Chicken & Hair: Who Cares?

Kid Fury August 8, 2012 Kid Fury TV 16 Comments

A quick discussion on my opinions of all the recent chicken and hair madness.

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  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    put a condo on my wrist because I’m cashing out.

    • Brittany Jackson



  • Missmarchmommy

    “chick fil a is not here for this gay sh*t” ahhh KF i looove you lol 

  • Veronnica

    In other news, I live in VA and had finals that week you were in New York:(. 
    But, there is a Coldstone down the street so hopefully I can get a taste of your sweet southern creation…

    SN: Fury, I just had to let you know you are full of Jamaican goodness and I know god will continue to bless ALL that you do…VA HUGS

  • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

    lmfao…a southern fried fuck…soo adding to the daily vernacular but i digress…im not here for everybody acting like all of a “sudden” this last resort chicken juke joint is a bible thumping hot ass mess!…i guess everyone just been ignoring alllllll that bible stuff allllll over their establishments AND the full page easter and xmas ads?…

    sorry but yall gave this place more shine then they wouldve ever gotten on their own…coincidence?…in this kind of election year hell no it is not!…let me guess next hobby lobby is going to “come out” as an uber christian company?…eyeroll…

    Gabby is a 90 million dollar 16 yr old HISTORY making Olympian…nuff said!…

  • Yride

    Soilid gold video rant…I was waiting with baited breath well worth it

  • keilo

    I’m not gay at all…I love dick as much as Neyo during All Star Weekend…but Chik-fil-A won’t see one thin dime of my money! I can’t support bigotry…now if someone decides to treat me to a Chik-fil-A meal…who am I to turn it down?

    Look….at 16, my boyfriend and I were fucking in the supply closet before football games and calling it a tradition…Ms. Douglas can walk around with a mushroom haircut and no part of me will be bothered! This lil bitch can use a whole jar of JAM every morning and shouldn’t nan one of us have boo to say about it! She may not be whippin her hair…but she’s flingin her body around all over the place & doin it DAMN WELL!

    • Melissa W.

       YES TO ALL THIS!! LOL!!! Not a mushroom haircut!

  • gcse

    In my opinion she is the best anyway! thanks for the information

  • Heffa please.

    No shade, but yes, let’s ask the culinary company whose restaurants are closed on Sundays what their stance is on gay rights and be outraged when we get the answer.

    Kid Fury is right. Opinions will be opinions. If Chick-Fil-A gets shut down, what then? Will that accomplish something? 

  • TruuuuuAngie

    This is the truth. Who gives a southern fried fuck

  • Kyana

    I Lived.

  • Ivy Blue Carter

    no one care about the hair.. anyway trey songz looks sexy as fuck at

  • Eboni Weekes

    Roll me in flour and dip my golden goodness in hot sauce…po’ chickens gettin’ caught up in all this fuckery….main reason why Kernel Sanders and Ms. Popeye’s keepin their damn mouthed closed….now Gabby?? Ms. Thang ain’t studyin’ nobody who trynna check her wit some Jam Gel and a Just for Me and I don’t blame her…

  • Lei

    lmaoooooooooooooo fury u haven’t gave me a laugh like this in a while. but we’re always on the same page lol i never understood why these ratchet jealous hoes was getting on our chocoate goddess gabby. just cuz she aint laying around doing nothing getting pregnant by pookie and d-money, fighting hoes over WIC cards and actually talks properly without clapping her hands after every syllable don’t mean yall gotta hate. i’m so glad she don’t let none of that hood rat shit get to her because she’s too talented for all that.

  • Diamond. ✌

    In the name of ranch dip.
    My gawd lmao