New Music: 2 Chainz – I Luv Dem Strippers (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Kid Fury August 8, 2012 New Music 31 Comments

Tity Boi and Nicki Minaj connect again for another booty meat bouncer! This time the record is “I Luv Dem Strippers” off the upcoming 2 Chainz solo debut Based On A T.R.U. Story in stores August 14th. A video for this ratchet reunion has already been shot in Atlanta.

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  • keilo

    … just gon keep provin how much of a fucking coon you are, huh?

    Wtf did that video set smell like??

    • Mssjones130

      Chile, BOOTYSWEAT. *walks away with the ‘who pooted’ face*

  • starbooty

    well isn’t this unfortunate .. 

  • IncarnadineKismet
  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Harriet Tubman did not risk her life on the Underground Railroad for this fuckery…

  • Seiko

    Nicki! You went from rapping like Forrest Gump to rapping like IGGY AZALEA. We are NOT here for these whack ass bars and we surely are not here for Buckwheat and Darla!!! Sitcha’ll little Rascal face asses down!!!

    • jajay22

      chile @ 2:20 i was sitting there like o_O..nicki is blatantly stealing azalea’s flow ( and that’s not a good thing)

      • Basquiat

        That’s how every female trying to impersonate a southern rapper with a crack jaw sounds. 

      • Seiko

         Chiiiiiiiile! And people always call me a hater for calling her out on her biting ass ways… SHE HAS BEEN BLATANTLY BITING OFF OF EVERYBODY (OLD AND NEW) SINCE SHE HIT THE MAINSTREAM

    • Michaelmccarty4723

      Dude i just watched the video. N was like wow. She jacking izzy swag hard as fuck

  • Tee

    I’m only here for the slander.

  • gcse

    That’s a very nice idea as for me! I hope you will write more about it

  • Jackiinicole

    I would be so please if someone could translate nicki’s gibberish!

    • itsanonhoe

      Not our fault you are on phonics

  • Bye

    My ratchet side can’t even vibe to this…atleast not yet

  • Purplee-kiisses

    Nicki’s boat has officially left, she should just stick to those bubble gum rap lyrics.

  • miles

    Omg this is pure TRASH…. and I like Nicki

  • Kyana

    I was hear (yeah I said hear) for it, til bout 2:20, Tity yeen need dat ho (I meant that in a good way*Redman voice*).

  • whatevs

    *snatches his Negro Card & shreds it* Get out of my race & stop holding me back! I’m tryna get free!

  • whatevs

    *snatches his Negro Card & shreds it* Get out of my race & stop holding me back! I’m tryna get free!

  • Mzzbossy9

    If the name of the song is “I Luv Dem Strippers” I want EVERY verse on the song to talk about how you love dem skrippers’ and nothing else ! I don’t want to hear about how these other chicks careers “ain’t looking promising”

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    *Packs up baby oil, metro phone, and clear heels.*

    *Does the stripper leg away from this scene*
    I don’t live here. 

  • Marcelle W Matthew

    Somebody needs to point Onika to the nearest airport and ship her ass back to Trinidad, she’s becoming embarrassing *takes down trini flag and move to Grenada*

    • itsanonhoe

      I care

  • Likebutta

    Ummm ima need to dig deeper into my ratch soul to feel this…shouldn’t take long tho *shrugs*

  • Enzo Ferrari

    I like the song….ITS A STRIP CLUB SONG…like come’on! Also most of you basic hoes and scat ass queens need a job…all this hate over music is soooooo LAME

  • choclatcherry

    I’m getting life from Tauheed’s rendition of Mr. Telephone Man!

  • Keyuheff

    Usually I’m all for anything 2 Chainz, but he really could’ve kept this 2 dollar production. & I hope the video doesn’t have the same budget as Beez In da trap.

  • Skye

    I’m sorry, this song doesn’t do shit for me…

  • Mimi

    2 Chainz don’t you dare bring New Edition into this. Even Bobby Brown doesn’t deserve that shit. 

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford


    I CAN’T.