Candid Yams: Chris Brown Arrives In France + Spends Night With Rihanna?

Kid Fury July 23, 2012 Candid Yams 98 Comments

This past weekend, rumors flew out that Chris Brown had broken up with his girlfriend, Kangaroojack, and deleted all photos of her from his social media sites. Kawaii allegedly contacted Drake (which I believe is a lie) leading to the break-up.

Either way, Chris Brown arrived in France yesterday evening posting a photo of himself landing on a boat. Meanwhile Rihanna has been sailing around on a very similar boat in France as well — St. Tropez to be exact.

Chris didn’t seem to check into the Martinez hotel (above) until this morning. Rihanna’s Twitter read “Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit” and “#3words lastnight was beautiful.”

The conclusion is yours, folks. I’m kind of used to the idea that Yellow Cake & Curry Goat have been knocking Route 66 boots and playing games, so I don’t care. I just feel sorry for Kaprisun — she just got that big PF Chang’s tattoo. Sad.

Update: Looks like the breakup rumors are false, as Karpediem was also present in France when Chris checked into his hotel this morning. Chris recently posted a photo with Magic Johnson and Alicia Keys’ wife. Rihanna was also entertaining Magic on her ship a few days ago.

Source: Bauer Griffin/FameFlyNet


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  • Kerakee

    I love Rih Rih and I Love Chris. But these fools are both annoying me when it comes to this “affair”. Who knows if they’re mindfucking is all? But Kidneystones need to wake up and smell the damn soy sauce either way. Goodbye

    • kerakee

      And Chris just posted a pic with Magic Johnson and Swizz on IG. Rih just posted a pic hanging with MJ on the boat the other day. They on the same boat at the same damn time most likely…… Messy lol

  • Bettybatiste

    But there’s a pic of him and kactuscoochie together in france

    • Man..

      Yeah he sent his crew/her to the hotel and he checked in this morning lol

      • Bettybatiste

        Shame I guess he whistles when he wants them poor krashnburn

    • WannaMinaj

      She was in L.A, VA, & NY too but that ain’t stop his ass from hugging up on them groupies #ButI’mSleep

      • Julez

        Katfishandwhitebread goes everywhere with him. She probably shakes after he pees

        • Introspective

          Katfishandwhitebread!!!!!!!! LMAO. I cannot. especially cause im hungry right now. as for your second comment, i think you need a time out, and i need a casket dive. 

        • Whitney

          LMFAO!!! I just died 9 times…I’m done!

  • UniqueWeirdoo

    CTFU Love this story plus Love How you called her Kangaroo Jack, Kawaii, and Kaprisun in the same damn report… LOL Yellow Cake & Curry Goat made me spit my tea out… LOL

  • Dcwritegirl

    The names for Kaprisun ALONE have me callin for a medic

  • Kiri

    I just dont get these two ever! First he whipped her ass and then they were making birthday cakes and remixes all over the land. Then he dissed her and she got butt hurt and unfollowed him vice versa and now they vacationing together humping like rabbits! -__- the saga will never end

  • Miles

    Kantgetnosatisfaction is weeping pure asian tears as we speak. Poor girl, but she should have known better. Yellow Cake has been mixing his batter with some jerk chicken for months.

    • Suchalady

      I think this name is by far my favorite.

    • Tasha Zondo

      if you watch the skorpion show just know i did the makael praise jump to Kantgetnosatisfaction which tops klaponklapoff from last week lol

  • Brialacey86

    Kibblesnbits needs to find some self respect and Chris and rihanna need to find Jesus cus they only do it for attention think about it if they really wanted to be private why subliminally tweet

  • Apalacian

    I can’t do this with them. I can’t wait for karrotkakes lifetime movie though…kocainkowgirl

  • rachee

    lmfao @ pf change tattoo. I love and hate you kidfury

  • nells

    yeah he left kangaroo at the hotel while him and rihanna had a wild passionate night of great mind blowing, boat rocking, seabreeze sex!!!!!i love it:))

  • Heavens Height

    I have been itching for you post a youtube video about this. Lol! They were definitely on her yacht together. Let’s not play. But Karrueche is just going to be the obedient puppy and do what she’s told and play her role, even if she know something scandalous going on.

    • Laila Corrorez

      But isn’t there a restraining order on Brown? Or did that expire?

    • Harri008

      Fury already did a video. But I would love to see an update video!

  • nicks

    there is no way him and rihanna ending up on the same damn island on a yacht happens to be a coincidence, who they fooling?they definitely fucking.absolutely, and i aint even mad cause secret sex is the best sex.yep

  • Nate

    I bet Krackerjack is regretting that dumb tattoo now. That’s not a good look for a McDonald’s cashier… you can’t be handing people money with your hand looking like that. Damn.

    • Ms. I Stay 100

      on the contrary, I have seen McDonald’s cashiers with worse tattoos than that one tho..lmfao

  • M.J.

    Man, if I was Konjunctionjunctionwhatsyourfunction, I’d fly over to France whip put a Jin Kazama ass-kicking on New Millennium Golden Lord and Baa Baa Bajan Goat.

    • honestlymonique

      konjunctionjunctionwhatsyourfunction… caused me to flat line. i died trick i hope u feel guilty,

    • Suchalady


    • romborama

      Not a Jin Kazama ass-kicking. Good. Day.

    • Introspective

      Baa Baa Bajan Goat?????? I.CANT. 

    • Ms. I Stay 100 have tried my ass today, I’m about to go lay my ass down after that Meteor Man

    • ShaunDavis

      Dammit I laughed 5 minutes straight!!

    • Whitney

      OMG. That’s it! You win! I’m logging off my work computer & using a pen & paper from now on.

    • Harukishirozaki

      Omg some needs to call a medic cause you just slayed everyone in here with that name. Poor kung-pao chicken.
      And the tekken, priceless. 
      You have made my day.

  • r. velveteen jankins

    rihanna looks like her vagina smells like mud. and that’s all i have to say.

  • Miss J

    Look, KenanAndKel knew what was coming. I just hope she saved some of the spending money he gave her and hopefully created a plan B for herself. Hey, maybe she can be the newest cast member to add some youth to that dried up, washed over group of women on Hollywood Exs…there are many opportunities awaiting for KripWalk, she just needs to be proactive and not reactive. 

    • WannaMinaj

      Bitch noo you didn’t call her KenanAndKel LMFAOOOOOOO

    • Sweettms06

      KripWalk… that made me HOLLER!! lmao

  • keilo

    Does Rihanna know that “last night” is two words?

    Am I wrong? Since we’re all friends…I’d like to know if I’m the wrong one?

    Chris is looking like he has an annuity and he needs cash now…what’s going on with you shuga foot?

    • M.J.

      “Does Rihanna know that “last night” is two words?”

      Since the girl talks in hashtags… no.

      #navi #majah #brap #idontcareaboutspacesandpunctuation #inserthashtaghere

  • 123

    PF Chang tattoo……………..

  • Meli

    Yeah, I’m sure they fucked last night seeing what Rih is tweeting & liking a picture on instagram saying “Spill the tea Rih” but it really doesn’t surprise me like Kid Fury said lol I’m not gonna feel sorry for Kelloggs cause she seems to accept it. I would of left soon as  I heard that Birthday cake remix wtf I look like sitting there while these motherfukers ki ki cackle and flirt on a track. Ch…

    • Ms. I Stay 100

      IKR? KoolsKingFiltered need to get her mind together, I woulda dropped his ass as soon as that remix came out. Y’all ass ain’t Ashford and no damn Simpson, the hell goin’ on? lmao

      • ShaunDavis

        Koolskingfiltered?! Here I lie____________ :(

      • Mimi

        It’s too damn early in the morning and I just came into the office. I died three times reading this!  The Ashford and Simpson comment put that final nail in my coffin, though.

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    This is so’s getting to the point where Poison Control and HazMat handlers are gonna have to come in and get this together. We told you, KickPushCoast…didn’t we? If this ain’t a wake up call to pack it in then KartwheelsAndSplits deserves everything that happens to her from this point Time to start looking into those Amber Rose options, grrrll.. & PF Chang’s tattoo? lmfaoo I’ve had it with you this afternoon, Fury. stawp it.  xD

    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

      Nooooooooo KickPushCoast though?! LOOOOOOOOL

  • ugh

    Am i the only one that doesn’t feel bad for Krestwhitestrips? Between the hate she got from fans & Lord knows what he put her through, she should’ve left him long ago. 

  • NYCNaye

    I’ll admit it. I’m a proud member of Rihanna Navy/Navi. But these two are getting on gawddamn nerves! If y’all are fucking just release the sex tapes, if not, stop liking each others pics and writing all these sketchy twet

  • Mizery

    I love you fury so I don’t want you getting caught up in the false rumor bs.  that pick with the tag about landing on a boat was the landing of the helicopter that he and luda was on (well luda was flying) the pics before that show him and luda and mention luda flying the helicopter as he (chris) sat back.  Now whether he and curry goat are really back to bumping uglies I’m still inclined to believe no but who the heck knows with these two.  

    • Mizery

       Fury (with a capital F, nuff respect lol) and pic (blasted auto correct)

  • crabslayer

    They sure do know how to mind fuck people and keep their names in the blogs thats for sure. Chris ass knew Rih was on a boat what this leggo looking ass go & do “Oh I just landed on the boat” They know what they doing but hey…not none of my business. Karmaloop girl…is the dick that good cause…you & Rih, no comment.  

  • trimahilsonlilcole

    girl thats right get your man

  • honestlymonique

    maybe its the freak in me but i soo want them to come out with a sex tape. not a kim k or paris hilton one but a pamela n tommy lee one 

  • Feliciastean

    Rihanna needs to stop being messy and find her a true loving man instead of sleeping with theses immature boys. & and Chris brown just need to admits he’s gay cause clearly I believe he is…. and kick ball chain aka Chris girlfriend needs to find a job…..

    • Nena

      LMAO its obvious she wants Lite Ike and all the baggage that comes with him. I really don’t see why anyone would want him tbh. He can serve me some dick & thats about it. Chris ain’t nothing close to gay, sorry sis.

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  • Suchalady

    Well what I wanted to say has already been said many times on here…but “Alicia key’s wife”?? Fury…honey….I <3 u. 

    • drmsd14

      That was the shade that stood out to me. I  get a “same shit, different toilet vibe” with this story.

    • drmsd14

      That was the shade that stood out to me. I  get a “same shit, different toilet vibe” with this story.

  • Brit

    It doesn’t matter if Chris and Rhianna are doin the horizontal polka OR that everyone knows–Kollardgreensndcornbread knows a good meal ticket when she sees one. Since she obviously has zero other talents, and isn’t tryna do anything with her life, I say let it ride.

  • Jalvr4l

    I live for all the names everyone comes up with… some one should tell poor Kaprisun

  • Kay

     Now I know KomeTogether hasn’t saved up enough of her allowance & I bet inside she worried about how she gonna work as an Avon sales rep with that big ass tattoo on her hand. #BYEGIRL.

  • Kay

    & I just took it in that he’s back to blonde. Oh.

  • FrancisJ

    This cannot happen until we run out of names for Kitchencabinet. I absolutely forbid it. Join me in starting a petition to demand that Light Ike and Kajagoogoo stay together, at least until we run out of names for Kitchykitchykoo.

  • Tasha Zondo

    Rihanna needs someone that isn’t breezy to fuck her so good she won’t think about Chris and his permanent graffiti body and his side chick killorbekilled needs to take a seat next to mimi from love and hip hop atlanta she knows what’s happening but stays for the check and the dick

  • AlanaDaly

    I have reason to believe their all dating each other -_- this threesome is getting old.

  • Sierroc Lesane

    Anyone notice that every time Light Ike goes blonde, Krustytheclown goes back to black ? Light Ike aka Yellow Cake regulates this bitch.. 

    • Cristiana

      Krustytheclown?? Good. Day. To. You. #dead

  • ijustbewatchin

    As long a Karate is getting her checks  or if Chris decided to drop  she ain’t leaving.. the triangle is a mess but there is no denying that Rih and Chris haven’t or aren’t rocking the bed together since 2009.

    • Dazednkonfuzed

      I bet everything she got some frozen sperm in the back of the freezer.

  • Nicki’s Left Ass Cheek

    Listen, Khia’sbraidingpatern is not pleased with this Cake Soap. Roland sir, you need to stop slinging that curry goat at him.

    • Tasha Zondo

      you trifflin bitch you caused me to flatline, oh sugar honey iced tea khieasbraidingpattern you ma’am are in the top 3 of my favourite karrueche names

  • Marcelle Matthew

    I think it’s time KrustythaKlown understands that Lemon Skittle prefers to dip his Crayola dick in some curry powder than to sit and nibble on asian slaw before she ends up having to recover from a DDT by Crystal

  • Sunny

    Poor KrackIzWack…Yellow cake cant stay away from Rih

  • Sunny

    Poor KrackIzWack…Yellow cake cant stay away from Rih

  • Michele Lee

    KrackcornbutIdontcare, girl…is Chrissy’s albino #2 pencil dick really worth all of this public humiliation? Girl, your mama watching all this shit!? You just gonna let Rihanna keep you in a perpetual state of darkness and sun-less-ness? (#crypticshadytweets) Don’t you want to see the light of King Jesus? I want an answer dammit.

  • Dazednkonfuzed

    All this drama is hurting my head.  I hope this child is stashing cash, has the title to that car, and has a jewelry box full of goodies that she can pawn.

    • Ms. I Stay 100

      You best believe Kanekelonbraids got her one of them Asian good luck wooden cats stashed..she better. LOL!

  • Tsp1078

    Fury – Imma need for you to host a contest to see who can come up with the best name for this tragic child. The winner gets a NMF shirt.

  • Nena

    I always come back to the posts about Rih & Chris just to see the names y’all make up for Kelloggs lol

  • Living345

    I don’t want Yellow Cake to break up with Koalabear just so I can continue to read ur names for her #idie

  • DEADheart

    KetchupAndNoodles need to just go ahead and get about two more weeks of the spending money Breezy giving her then hit the rocks and go join Love and Hip hop so she can add to the coonery. But Curry goat.. I’m so over you, one minute she playing the victim the next she on songs saying she remember how he did it and saying i love you, then she un-follows people (vise versa) I’m just not here for this Whole relationship. I’m a proud member of Team Breezy, but i am completely over Yellow Cake.. This whole love triangle is stupid, annoying and childish.. Someone get Krackerjacks a plane ticket to Hong Kong, I know her ass is tired of the foolishness, but I’ll just sit down and sip my tea. “Let the coonery and bafoonery continue.”

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  • Nothing Amigone

    The only pleasure I get out of this long and drawn out mess are the names for KarlKani. Did someone do KallMeMaybe yet? KaliforniaDreamin’?

    Whatever the case, I hope KickOffYourShoesAndRelaxYourFeet comes out on top in all this. I doubt it, but I’m rooting for you, KardashianKollection…purely because I enjoy the name fuckery.

  • ColdCharge

    I almost feel bad for Konoha, she don’t know that she’s being jerked around like jerk-chicken dipped in soy sauce.

    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

      Konoha? SLAYED. <3

  • Crystal Chantel

    I live for the names yall come up with for KCandJoJo. I don’t even care what Light Ike and Curry Goat did this time. 

  • ReeseWhitley

    Kouragethecowardlydog and my favorite

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    Just after KrispyKreme got that fat tattoo on her hand too….Smh.

  • Loverofdance3

    this damn names for this youngin smh how about “KASETSHARP” cause im damn near dead and ready LLS 

  • Loverofdance3


  • accelgors

    Okay, I don’t like criticizing the choices of an abuse victim but Rihanna needs to cut this shit with Chris out already. He ATTACKED you, woman. Just leave him and KillingMeSoftlyWithHisSong be.

  • Chillary Clinton

    Yall leave Kanigetarefill alone. 

  • Tasha Zondo

    i wonder if kasperthefriendlyghost does light Ike’s highlights… they look pretty together

  • Yjgaines

    I feel so bad for Kanigetawhatwhat :(

  • reena_e327

    I dont feel bad for KondoOnMyWristGirlI’mCashingOut at all

  • Yoshihara

    I’m so over KamelToe .. She doin her job as a hired decoy to throw us all off tho .