New Music: Brandy – Wildest Dreams

Kid Fury August 21, 2012 New Music 31 Comments

Oh look! Moesha actually is releasing that new Two Eleven album and here is the second single, “Wildest Dreams.” The track was produced by Tha Bizness and written by Sean Garrett. Brandy’s album is set to drop on October 16th.

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  • miles

    Chi…. i guess

  • Firelincoln022

    I love brandy but this song is just not the bizness. She could have released Perfect Love. This is such a disappointment. This song is just boring. I don’t hear any vocal ability from the “vocal bible” this song should have never been given the single treatment. I think her team wants her to fail. What Radio station is going to bump this song? RCA needs to hire me 

  • Firelincoln022

    That promo pick is fire and is better to look at than listen to this single

  • IJS

    idk. I think since Brandy has been gone 4 so long, I was expecting her to come out with something different and CRAY and just blow us away. But this just sounds like typical Brandy, and idk if thats a good or bad this. The song is Cute yet blahh at the same time.

    • whatevs

      I think it’s good that she’s playing it safe for now… it’s a little dull but it’s familiar at least. Because if she had done something TOO new and it didn’t work out, well, there goes her comeback 

  • Magic Steebie Bus

    I’m feeling it, you betta werk BrandNu

  • Gabe


  • TheReal_CeCi

    I absolutely love it and I’m not even feeling R&B these days. Really hope that she found love! Go Brandy!!!!!!

  • whatevs

    This sounds like it came off some 90s movie about young attractive black people trying to make it out of the hood through singing contests & dancing and someone gets pregnant and someone gets shot and there’s a Tupac cameo 

    • Missmarchmommy

      rotfl i was thinking the same thing

    • Suchalady


  • Young & Pruned

    So real talk. I clicked the play 3 minutes ago. Then started doing my daily KF reading, checked out what that new EBT show with Kevin hart was about, wiki’d Jhene Aiko (sorry, seen the name before, but didn’t know her story), checked out JHud and Dee serving absolute face on the Smash set, then I was like… “what is this noise in my ear?!” Oh, that Brandy track is STILL playing. Yeah… ::clicked pause::. #yawn

    • Trent

      truth be told, i just did the same thing. i started reading other articles and realized this song was still on, 30 seconds before it was over. #adamnshame. And im actually here for Brandy.

  • Ay


  • Joseph Hernandez’s translator

    Why is she giving me Wolverine in this pic?

    • Melissa W.

       YESSSSSS! You hit the nail on the head! I do not like this photo. It give me NO life and serves no face!

    • Eboni Weekes


  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    Sean Garrett is always trying to be avant gaurde. whatever that popping noise in the background of the beat sounds like a leftover nicki minaj massive attack pieces

  • beamysoul

    so…i have one of those coke glasses from McDonald’s filled with ice cold water…its a LOT more  refreshing than this song. Sorry, Brandy but you did NOT quench my thirst, boo.

  • Melcheznic

    Hate to say it, but I prefer Aaliyah’s “Enough said” (without drake on it) then this. Still fucks with Moesha!!

  • Melissa W.

    Hmmm . . . I hear the potential but this one is bit too safe. I’ll put it on my ipod but I’m not sold that this new album is gonna be the hit she needs to bring her back to the top.

  • Zels Photo

    I think the track is a Lil old school brandy. And the song writing could have been better. I’m gettin a lil of The Boy is Mine from the track… Idk.

    • Darkensee


  • sounds_absurd

    @4everBrandy fea. @thesoundsabsurd – Wildest Dreams

  • BabaPuppe

    I haven’t heard the song yet, but what I will say is… Brandy, get with the writers and producers of “Motivation”, keep Li’l Wayne out, and you’ll be good to go (at least for the first 7.5 minutes of your 15). Ask Kelly, she fell right back off again as soon as ”Motivation” was overplayed on both the radio and music video circuits.

  • Eboni Weekes

    I gave it :05 seconds…I tried…**shrugs**

  • MsReddick81

    Girl please just have a seat and take Ms. Raychelle J with u, cause I know its only a matter of time before she one wishes our ass to death again.
    S/n where the hell is her child??

  • Urban Hitz Radio

    PLus SWV is BACK!!

  • ConyeEast

    EW this should have just been her business and no one elses 

  • Crzycncr

    Apparently with age comes the inability to clear your throat

  • sunkiss’d

    If you listen to 30 seconds of this song, you’ve heard the entire song. It never goes anywhere. I love Brandy, and I truly want the best for her, but this ain’t it.  This track is cutting floor material, at best.