New Music: Iggy Azalea – Flash (feat. Mike Posner)

Kid Fury July 23, 2012 New Music 23 Comments

Iggy Azalea teams up with singer/songwriter, Mike Posner, for “Flash” off her upcoming Glory EP. The rapper describes the song as being “way worse than ‘Pu$$y’—way worse. It makes ‘Pu$$y’ look very PG.” Listen below!

Source: Iggy Azalea World

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  • Nicole

    love her!! and she got Mike on the track? go Igg!

    • Yardee23

      who is Mike???

      $1000 Weed Purchase Sends Rick Ross on Munchie Binge That SHUTS Down Unsuspecting Grocery Store in Jamaica …funniest sht i read all day 

  • Faith

    love this!

  • Laila Corrorez

    Oh, this chick is trying to snatch National Hoe Anthem crowns now?! 
    Khia, secure your wig, girl!

    SN: I like the beat..that is all.

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    okay..I been bumping Pu$$y since it first came out, if anything is more raunchier than that, I’m gonna have to check it out. LOL!

  • Nate

    Mike Posner is a douche, but I love this song. Looking forward to Glory.

  • Kels Anin


  • Ivy Blue Carter

    female rappers are really stepping their game up… i cant believe the crazy pics of bow wow and omarion at  … are they g…

    • Guest

      I came back to listen to this and I can definitely hear a hint of T.I. in the way she delivering her flow. Sounds like she had a little help in the studio.. 

  • Ivy Blue Carter

    female rappers are really stepping their game up… i cant believe the crazy pics of bow wow and omarion at  … are they g…

  • whatevs

    …. *sips tea in silence*   

  • Modd

    *waits for Kingpheonix’s slander*

    • @yeaThtsMyBitch

      bitttttcccchhhhhhhh, why was I just about to post this too!!!!!!!!

      • EbonyLolita

        Like this neat but not too hype over the lyrics. Something about he tone of her voice seems a Lil forced. I wonder how this would sound as an R&B track cuz its definitely dope!

    • Kingphoenix

      Lmfao. whatever hoe. I think I’m just beginning not to care about Iggy completely . At first i was completely disgusted by her costume play as a black woman, then i thought to give her a chance because she was getting so much hype…but its like her album has been delayed indefinitely, her ep delayed, her video uninspiring, she was supposed to be the “bigger person” in the whole Iggy vs. Azealia thing, but she was blocking ppl on twitter that liked Azealia and went to her concert and now this crap? I’m completely over it and I have nothing much to say about the girl anymore other than she’s embarrassing herself. But I know yall love yall white goddess so much, so i wish her and and the Azaleans much luck.

      • Laila Corrorez


        cosign 100%

      • Modd

        That’s nice. And I wish you and Azealia the best of luck in finding, not only a proper fitting wig that hides those dastardly edges of absolute struggle and degradation, but an attitude that isn’t backed by blatant racism. :)

        • whatevs

          Umm I don’t have any love for Azealia either but she’s NOT the one backed up by blatant racism unless you’re trying to pull out that non-existent “reverse racism” shit 

          • Poot

             I think people think Azealia is “racist” because she called Iggy out on that runaway slave master line. I had NO idea that speaking up against something like that made YOU the racist one.

        • Kingphoenix


      • Halohello

        @Kingphoenix Agreed!!

  • EbonyLolita


  • Poot

    In regards to this song… Mike was on point and the beat was nice and Iggy was overshadowed by her featured artist once again. Once again she sounds like she has no idea why she’s here and sounds awkward and forced. Any other singer or femcee coupled with Mike on this beat and with that chorus would have sounded better and this coulda been a hit.