians and WEIRDOS to have fun. leyomi didnt see it for her weirdo comment being that leyomi is transgendered. so long story short, leyomi checked azealia, not sure if on twitter or in person/phone call. but azealia and her ppl said leyomi took it the wrong way, yada yada yada. end of the story, leyomi doesnt see it for azealia anymore. 

        leyomi did an interview on this butch queens youtube show, if you care to watch his youtube link is

        • Isiah Izzy G. Gentry

 Here's the specific video. They would’ve been hot together in a video.

          • lol

            Wow. I didn’t know all of this went down. Welp…lol I mean I think it was a misunderstanding with what Azealia meant. I can understand where Leyomi was coming from too… but all of them in a video together would be nice to see. I wish them all well… 

          • KidFury

             Welp like hell.

          • whatevs

             Beefind with Leyomi now?! X_x gurl… damn. I can definitely understand where Leyomi was coming from too, Azealia has said some not so nice things about transgender people before… but of course it’s the other person’s fault for taking things all out of context.

        • Queenpk

          Lol what a joke. Azealia meant weirdos affectionately, in the category of outcasts/queers etc. She considers herSELF a weirdo. These are her people. Leyomi did not need to get so butthurt. Clearly Azealia loves and respects the ball culture, is bisexual herself, and wants to rep ppl in it, like Franklin Fuentes, who she has featured on songs. And who, unlike Leyomi, absolutely adores Azealia.

    • Susie Carmichael

       Well they need to SQUASH IT and give me my life back!

  • MIles

    Shes gorgeous!

  • Kyana Graham

    Talented young lady! The hair’s getting better too !!!

  • Sherród

    Yall please don’t go in on me, but I’m getting serious Aaliyah vibes. Really great video.

    • Susie Carmichael

       I think its because of that teeny tiny stomach.

    • Geez

      That’s the point. She said herself she was channeling Aaliyah, Madge, and Crystal Waters in this vid. You got it right!

      • Thtsqueen2u

        She definitely was giving me Crystal Waters tease.

    • ijustbewatchin

      that was the goal, to take ya back And she did that! lol

  • Basquiat

    If the album sounds like the EP, I’ll be team Banks.

  • ijustbewatchin

    Everything about the video is on point!! Like I saw Aaliyah, Madge, Crystal, Missy, all of em in this video! She slayed! 

  • Isiah Izzy G. Gentry

    That hand wave at 0:54 just makes me go off for some reason!!

  • Kimaras31

    I’m mad I prejudge this girl, I don’t want to know to much about about her. I feel like as an artist it’s okay to hold back a little first. Let us know your music before we know you, Allow somethings to slowly comeout in your music. Leaving us thinking. Time will aloow us to know your struggle. Only time will tell for this girl. I also hope she do not allow the industry to take a hold of her future and words.

  • Isabel

    Flawless everything. She looks gorgeous. Immaculate homage to the 90s. I’m definitely copping that mac lipstick, she sold the hell out of it. Oh, and she sh*ts on half the male rappers out when it comes to talent.

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  • Melissa W.

    Hmmm . . . I want to NOT like her, but she is giving me everything these other female ‘rappers’ are NOT giving me, so I will give her 5 points for this GREAT video and keep my ears open for more stuff. I loved all the 90′s influences, she DID that!

  • Oliver

    glad to see people have come around to her material. i dont give a fuck about stupid twitter beef, shes only 21 years old and will mature eventually. but right nowshe is years beyond in terms of her style, flow, lyrics and musicality.

    up and coming children
    future legendary queen 

  • Kay

    I still for the life of me don’t know what she’s saying/rapping about but I am here for it. Azealia girl, I’ve grown to like you & you’re wining me over with these 90s vibes.

  • Sherae Renee’

    I LOVE her and I always will. She’s like the underground Hip-Hop version of Frank Ocean, she can just do no wrong for me. Baby girl is GORGEOUS!


  • kaytee214

    I love this song and video! I’ve listened to her stuff and this is a 1st! Baby I’m all over it like hot glue! Now I have to do a Youtube search!

    • Toravelli

      YES. MA’AM.