Drake Speaks On Producing New Aaliyah Album; Says Family Approves [Video]

Kid Fury August 9, 2012 Is That So? 44 Comments

During a backstage interview at OVO Fest 2012, Drake confirmed that he and his producer Noah “40″ Shebib are working on a new Aaliyah project. Aubrey the Pooh revealed that fans would be getting around 13-14 new Aaliyah tracks for the album due this year.

“It’s not about me. It’s not about 40. It’s really about [Aaliyah] and her fans and us just getting the opportunity to give you something that we feel is great,” Drake says. “The people around her — everybody from her family to her old management and label — were just like if there’s anybody out that can do it right now, it’s me and 40.

“That was an honor and we’re gonna pull in some classic people like, anybody who used to work with Aaliyah or that was essential in her career, we definitely hope to have them involved.”

Well according to Aaliyah’s brother, Rashad Haughton, the family does not support the creation of this album and I still haven’t heard a peep from Timbaland other than the fact that he’s working on Shock Value 3. Something in the milk ain’t clean.

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  • Dagfda

    Oh Drake,Please stop!

  • Jiggaman

    Was this a real interview? Why the fuck can’t he stop moving? 

    • keilo

      If your booty hole looked like a Krispy Kreme glazed…I doubt you would be able to sit still…

  • dd

    madam graham, please have a couple of seats for me. 

  • Bebe_clem

    Something looks wrong with him. He looks pale and kept moving around… he’s been off ever since his encounter with Chris…

    • Nate

      Yes! He went and lost a boatload of weight out of nowhere. I’m not usually one to speculate, but I suspect Drake may have switched sipping lean for… another substance.

      • Missmarchmommy

        yeah something is suspect about miss aubree but noone in the ymcmihsdqu crew is gonna notice hell wayne has been high on other sh*t since drake was on degrassi *shurg* maybe they will give him a reality show like being bobby brown lol 

  • love_dlux

    Madame Drake, huzzeh please. He needs to find a spelunker to pull that diamond dildo out his ass because he is really tripping. I’m not here for this.

    • brandonjaye

      Me, neither, but please tell me more about this diamond dildo thing…

    • jajay22

       woohoo chile “huzzeh” makes me always think about dionne warwick when she shades the hell outta aretha on g2br! lmao…

  • Take a guess…

    Is he on something? He’s usually well spoken, not nearly as mumble bumble with his words. He looked shady as hell, lol. Or maybe it was just the endorphins from the show pumping him up…

    Either way… I’m throwing an, “I guess…” at the whole album thing. In the end, if it comes out that everybody is on board (Tim, Missy, He brother) then I wish the project the best. I would like to hear some unreleased stuff from her, but it’s looking like this could turn into a messy situation.

  • Dreadenette

    What is wrong with him? Rupert was quite calm during this interview, yet drake couldn’t stop moving lol 

  • Qui

    Hey prolly on something! He do b on 1, right!

  • @Nicoley410

    It’s beyond sad that he just lied about all the support from her family and friends when her brother says the family didn’t approve and missy and timb aren’t in the mix. I’m boycotting enough said, I can’t listen to that song, I JUST CAN’T. Drake is disgusting me

  • Statesside

    Is he delusional? or does he just not listen when people say we’re not here for this!?!

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    I will sip hot tea in hell before I believe that DRAKE, NOAH, AND THE ARK were chosen over TIMBERLAND & MISSY to executive produce an Aaliyah album. I’m sorry, Jesus did not turn water into wine for this. 

  • Jenna Forrest

    DAMN yalls is mad… lol

    • whatevs

       Well, yeah

  • Kingphoenix

    Birdman and Wayne, got this boy dickdrunk and drugged up. Its like the “male” rap version of the Players Club to be honest…

    • Say what?

      male rap version of the players club? Omg I died, came back to life and died again reading this! LOL

  • F’em all

    He was acting funny. Jumping around and mumbling. Plus that interviewer aint sh_t for letting Drake take the mic out his hand like that

    • Imani

      The interviewer and Drake are both friends; that’s why he laughed when he did it. 

      • Ceira Ford

        yes girl my heart goes out to these single mothers just when Ms Carter takes time to get a quick shampoo and re twist her kids start showing they ass Nicholas and Roman running round here playing in whiteout lace front down to the very tip of they damn lip and now drake “two shades of crazy” carter is trynna conjurer up Babygirl from the grave with a two piece,8 bars, and a dream son….pleases seat your ass down!!

  • Cheyenne King

    Aubrey girl please stop! and are you smoking crack? if you can just go back to degrassi that would be wonderful because that show needs some help! 

  • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

    The lies he is telling is what has Madame Aubrey twitching like my crackhead uncle on a bad day.
    Madame must see visions of Aaliyah’s brother and Chris “Beat ‘em” Brown jumping out and slapping the shit out of him….

    • Aubrey’s Lace front

      lol i call him Chris “Beat’em Down” Brown. 

      • F’em all

        “aubrey’s lace front” -_____- i’m done! LOL

  • Nothing Amigone

    If the family honestly approves – which was my main side-eye to the project beside the creepy factor – then I have very little to say about any of this.

    Be careful w/ this, Drake. People have wanted to hear unreleased Aaliyah tracks for a decade, and if that track was a taste of what the whole album will sound like, you might have just tracked mud through the water. Remember: God forgives, Aaliyah stans don’t.

  • NT86

    Missy and Timbaland understood Aaliyah’s sound better than anyone. Drake needs to sit his ass down and leave this alone.

  • Kyra

    Unless Timbaland and Missy are EPing the project, I’m not here for it…

  • keilo

    Drake…such a delusional queen…

    If Missy & Tim are not apart of this project…it can’t be done

  • Misa

    People have already stated that the facebook page is FAN run, so that “official” statement is not from him.

    I am just ready for the album to be out and all the bitchin’ and complainin’ to be done. Majority of the folks doing it aren’t even fans of Aaliyah or Drake.

  • Marcelle W Matthew

    By the time she took the mic out from Predator’s father I was done….. Dalmatian needs to take sofa from Rent-A-Center and have a fucking seat. But this if the Aaliyah album drop know i’m getting my copy

  • whatevs

    You ain’t gots ta lie Drake. 

  • M. Knight Scallywag

    So I’m the only one who was disturbed by that unfortunate torso neglectfully squeezed into Mariah Carey’s Jenny Craig commercial patented tube/ skirt 2pc? @ the 0:48 mark? 
    Umkay….I couldn’t even pay attention to Drake or this EVOO fest..

  • Alicia Collins

    Posthumous albums have never done it for me. An album from an artist that didn’t collaborate feels like reading a someone’s diary after their dead…. aaaand I just thought of Anne Frank. God’s got a plan for me, y’all.

    • Mimi

       You did not just say Anne Frank! Oh, lawd, take me now!

  • Ade12

    Blackground reached out to to officially confirm that Drake and Noah ’40′ Shebib will be co-executive producing the album alongside Blackground. Read more at

  • Skye

    Ever since the whole Chris Brown mishap, Aubrey has been all fucked up losing a shit load of weight and not being lively anymore… girl get it together!

  • Mimi

    I knew that I’d be rolling my eyes once I clicked play. Not only did I roll my eyes, I think they’re stuck in a permanent side eye at Ms Aubrey’s lyin’ ass. And why you twitching and acting like a coked up fool, miss thing? 

  • RUD3_GAL_N3N3

    Does the first lady of YMCMB really believe the things that comes out of her mouth.  

  • Melissa

    I think that its great that Drake wants to make Aaliyah more popular amoung our new generation but with all the rude verse’s in her lastest song personally I feel offended. Aaliyah has been my hero and I look up to her as a huge role model, never have I seen anybody take her work and turn it into this. If he does a good job and put’s her back on tp he will get my vote. #TEAMAALIYAH

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