Azealia Banks & Diplo Cover VIBE Magazine

Kid Fury August 9, 2012 All In The Magazines 20 Comments

With a blend of house, hip-hop, reggae and tons of other electronic sounds, Diplo & Azealia Banks were brought together to cover the latest issue of VIBE Magazine. Cute for them both.

Diplo recently dropped his Express Yourself EP along with some new Major Lazer tunes and is currently touring the globe. Azealia released her Fantasea mixtape last month and is now focused on her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, due in the fall.

You can read Azealia’s very unfiltered cover story at now.

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  • Tasha Zondo

    they look cute together… i guess that cunt getting eating ;)

  • vanessa197676

    Diplo is so fine.

  • keilo

    Diplo & I should come together and have biracial children…

    • Cecily

      Haha…he has said he likes brown or black skinned ladies…he said he wants something that looks as different as possible from him

      • Smacks_hoes

        Lol it’s funny that you say that. That one of the reasons I like white guys….something completely different from myself. There both really good looking people

    • Kingphoenix

      mulatto babies are overrated. *inmyjayfromakwardblackgirlvoice* But seriously, their kids would be cute, and not just because they would have light-skin and curly hair, but because these are two good-looking people in general.

      • keilo

        No no no….
        OUR kids would be cute…

  • FrostBiteMe

    I like this COVER!!!

  • Kingphoenix

    Yes bad bitch, kill these heauxs, you on the cover of Vibe tho without an able release or any major collabs or backing from already established male rappers? Oh okay, there goes the theory that she is more known for beefs than her I’m sure Nicki is seething right now.

    • Cecily

      And how GORGEOUS does she look? One of my good friends, who happens to be male, and white, has THEE biggest crush on her. Like he blushes when he watches her in interviews.

      • Kingphoenix

        That face is just! lol I love how she is giving a different narrative of black beauty! Like Beyonce, Alicia, and Rihanna are all beautiful woman…but black beauty “standards” are becoming too monotonous. Azealia is bring it back to the days when we had all different shades and and various features amoung our black beauties.

  • Dreadenette

    I love Diplo! This cover looks good.

  • Alicia Collins

    This is a nice cover. She photographs so well and Diplo is forever handsome. I don’t care for either of them but they look nice.

    Though I express my apathy for Banks, I actually would like for one for a femcee to get attention without y’all dragging another woman’s name into the mix. Haters never quit, man.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      She does and has got attention without all that it’s just that here in the states that’s all people seem to care about and gets them that buzz. 

      • Alicia Collins

        Well that’s unfortunate. 

  • Ria Michelle

    She looks amazing!!!

  • Nicolle

    They both look amazing. But Diplo looks so….*drools allover computer screen* 

  • SoulGlo

    She can be his right girl…

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    plays Liquorice 

  • Sherae Renee’

    I love the cover! It’s different, refreshing. Wouldn’t have expected anything like this from Vibe.