New Music: Azealia Banks – Succubi (Jim Jones Diss)

Kid Fury August 11, 2012 Stewed Beef 57 Comments

After a brief Twitter rift over the term “vamp” being used incorrectly, Azealia Banks has decided to release a new Araabmuzik-produced track called “Succubi” as a diss to fellow Harlemite, Jim Jones.

“TruLife stole all your chains (yes), Max B wrote all your flames (yes), Montana rode on your waves (bet), Killa called you a lame…” Banks raps on the new song.

Jim Jones has been creating a movement he calls “vampin” which is a reference to people who are up at night making money while others are asleep. Azealia refers to herself as a “vamp” or a dark and attractive femme fatale. Somehow the definitions crossed and drama began.

It all seemed like a misunderstanding. I didn’t think it was this deep, but I understand the promotional benefits in recording a diss record. In case you’re wondering, “succubi” is a pluralized form of the word “succubus,” which is a demon that takes the form of a human woman and seduces men in their dreams.

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  • miles

    But why……?

  • ComeonNow

    Damn dis ho3 just dont get it friends was look who is dat…We dont know u in AMerica yet shawty I’m routing for u chill .PLEASE!!!

    • Coonye West


    • Girl…

      The way you wrote this comment and the title that goes with it go hand in hand boo. Jesus be a spell check…

      • Miles

        Dead!!! lmao

  • Rikki

    this is what we want to fight over? naomi campbell is walking around here without a hairline or a lick of sense but we want to fight over a word that isn’t even in the dictionary? alright y’all

    • Nicole


    • Yaya Hispaniola

      let the church say amen 

  • Bye

    This wasn’t necessary at allllll! But the track is dope, I think she let her emotions get the best of her because she was a Jim Jones fan (idk why though) she took it hard and the way he dissed her was kind of harsh and came out of nowhere.

  • NYCNaye

    Her disgusting ways will always outshine her talent. I hope that she gets past whatever she’s going through.

    I’m not here for it.

  • Lapotrabellaca

    This girl stays beefin with people

  • M.J.

    I expect Nancy to molly-wop her upside her head. 

  • Nate

    It’s such a petty thing to start a beef over, but I can sort of see where Azealia is coming from. She included a Jim Jones cover on her mixtape. She made it clear that she respects him and his work, even though nobody else does, or ever did, really. And then he starts stuff with her on Twitter? The one person that’s still showing him love?

    Azealia is obviously being oversensitive, but if it’s results in great tracks like this, I can’t really complain.

    • Kingphoenix

      I like the song too, i just hope my girl is prepared to take a punch or two from

  • Gidget

    Rolls over and goes back to sleep….

  • Hold on

    You may not like her, but Azealia did not start this beef. Jim Jones came at her on some elementary bullshit over the term vamp and Azealia promptly tried to explain herself and end it. He continued to come after her calling her a slore, talking about her mother, telling her to stay out of Harlem etc. A grown ass man did this. Then he resorted to talking about her bags and shoes after Azealia asked him to go away and leave her alone. Jim was wrong, Azealia is just defending herself the way other rap dudes do – but no one ever comes after them talking about sit down.

    • Bry!

      This comment is everything!

      I’m not even worried about her, she so clearly holds her own! I’m low key sad because it would’ve been a good look for Harlem, but whatever

    • M. Knight Scallywag

      ALLA THIS^^
      I can’t help but fuck with this girl. Beefing or not she handles it on her own w/o hiding behind a male entourage/paternal figure like all these other female rappers. This is thee FIRST time she put her beef on wax, and she’s one of the few female emcee’s with the balls to go at a male rapper. And this is no more/less petty than Pusha T vs The Sweater Czar, and no one was clutchin the pearls about that shit.
      I’m not saying she’s likeable, but I fux with her. And someone needs to tell Dirt Angel to stop trying to make “fetch happen” w/ “Vampire Life”. Dude…for real let it go :|

    • Demi

      This comment really is evverryytthing.

      Aint nobody saying how ridiculous he was being, somehow the blame falls on her? Bull.

    • Isabel

       YES x 1000000.
      It’s good to see some people still have common sense and a basic idea of fairness. I’m trying not to think of why it’s so easy for people to always blame Azealia because the results of that train of thought are a little too sad

  • FrostBiteMe

    This shyt hott tho!! Shoulda saved the heat for nicki tho.

  • Hammy2u

    Really!!! What ARE we gonna do about Naomi??? I nominate @Rikki to lead the charge!!

  • A_anderson018

    I don’t see why people mad. 50 cent did the same thing to become famous if the music is good I’m listening to it

    • Suchalady

      But 50 was already established when he did this & look where overdoing it got him in the rap business now…

      • Mssjones130

        Yeah….it got him millions off of water to the point where he doesn’t have to rap anymore. Azealia, do what works for u boo boo.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        hunny no he wasn’t 50 came at people before he was established hard to the point where he carried guns to meetings i.e. the reason Bad Boy didn’t sign him, his main beef was with Ja Rule check ya facts.

  • concerned cornflake

    I think twitter is the WORST! People who I used to like/admire come across as idiots on that platform daily! kmt! 

  • Laodicean36
  • Blue Ivy’s Godmother

    Why is she fighting with everyone? I don’t understand. I wonder who is next.

  • Keyuheff

    Somebody call you a Slore and come for your shoe game, I doubt you’ll take a good comfy seat.

    Those judging, look in the mirror.

  • KidFury

    I commend her for standing up for herself all alone, but this was stupid. Talent speaks for itself. You don’t HAVE to talk tough and write disses to everyone you have an issue with when you’re talented. Azealia has the talent, now she needs to choose her battles and learn to brush things off the way icons do.

    • Poot

       I agree. I wish she would have let this go but on the bright side it DID result in a pretty solid diss track. She really needs to learn to ignore people.

    • Kingphoenix

      I agree, but we all know she did this for promotion and not for hurt feelings. How else is she going to get the ratchet black people who ain’t gone fuck with her house music and mermaid themes. This seems to be an appeal to “hardcore” males and females so that she gets a little more respect from them as far as the hip-hop game ( mind you it seems as though all they really want is some ratchet beats with either a 2-chains or Future feature. Thats why she talking bout queer this and bitch that, when we know she is the biggest fag hag and lives for the This is pure marketing and stunt kweenery right here. Its really the kind of excitement I think hip-hop needs again.

      • Coonye West

        If a shitty beef between Attitude Stanks & Dirt Angel is making people excited then Hip-Hop is def. on life support

        • Kingphoenix

          Attitude Stanks? Really? Anyway…This song makes me excited and is bringing me bomb ass lyricist tease and if Jimmy can make a good clapback then how could this not be exciting for hip-hop? To me Hip-hop is not just about just Jay, Kanye, Drake, Wayne, Rozay and Nicki and what there doing…I think you are coming at it from who are the high profiling chart-topping rappers and their relevancy…while I’m coming at a talent and competitive bravado between rappers, and seeing who can get the best of each other sort of thing. *shrug*

          • KidFury

            It’s not really exciting for Hip-Hop if nobody cares. A beef between these two is not interesting, especially when there isn’t any real depth to their issues with one another.

            If Azealia dissed Nicki (even Iggy or T.I.) that would be exciting, because it’s a lyrical battle that more Hip-Hop fans would be interested in.

            Which again leads me to believe that her feelings were hurt, because she’s a Dipset fan and even had a Diplomatic Immunity cover on her mixtape.

          • Kingphoenix

            Yeah, she is a big diplomat fan ( I think she is more of a Cameron fan than a whole dipset fan, its kinda like if  Michelle was to come at me sideways..I would read her for filth without feeling too many hurt feelings), so it means more to her. Its nothing wrong with getting your feelings hurt and expressing it in your music… I think she is over that Iggy and T.I. thing and doesn’t want to address it because she got such a huge backlash for something she was being completely honest about. With the Nicki thing, the shade was so out of place..and Nicki did it on a sub-tweet shit, so she can’t really go and make a diss without getting hate from ppl saying “Well she never even directed that tweet to you, so you just being a bitter ghetto bitch” and stuff like that. While with Jim, that beef was close to home and direct. She was brave for what she did. Like honestly, how many new female rappers you know that will go up against another male rapper in a diss…I don’t even think Nicki could do something like that, and execute it well. We need more women rappers like her and Angel Haze, who have no problem going against these misogynistic pig-headed men….like really this nigga was trying to throw personl shots at this girl about how fashionable she is..but he supposed to be a hardcore rapper? I guess.

  • Basquiat

    It’s as if part of her promotional budget is dedicated to generating beefs. She’s been at it with the lesser Queen Bee, Onigga, Kreay Kreay and Jim “Butch Queen” Jones all within less than year, yet all she has to her name is a lukewarm mixtape, a nice EP of remastered tracks, a host of non-album singles and indie cred. It seems to be working for her.

    • Kingphoenix

      Lukewarm mixtape? Damn you must be a top-notch critic…I guess that’s why you have a Basquiat painting in your avi huh?

      • Basquiat

        Did my opinion hurt your feelings? My sincerest apologies.

        • Kingphoenix

          Hurt my feelings over a mixtape i didn’t make with your baseless criticism and exhausted shade? Ma’am, no apologies needed.

          • Basquiat

            I can’t understand those who are hurt by others’ tastes, and I won’t pretend to.

          • Kingphoenix

            Your commenting on a music/gossip blog, question why people have “hurt feelings” over others’ taste? Really, you don’t see the irony in that? Where people judge others on what they judge? This doesn’t register for you? Its because people are self-centered and deep down inside they want the world to revolve around there personal interest and taste. They want their taste to be known, and agreed upon. Thats why you have a Basquiat in your avi and as your screen name on here. You want to seem worldly and sophisticated…on a gossip blog. Keep it cute, bew.

    • Isabel

      Lukewarm, though? Both her EP and mixtape have been critically acclaimed across the board. I read music reviews religiously. 

  • Coonye West

    ‘Memba when Drizzella said ‘Diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it’? 

    Although I don’t often agree with him and his hyperactive hipster hand, I think Banks should take a sip of whatever Drizzanca was drinking when she wrote that line (probably Gin).

    I mean.. The coming out all guns blazing thing didn’t work for Cleo in Set It Off sooo…

  • whatevs

    I agree that Azealia could choose her battles better but I feel she was right here. Dirt Jones shouldn’t be coming for ANYONE, his definition of “vampin” is stupid as shit, and him going out of his way to fuck with her on Twitter was out of line. Diss track my ass, she could have slashed his tires/face. 

  • Rchedan

    So, no one is talking about the Ochocinco/Evelyn headbutt fight??

    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      Peace Be still..lmfaooo. I been waiting for somebody to comment about the catfight that took place last nite. I wonder how many bottles she threw.

  • Enzo Ferrari

    Look Azealia is a great artist but her mouth will be her downfall….also women feel like they can say anything to a man because of the soul fact they have a cunt we cant snap back…fuck that its 2012 LOL DO NOT HIT WOMEN but DO put them in thier place when outta line

    • KidFury

      She wasn’t outta line though. Jim misunderstood her use of the word “vamp” and went after her. She basically defended herself.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I’m really trying to keep a positive outlook on Femcees because the rap game could REALLY use one right now but starting irrelevant beefs is not how you get yourself out there, hunty.. I like the track, she sounding like she saying something but..c’mon son. LOL!

  • Sherae Renee’

    I love this girl.


  • S.

    Azealia Banks is a target now. People will blatantly push her buttons, she more likely than not… will respond and in the end she’ll be pegged the “rap chick with a chip on her shoulder”. Double Standards.

    • Cecily

      Spot on. Half these 60 year old goons wouldn’t dare come for her head if she had a T.I or a Lil Wayne sitting behind her.

      But then you listen to Succubi…and you realize she can school these little negroes and publically de-pant them while proving why she’s an artist to watch. That’s my girl!!

  • Katrina Sharee

    And this is reason #409653 on why I could NEVER take this chick seriously. She needs to learn how to just STFU. It would help her out. I don’t think she’ll EVER breakout to gain new fans with the attitude that she has. Even if she didn’t start the beef, that’s ALL that you hear about her. I’ve never heard about her without hearing about someone she got into it with. So personally I can’t get with her music.

  • 20 inches of Silky Yaki

    It was more than a misunderstanding. Purple lips was starched and pressed, and he continued to come for her even after she tried sidestepping his illegible buffoonery. That said, if you’re on here trying to pen multiple treatises on why Azealia Banks is the real son of God, you need to re-evaluate your life goals.

    • Isabel

      If you’re commenting on a blog post about an artist you don’t have a strong opinion about either way, you need to re-evaluate your life goals.