Video: Azealia Banks – Van Vogue

Kid Fury August 14, 2012 Videos 30 Comments

Azealia Banks releases the visual for her “Van Vogue” record off the 1991 EP. There’s lots of weave, water and wonder, so dive in and enjoy. As she continues work on he debut album and touring overseas, you can also find Azealia on the new cover of SPIN Magazine.

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  • I Am…

    She’s such a gorgeous dark chocolate woman. So refreshing.

  • jajay22

    YASSSS *go in and let have* funky dineva’s voice

  • Dreadenette

    love it!

  • Santia McEntire

    I’m really starting like Azealia, the more material I hear the more I’m impressed. He reminds me of the female rappers from the late 80′s early 90′s.

  • Kingphoenix

    Beautiful, your my favorite girl…lol

  • Bye

    Really cute and different

  • romborama

    I love this. She’s growing on me so much more.

  • Shaden Smith

    i just imagine you writing this biting your tounge and maybe aggressively pressing the delete key to delete some noteworth shade. lol

  • Ria Michelle

    Love her and I love that you left this as a positive tinged post even though you don’t care for her. 

  • MissDom

    Starting to really like her music…

  • Kay

    Im starting to really like this chic & the video gives me a 90s vibe. I’m still not here for her attitude though.

  • Brandon Dean

    I like her music ok, I just wished she has a better attitude, starting stuff with folks who didn’t even know who she was before hearing she is mad at them. 

    And what is with all this price-per-yard weave? What number of Indian women contributed to that amount of mane. 

    • Cecily

      what about male rapper attitude? oh that’s right, you never hear of it, because it’s par for the course. telling her to keep her attitude in check is another way of telling her to shut her mouth and fake-smile even as the likes of men old enough to be her father come at her swinging.

      Please. None of these goons would even think to come at her head if she were backed by a male rapper. Lil Wayne, say. They’d have too much respect, or perhaps fear.

      • YM

        Both females and males who display the attitude that she did when she first came out are equally as ignorant as she was. I would have rather her (or anyone in that situation, really) shut the hell up and not in engage in all that coonery, bafoonery, and fuckery. She’s talented as fuck, but that shit that she let herself be dragged into (by responding, especially on that stupid shit) is completely offputting. 

        I highly doubt that a lot of the male rappers wouldn’t come after her. I think they wouldn’t hit her directly, but there would be a lot of subtle shit said (and come on, which rapper doesn’t sly dig?)

      • Brandon Dean

        I don’t think you are looking at history correctly, the male rappers that started the messiest got swallowed by the mess, and the talent never rose above it. Look at The Game, there was more attention paid to his beef with this person and that person, than was EVER paid to his music. Look at 50 Cent, he rose to fame with a beef with Ja Rule and then decided to take his career to the next level and beef with Kanye, only to lose.

        When your career becomes about the drama, and less about the tracks you put out, you end up becoming irrelevant when people are over the soap opera. 

        • Cecily

          In the last few months, Azealia has been on about 6 magazine covers. 
          She has put out both an EP and a mixtape that were critically very well received- doubt 50 Cent got much acclaim from the Guardian, Pitchfork, or the LA Times. She has performed at too many big-name festivals to count, and has toured Europe, Japan and Australia. She also put together a series of balls that were so successful she is taking them to the U.K.

          She has also filmed and released 3 music videos, and as of today finished shooting a fourth. Her views on youtube exceed 30 million and counting.

          She’s gotten co-signs from artists as varied as Kanye, Nas, Missy, Gwen Stefani, Schholboy Q, Elton John and Katy Perry.

          Urban blog media decides to report on her beefs and frame them in such a way that will get the most page views. Unfortunately, that means it is rather easier to write a “Azealia Is A Cocky Hoodrat” article than it is to write a “T.I Came At Azealia Even Though She Never Mentioned Him” article. You just go with the narrative of a mouthy black girl and the article basically writes itself. I refuse to partake in that misinformation. And I have a hard time imagining T.I calling her a bitch or Jim Jones calling her a slore if Lil Wayne and Young Money was sitting behind her, for example.

  • Statesside

    I love how fashionable this is. I want her to have a hit sooo bad.

  • EbonyLolita

    Kinda expected more but I dig Azelia lyrically!! She needs to drop more albums & less twitter fuckery & she’ll have me
    As a fan for real!

  • Isabel

    She looks incredible. A black girl who LOVES being black, finally!! All my guy friends are mad crushing after this video too, and they’re black, white, latino, chinese. I guess true beauty translates :)

  • RMOCCa

    Dope as fuck. I didnt realize she was this sexy and the succubi track got my attention to, i cant front she got bars

  • Sean_P

    Wow she’s beautiful…straight up

  • Sherae Renee’

    I love her and I always will. Yawn at everyone who keeps harpin’ on her attitude “problem.”

  • Yaya Hispaniola

    not here for it yet.. 

  • 20 Inches of Silky Yaki

    I’m shore as Sally selling seashells that it’s the same steam-pressed stan who stay trynna straighten out heretics who step to Attitude Stanks. I won’t name names like Cecily, Isabel and kingphoenix because I’m not messy. 

    • Cecily

      That single “like” your comment has? That was me. By accident. So don’t get excited.
      And believe it or not, there is more than one Azealia fan out there. Or maybe…we’re all just Azealia Banks herself :) Whatever helps you sleep at night

      • 20 Inches of Silky Yaki

        I figure one would be trigger-happy when they’re accustomed to inflating their own likes. 

        • Cecily

          I was pretty happy to see that a lot of people agreed with my opinions. You seem fairly grumpy about the fact that they did. Would you like me to tell you it was me liking my own comments all those times? Like I said: go with whatever helps you sleep at night.

          If you are interested in basic math though, consider this: Azealia has tens of millions of youtube views. Chances are she has more than ONE fan. Does your brain hurt yet?

          • 20 Inches of Silky Yaki

            More than one fan who also likes Kid Fury, who also regularly visits his site, who also has the same writing style as other fans who meet those conditions, who also has the same dogged, aggressive, long-winded style of arguing as those fans, who also posts their comments around the same time as those fans, who always has inflated likes despite the mixed opinion of the comment board? Sure.

          • Cecily

            Whatever you are taking, put it down, and get some help.

            Look at Isabel’s comment, look at kingphoenix’s (both of whom are commenters I recognise from other blogs…they are always commenting on Azealia posts because they are FANS) – and tell me what about either is long-winded? I understand why you think mine are, but theirs? Okay.

            And I don’t know if you’re blind, but starting with the top comment, there are MANY positive comments with lots of likes. Why don’t you just take your argument to the logical extreme and claim they’re all me. Many are posted in clusters. So why not?

            I understand responding to your angry bursts of paranoia is probably not the best approach, but you are really, REALLY annoying.

            If you’ve ever been on Miss Jia, Necole Bitchie, and a few others, you would know that their are certain Azealia fans who comment on EVERY post of hers. Just like their are certain Iggy fans who do the same (who I could name).

            Check Azealia’s followers on twitter, and you will find a Cecily, and Isabel, and a Kingphoenix- who are all SEPARATE PEOPLE.

            Then you will apologize for being such a pressed dimwit.

  • SoulGlo

    For sure reminds me of stuff I listened to on Power 96 growing up… some nice 90s dance music sound.