Candid Yams: Gabby Douglas, Kanye & Kim, Katy Perry

Kid Fury August 14, 2012 Candid Yams 50 Comments

The ever sickening Gabby Douglas was spotted in New York’s JFK Airport surrounded by security and police this morning. The 16-year old Olympic gold medalist just wrapped an appearance on the Tonight Show with Michelle Obama, who teased Gabby’s love of fast food.

Kanye West and Kim Trashbagian stopped for a little frozen yogurt this morning before heading to the recording studio in Honolulu, Hawaii. I assume Son of Donda is putting the finishing touches on the G.O.O.D. Music album as well as preparing his upcoming solo album.

Katy Perry took yesterday off and splashed into Raging Waters in San Dimas, California. Unfortunately during a simulated surfing experience, Katy lost her bikini bottom and her entire teenage dream was exposed to the crowd. Booty below!

Photos: Pacific Coast, Bauer Griffin

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  • KingBee

    I’m starting to like Katy without all the bubblegum antics. And Kanye is ALWAYS wearing black. Am I the only one who noticed?

  • Missus

    Gabby’s hair still looks a damn mess. I’m on board w/ funky dineva. 

    • KidFury

      A rich sixteen year old history-making black mess.

      • Suchalady

        Say that shit again Fury! Y’all still on focusing on some damn hair? Smh…

  • Hizallure

    lmfao @ Katy

  • Georgie

    So we’re just not gonna talk about Gabby’s ashy toes…………………… Okay.

    • Tiara

      I thought I was trippin! Ok somebody else sees it!

    • That_Mikifiki

      Why y’all so STINK?! Leave the damn girl and her ashy toes alone! Shit. When you post your pictures on Instagram don’t nobody comment on your dry lips, crusty eyes or the fact that you were picking your ass at 16. Whoever took her picture obviously invaded her privacy. SHE ALLOWED TO HAVE ASHY FUCKING TOES!

  • miles

    GABBY is sickening and much more talented than I will ever be

    But girl, just do something else than a ponytail (especially because you’re not competing anymore. youre on a late night show). Also, moisturize them fingers

    • Bye

       Yall are just nit picking at this child, look at Kim’s hair in the picture if you see something wrong with Gabby’s hair then you should see something wrong with Kim’s as well yall are killing me

      • miles

        There are different standards on what is acceptable in terms of hair on white women and black women. Kim’s looks well colored and moisturized while Gabbys looks extremely nappy around the edges and is consistently tied back in a pony tail. Kim rarely wears her hair in a messy pony. Don’t hate me, hate society. 

  • Guest

    I am normally not one to comment, however, I feel compelled to. The negative attention this 16-year-old girl is receiving must stop. As a society, we must stop tearing each other down. This means looking past hair that you think looks a “mess” or toes that you think appear to be “ashy.” Why can’t we just rejoice in each other successes and leave the mess and superficial aspects of life alone? 

    • Missus

       we don’t think her hair looks a “mess” cause IT IS a DAMN mess. and we don’t think her toes appear to be “ashy” because THEY ARE ashy. We have already rejoiced! no1 is taking away her medals or her accomplishments. we are proud of this young woman. we all have opinions and the right to voice them if we chose to do so. you do the same thing when you see someone looking a mess… you just may not comment aloud on their outfit or hair or feet, etc. so please take a number and walk your pompous ass to the back of the classroom. Happy Tuesday! :)

      • Ηι ρ ρ і ε ☮

         true but…at the same point  the hair thing is stupid ..i mean what were you expecting her hair to be layed like ?……her coaches were no glam squad and not to be stereotypical but those 123456789-10 clips she had in her hair were not the work of a black whoever did her hair did not know the depths of pro-styl gel or the praise that a hard wooden brush could give gabbys the end of the day it didnt matter b/c that 90 mill,20 mill contracts she signs  will never do her hair wrong again.

        • Missus

          I love me some Gabby Douglas. I was screaming and cheering for her. BUT on the other side of the token… the olympics are OVER. I want to see her as the beautiful swan she can be… not the flying squirrel. I didnt care wtf her hair looked like at the olympics I was a gymnast and my hair was in a ponytail all the time. But when I wasnt competing or practicing… I did something else with my hair. that’s all.

    • nat

      typical of ignorant black folks.

  • nat

    you’re ignorant and you don’t even realize it.  

  • Ηι ρ ρ і ε ☮

    ….can  we dress appropriate for the weather and occasion…*continues sippn

    • ZJ

      I was just about to say that! I know they’re hot as hell strolling around Hawaii in those get-ups. WTF! 

  • Ηι ρ ρ і ε ☮

    where is the lotion gabby… you served those bitches in the Olympics now serve us my black is beautiful skin. :|

  • AllhailkingTayy

    -________- all this Gabby shade.. She’s meeting first lady at 16! She made history at 16! Honestly and all y’all wanna do is criticize about how she looks?? Her and her 90 million dollar contract gives zero fucks about y’all.

    You go Gabby!

    • Jasmine Robinson

      It’s always something. We can go on and on about how she looks, not like she didn’t just put in work at the Olympics and now her momma doesn’t have to work another day in her life. Yeah, let’s overlook that for the aesthetics. Lets forget about how she has such a good heart and how humble she is and how at the end of the damn day she’s still 16 damn years old and has done something not many other people can say. Let’s chuck all of that to the side to judge this book by it’s cover. Yep you right.

      Keep it.

    • whatevs

       I wasn’t expecting all that in here but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I know everyone talking shit keeps it 100% cute and not a little basic all the time every day

  • SimplyPut

    Unless you were also worth $90Million at 16 years old due to hard work and ambition (though you might first want to work on that $90 you still owe ConEd), NO ONE should have anything at all to say about how Gabby Douglass looks. For any reason. Ever. Especially Funky Dineva (hell, Funky. It’s right there in his damned name!).

    As for Kim “Sex with Rich Black Men is How I Breathe” Kar-cunt-whatever; carry on.

    • HateRetha’s Tussy

      AND I died and GOT MY LIFE again at that $90 you owe ConEd crack!!

      To all Gabby-haters out there…*dionne via Got2BReal* SHUDUP HEAUX!

  • Say what?

     No one notice house that butch queen Kanye looking at Kim’s hair? He look like he about to run a comb and brush through that when they get in the car.

    Ya’ll need to leave Gabby alone. Point blank

  • J6luvme

    If you wanna say it’s sickening watching Gabby win gold based on the merit of her strength and agility, meet FLOTUS,  have her picture on a major cereal box and be vetted by the biggest networks and media…I’d be happy to take a pill and jump right on her bandwagon. 
    Our people are soooo wrapped up in vanity, they can’t see the forest for the weaves. lls 

  • Itsbeautiful

    LOL that lady in the pink hat’s expression says: “My God her ass is huge!”

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Let’s dive into why Kanye is so determined to have a damn heat stroke in all them damn clothes? At least he gave the leather pants a day off.  &&
    I’m not even about to get on the defensive about Gabby.. it’s just in peoples’ nature to focus on things like hair, etc…They did the same thing when Venus and Serena came out, and they’ll do it again when another one accomplishes something. I’m sure in about a few months if she get the right style team, they will have her slaying all scenes. 

  • keed porter

    Lay off Gabby!!! DAYAM!  If I had $90M I would come outside in a hefty trash bag and dare anyone to cash my checks.  We are so use to seeing euro influenced 80lb weaves, 15lb of makeup, fake lashes, fake eyeballs, etc. that a young girl with her natural edges automatically warrants the stank face??  That girl aint thinking about you paycheck to paycheck, indonesian scalp wearing heauxs

  • keed porter

    On a side-note I pray Gabby don’t wind up looking like Naomi in 25 years cause society done drove her to lacefronts and bad weaves.  She should bend over and tell errrrrrybody to kiss her a$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ <— see what I did there.

  • Shellbee

    Two things we’ll never run out of: sunshine and ignorant niggas. *sighs, shakes head*

    • concerned cornflake


  • _PlainJane

    So because Gabby is a Olympian & 16 she gets a pass on grooming? When she was competing I understood the ponytail. but girl you on national television w/ Mrs. Obama you could’ve at least ran a hot comb or some curlers through. Don’t take more than 30 mins.

    congratulations on her achievements

    • Sunni

      Only you ignant blacks are focused on her appearance then what shes accomplished! shes Not a celebrity shes an Athlete

  • whatevs

    Wow… all the shade at Gabby Douglas considering some of the other people featured in this post. Really? Have some of you been chomping at the bit for someone to care about the comments you made in your living room last week? And y’all ain’t seen that video Fury did just a few days ago? Okay. 

  • Tiara

    If Gabby were any other average 16yr old girl walking around like that y’all would look at her & be like “wtf” … But because she has the status that she does gives her a pass? No ma’am. Not this way & I’m not sorry that you don’t like it. No one is taking her accomplishments away from her but if other african american female athletes can still look decent there’s no excuse for her. And this goes for ANYBODY! I don’t care if its Sheniqua down the street. You should never wanna be in the public eye looking nothing less than your best.

  • Kay

    TBH her hair looks fine with me, but I have to say going on a late night show, she coulda maybe did something a lil more POW to her hair. Either way, she’s #werkin that outfit.

  • Michele Lee

    Its all good. In due time, Im sure Dark and Lovely will eventually swoop Gabby as a spokes model, give her a new do and have her healthy gorgeous chestnut tresses cascading like a waterfall down her back. But in the meantime, let this kid be a kid celebrate and her talents. The one community she needs to be accepting of her is the most critical.  Lets not pass on our hangups to our daughters. That is all.

    • Terese

      And still be worth 90 million!!!!!!! #WorkMissGabby

      • Michele Lee

         Racks on Racks!

  • Suchalady

    SMH @ these hair comments. In other news does Kim travel ANYWHERE by herself anymore or….

    • Guest

      umm no auntie ye schedules her gyno appointments too. he might as well since they see the same doctor.

  • Statesside

    Yas metallic skin tight skirt Gabbs! And aww Katy :( lol

  • Tsp1078

    Bottom line, Gabby is more talented, accomplished, disciplined, focused and rich AT AGE 16 than anyone on this page will EVER be.  I seriously doubt any of us will ever be chatting with The FLOTUS and Jay Leno on national television.  So by all means, let’s all continue discussing hair.  Why not?  We have nothing better to do.  Meanwhile Gabby’s probably on a private jet to NYC to do the Today Show, Letterman, Anderson Cooper, etc.  And then after that, she’s probably off to Chicago to meet with Oprah.  And after that,… who knows?  The sky’s the limit for Gabby.  But us?  We’ll all still be here commenting on Fury’s blog.  GTFOH

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  • Mzkiki011

    Okay so since Kim got with kanye it seems that she recycles her clothes alot. Them are the same shoes from the BET awards. Also on that 5th picture of kanye he is saying is hotter than the devil wife pussy out here. Maybe if he stop wearing winter clothes in the summer. At least he ain’t got on no leather pants or shirt that he always wear.

  • Kekei97

    Gabby !!! <3

  • Jasminehurley

    I hate the double standards. So it’s okay to talk about any other person with messed up hair and ashy toes and fury knows he will roast them, but not this girl because she has a medal? So I guess all the jokes about lebrons hair line should stop as well because he to has a shade shielding gold medal.

  • aureliusstyles

    I suggest all these negro haters remove your white supremacist lenses & put on the sun block. Miss Gabby D gon’ keep shinin & burnin all hoes in her path.  So have a seat, & catch her on Oprah.  That’s all.