Rita Ora Flaunts Her Tattoos For GQ

Kid Fury August 28, 2012 Cute For You! 21 Comments

Rita Ora is featured in the latest GQ showing off her bright blonde hair and various tattoos, along with some feline ass makeup that I’m struggling with.

“Tattoos to me are really kind of important, but I think they’re just beautiful. I love tattoos. I think they’re another form of art,” the Roc Nation newbie says.

After listening to her debut album, ORA, I really don’t see it for this young lady. The music is the typical pop sound — it was kind of like listening to someone with a really nice voice doing Rihanna karaoke. She seems nice though.

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  • As The Hood Turns

    Roti Oracle is trying so hard to live up to trash the that Curry Goat has presented to us over the years.It’s pitiful really.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Damn..I am in love with this woman. if there was a serum or some type of way for me to be turned full lez and she could initiate some kinda threesome with Rihanna, I would dedicate every slow jam in the world to this bish right here, sing or no sing. lolol

    • whatevs

      LMAO. The straight-to-lesbian serum can be located in de pum-pum doe, so

      • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna


  • JCDxx

    Rita’s coming for Rihanna’s wig, they said.

    Hov can make ANYONE a superstar, they said.

    Rihanna don’t stand a chance, they said.


    • Suchalady


  • Drea

    Its so sad cause the girl does have a nice voice but she is being over shadowed by Rihanna…I knew that was gonna happen tho…

  • We out here trynna function

    Except for maybe the fashionstyle, I don’t see how this girl resembles Rihanna. For me Rihanna is someone who got lucky because she doesn’t have a singing-voice that deserves all the recognition she has (and a singer is all she really is so that’s bad) on top of that Rihanna doesn’t seem to know much about music history either which all artists do (underground and mainstream) because that’s what inspired them in the first place. Yes, she puts up her middle finger, reps that thuglife and know some of Pac’s songs along with a couple of Rick Ross lyrics but all of that is soo much deeper and it’s so clear she doesn’t get it. Rita knows what type of music influenced her and why it did, she knows her hip-hop history but still doesn’t try to be it just because she likes it. She has a nice voice but I do have to agree on that it seems like she’s making generic pop music. She would do good as an R&B singer, and NOT “Rihanna R&B” ’cause that’s really just pop/dance but actually real R&B.  

    • Suchalady

      But there’s more to Rihanna than the thug life phase and her music knowledge seems fine to me. Just because she knows more about Reggae perhaps, than hip-hop doesn’t mean she isn’t knowledgeable. Maybe YOU should broaden your horizons.

    • Lola Waldorf.

      I agree, Rita doesn’t resemble Rihanna to me much at all. The girl can’t help that Rih changes her hair color and style every other week. If any thing she give me Gwen Stefani teas, which would be appropriate seeing as how Gwen is her idol. As for music tho, Jay-Z had Rihanna start out the same way… Before she went all bad girl goth, then started making raunchy tunes, she did the whole generic pop/dance scene…. I say give it time. Rita has talent and she’s backed by the best the biz has to offer.. She’ll do very well.

  • Dre

    Sorry to say, bit she is serving Teyana Lite in this pic

    • whatevs

      …yeah she really does look like Lite Brite Teyana O_o damn girl pick an image & stay the course

  • Dre


  • Coonye West

    Like Celie said, honey, I’m here..

    Just not for this girl. I listened to that whole album in about 73 seconds. I was just skipping tracks all over the place. Too much hype. 

  • Lex

    hmmm…lets not forget Rihanna’s first album and sales people…if were gonna compare

  • LondonLove

    Rita was on the scene in the UK doin a lot of Garage, Funky/House n D&B type tunes before. Her sound was way diff. She did the lil hook for ‘Where’s your love’ Tinchy Stryder Ft. Craig David, real Brit tune… I feel like her sound now has been altered to appeal to the masses or better yet, America… same can be said for Jessie J who was much more Soul than a now Katy Perry remix. If she does get past and rise above what she has been toldddd to sing, she may do well. People are always going to compare regardless… ex Madonna vs. Lady Gaga… it is what it is… kudos to Rita’s success thus far.

    • Isiah Izzy G. Gentry

      I agree with you. I feel the UK has a way better grasp on music and isn’t just a bandwagon city. I don’t see why record companies get these artists and change them. That doesn’t make any sense.

  • Kay

    I’ve been trying & I feel so bad cause she can actually sing BUT I STILL DON’T SEE IT FOR THIS GIRL. 

  • Statesside

    Maybe if we grew up with her, we’d like her more.

  • Patricia

    maybe if Hov would get his nose outta Rih’s cooch worrying and her & Christopher’s little off and on rendezvous, he’d have Ms. Ora’s career going down a stellar path. just my opinion though.

  • Patricia