Candid Yams: Jay-Z Takes Blue Ivy For A Helicopter Ride

Kid Fury August 30, 2012 Candid Yams 22 Comments

So Daddy Carter spent some time with his eight-month old baby girl today by fluttering around New York City in a helicopter — you know, being rich and black and shit.

Now and then we get a few shots of Beyoncé cradling their daughter around the city, but it’s really nice to see Hov with his arms wrapped around Blue.

Little Ivy: Fashion Week Femme was locked into her usual pose hiding her well-fed face from the thirst of these photographers. Jay made sure to cover her fragile ears from the fracas of the helicopter and Teairra Mari on Pandora. What a perfect papa.

More pics below!

Photos: INF Photo

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  • Jamie

    A girl’s first love is her father. It’s beautiful to see them together.

  • M.J.

    Blue is doing all of these things at like 8 months, and me… I’m watching re-runs of American Dad and Power Rangers. I’m going to go sulk now. 

  • chinaff

    And this is the baby that is suppose to shit on Mariah’s babies… -__-

    • Rihanna’s Left Breast

      Yaassss. Blue Ivy just took a helicopter ride over “dem babies” swimming pool and Mariah and her wife Nick will deal. 

      Menace2Society & MelGibson don’t stand a chance.

      • chinaff

        “Dem Babies” were actually birthed by their Mother, that Shape Shifting Decepticon Blue Camel The 3rd was conceived in a lab via Guerrero, Mexico and still has a face only a mother could love, To bad BeyLongGums isn’t the mother. No wonder she hides the chia-pet underneath curtains and bathrobes. BluesClues is already starting her bleaching regime so she can achieve the creamy skin tone of “Dem Babies”. BlueBellCheese and that mule mouth can’t stand next to Monroe and her Godlike face. Tell ConeHeadBeYawnce that Bestilaty is a crime punishable by Law & to go get her and BlueCantrell tested for Autism.

        • Chrissybabe

          Fury, did you block this banshee’s ip yet?

        • Mihold

          Oh my….. are we gonna start talking about whose baby has ” good” hair and how being light skin is preferable over dark skin?  Who needs racism when we ( black people) talk about each other like this. #our own worse enemy.

          I’m all for throwing shade but children are innocent,  Children can’t help what they look like genes are a funny thing.  If you were lucky enough to just have healthy children, that is enough to be thankful for. 

          • chinaff

            Honey, I’m not worried about who is lighter, I just stated the obvious. The child is a Transformer. The child isn’t cute, point blank. When it comes down to BIC everyone wants to get in their feelings but if it were any other celebrity seed no one would care.

          • Francis Moore

            “Oh my….. are we gonna start talking about whose baby has ” good” hair and how being light skin is preferable over dark skin?”

            Girl yes, because everyone knows 65 percent of Beyonce’s fame is attributed to her Creole looks.  All I know is that hair is napping up and momma Tina’s is currently search for Solanges old baby bonnets to cover up the shame, until she can find a lace front wig for babies.

        • SomeWittyName

          So are we this miserable/pathetic that we have to shade a baby now? It’s cute that you still believe that Beyonce didn’t have this baby, but I’m beyond that. What I fail to understand is how anybody can have so much hatred for a baby that did nothing to you. Like seriously, you’re sick. And this comment of yours says everything about YOU and nothing about Blue and her parents. So while you let all of that hate, contempt, and jealousy for this child tap dance all up and through your spirit, I’m gonna pray that someday you let Jesus be a fence all around you everyday. 

          • chinaff

            First, don’t say “WE”, speak for yourself. Second, If I choose to believe that she didn’t carry her child, thats my decision, not yours, mmmmmkay! If you’re beyond it, why bring it up?? I have no hate for the Winch or her child. I just simply have no respect for Beyonce or anyone who respects her. Like I said, everyone goes and sits at the bottom of their felling bag when it comes down to the child. The same people here, that like to front and act like you’ve never said anything slick about a child’s physical attributes, rather in your head or out loud are Bold Face Liars. You same people were sitting here praying and hoping that the child didn’t look like Jay. Then y’all were praising God when she was revealed, because she didn’t look like him… YET! So stop the hypocrisy, and keep your nonsensical ranting. “Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
            #YourOpinionIsIrrelevant #YourReplyIsIrrelevant

  • Kay

    Chile… at 8 months the only ride I’d get was my Dad holding me up like an air plane…. This child is blessed. 

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      ikr that’s the closest I ever got to flying at 8 months……………..Jay looks old as heck and tired maybe blue keeping them all up at night?

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  • miles

    DEAD At the Teairra Mari shadee lmaoooo

  • MissDom

    When r we going to see her face??? I kno we all seen her new born pics, but babies features change as the months go on.
     And why do people compare Bey’s baby with Mariah’s babies??? Mariah’s babies are gorgeous just like Bey’s daughter. I guess since Mariah is not as popular as Bey, her babies arent as cute???? I really dont get people…..

    • Suchalady

      “Mariah is not as popular as Bey”?! Girl, what?!?!

      • MissDom

        I meant to say”not as popular as Bey is right now”.

  • Michele Lee

    What I want to know is if that’s Fab 5 Freddy in the red polo shirt. Damn, the economy is rough all around.

  • M.J.

    Why is there a “war” between Blue Ivy, Moroccan, and Monroe? That’s… just plain weird. 

  • Jms3154

    why are some of you arguing about babies? Beyonce and Mariah? fine. Babies? you shouldn’t be here for it. 

  • Coonye West

    Chinaff.. Girl.. Your comments are giving me heartburn. Please return to your home planet because on this one right here, nobody gives a damn about fictional baby wars unless it’s Tommy Pickles vs Angelica.