Candid Yams: Chris Brown Leaving Hollywood Club

Kid Fury August 27, 2012 Candid Yams 37 Comments

Yellow Cake spent another night at Hollywood’s popular club, Greystone Manor last night. His girlfriend, The Kraken, wasn’t seen with him for this party, but he was accompanied by security and impersonators of T-Pain and Kirko Bangz. Fun for all.

Christina Milian was present for the event while living off child support checks and Kim Possible’s beeper number. Andrew Knight, son of Suge Knight, was also outside the club after allegedly being denied entry inside. The shade.

Photos: Pacific Coast

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  • CS

    This decrepit looking booger… 

  • Tinaley79

    Where was KurryGoat???

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    lol, isn’t that the one they claim is gay. he was trying to make a move on yellow cake while kameltoe was away

  • tayjae

    He’s on drugs. No one can tell me otherwise. Shrug.

    • Reb45ju

       Yes, I was thinking the same thing for a while. At first I’m like he gotta be snorting coke or hitting that pipe, lol. But I think he on Molly. He needs to slow down. He looks cracked out forreal. Like he just ready to steal somebody radio out they car.

    • whatevs

       He is looking a lot more Pookie-ish lately innhe

  • miles

    Who is Christina Milian?

    • Mo


    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford


  • whatevs

    I love how he’s hanging out with everyone’s favorite Drake stand-in Kirko My Bangz Bitch

  • SP

    Good lord.  He is really an unattractive human being.

  • But…

    ..Chris is not unattractive. Like AT ALL. He just needs to clean up. I just want him to go back to his black hair and get rid of that beard and look like the handsome Chris Brown he really is.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    “The Kraken”? You got my side hurting..OMG!!!! lmfaoooo I love Yellow Cake, but he is trying to bring back Meteor Man: The Golden Lords look 20 years too late..Somebody need to call Regina George in there so she could tell him “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen.” lmao

    • SimplyPut

      I hate you so much right now……….Regina George??? I HATE YOU!!!

      • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

        ROFL :D

  • Dazednkonfuzed

    How nice, T-pain got a haircut.

  • Erin Cash

    Does Chris Brown realize he needs to stay marketable? The fact that he ever got out of that Rihanna shaped hole he dug himself in is a miracle. The bleach blonde bitch needs to realize this, put some weight back on his face instead of tattoos. He gotta think of that Chris Brown comeback tour in 2030 in Disney Theme parks and Vegas ballrooms! 

  • Joseph Hernandez’s translator

    “Dip It Ho” still has a cute face.

  • M.J.

    Look at Golden Lord. This don’t make a lick of sense for him to look emaciated and shit. Does Kanyoudigit? even cook for him? This fool needs a home-cooked meal, and she’s off disliking Rihwind videos on the YouTube. I hope Momma Breezy takes time off of Twitter from shouting at everybody and get on Kruelintentions for her letting her son look like the blown down twig house from The Three Little Pigs. 

    • Zels Photo

      Shoot me!!! Lol!

  • MissDom

    Chris is starting to look a little scary to me….

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  • Melcheznic

    Where’s Kitty Litter??

  • Just Concerned..

    As a true CB fan mannnnnn this shit is hard to watch. It’s like watching your child slowly self destruct because his ass is too hardheaded to listen. There’s no question in my mind that he indulges in something, but damn this shit is getting outta hand. And the fact that Krumbscupcakes isn’t saying shit or even trying to tell him to slow down only makes me think that she is in it for the F.A.M.E. Somebody needs to tell him something, because watching this show he’s putting on is just TRAGIC #lesigh 

  • Kay

    I actually think Light Ike looks better with blonde hair *Kanye Shrug* But I do believe the boy is on something, & KoolaidInMyCup is mute to it, I’m still tryna understand her purpose in his life. Let the prayer circle continue. 

  • ijustbewatchin

    Those his driving glasses he got on? 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    he looks like the mulatto slave that escaped off the plantation just bones JESUS…. krashnburn clearly can’t cook boiled rice is not an efficient daily meal.

    • Krispy123


    • fresnostateofmind

      Yellow Cake lookin’ like “Mama, is Massa gonna sell us tomorrow?”

      • Slade0153

        Lmfao! I started singing that foolish ass song when I read your comment!

  • Statesside

    Still want to see him do a Last Chapter interview. He needs to cry with Oprah not BET.

    And Christina also kinda hosted the Voice lol

  • Isiah Izzy G. Gentry

    Hahahaahahahaahahaa At the Kim Possible reference. I miss that show!!

  • fresnostateofmind

    Can we have a moment of silence for babygirl’s painted on “edges” in pic 10?

  • Zels Photo

    What in the Chris Gener’s saddlebag does Christina have on???!

  • Zels Photo

    Fury!!!!!! The Kraken!!!! Lololololol

  • Duncanhines

    Kambells Asian addition side kick Christisneeded Millian Being the lookout for Yellow Cakes Behavior .But after all she is a fit mother .

  • savannah

    “His girlfriend, the Kraken..” oh lord, I died. You will be receiving my funeral costs shortly