Jhené Aiko Talks ‘Souled Out’ Debut & Collaborations

Kid Fury August 21, 2012 A Little Something Good 7 Comments

The lovely Jhené Aiko is still hard at work on her debut album, Souled Out, and recently sat down with Rap-Up TV to discuss the project, her connection to produce No I.D. and her desired collaborations.

She shared her fascination with Tupac as well. “He’s an icon for speaking your mind and being you even if it’s controversial,” said the singer/songwriter. “He’s been a big inspiration for me just to stick to who I am and to actually stand for something through music.”

Jhene also speaks about her brother, Miyagi who recently passed away after battling cancer for two years and the song she wrote for him.

Source: Rap-Up

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  • Bry!

    I love her! she got some jams from BEFORE sailing souls. This song called “Wait No More”!

    • Robin Tinnicsha

      “so here we are again boy this always happens” that’s my favorite song by her!

  • CocoaAfrodisiac

    I’m so here for this.

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  • keilo

    I fell in love with this woman when the Snapped video first came out & ever since then I couldn’t get enough of her…

    I love everything she is…

  • SimplyPut

    So, then Cassie.

  • Fuck out here

    I guess when you meet someone who’s music you loved and find out all her web shit tumblr and twitter posts are who’s she trying to be and not who she is watching these interviews get redundant.. Too bad I won’t be buying the album cause I can’t believe her anymore..