Candid Yams: Ciara Gets Her Nails Done In LA

Kid Fury July 20, 2012 Candid Yams 16 Comments

Well the reports say that she was leaving a manicure appointment, but it looks more like Ciara crept out of an apartment owned by a woman named Guadalupé after scoring some crack. I’ll just blame the environment and not the celeb. Hopefully after she’s done buffing those nails down, she will decide to promote this music.

Source: Pacific Coast

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  • r. velveteen jankins

    okay wait… i am not even trying to be funny but..she looks just like stevie j to me. 

    • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOL she does! So much!

  • Miles

    Her face looks so TI-red

    and that wig…


  • Tre

    CHile ain’t nobody got time for Super Semen. So she can sit her ass down somewhere. Promote her so called “music” and the point of that would be what?? She’s destined to flop.

  • Kagem

    Ciara had so much promise in the beginning when she came out; she had that gorgeous Southern twang and style which seems to have been replaced with this identikit bleached California style.

    That is why the music now is just not clicking.

    If I was her business manager, I would tell her to play to her strengths and focus on fitness. She could build a bonafide fitness empire (vitamins, DVDs, workout music).

    No shame in moving on and finding new ways to make money. Rooting for you Ciara from the Goodies era!

  • Kagem

    Just notiched her top has what looks like an eagle on there – the king of all birds of prey.

    Sorry that’s so random – I love birds. Fly Ciara!

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    Girl…go do some damn work. lmao

  • Nicki’s Left Ass Cheek

    If my invisible part looked like that I would need a line of white glory too. Keep on keeping on CiError

  • keilo

    Ciara is refusing eyeliner & it’s making me wonder why….which is strange because I never “wonder why” about Ciara…I just chalk her nonsense up to estrogen hormones…

  • Blah

    Damn… That pinky toe still refuses to keep its crooked ash in line with the rest.

  • FirstNameLast

    Why is she so pale? All that sun in Cali but ain’t ‘nan negro getting a tan. They just keep getting lighter and lighter. What kind of backwards shyt is this?

  • Kay

    She might have gotten that toe surgery but I feel like her toes still look the same… BUCKWILD.

  • Tasha Zondo

    call in your own manicurist to the fucking studio or the video shoot like come on CIARA i thought that petition was cruel, she needs to make people who did it regret it!

  • Sable Femme

    Poor Ciara…hopefully she can arrange a deal with some Atlanta metro area Five Belows to sell her albums so she hire back her make up team back cuz this “Life ain’t been no crystal stairs” look really isn’t cute.

  • M. Knight Scallywag

    It’s like she doesn’t even want her upcoming LP “Lonely Bitch Color Gaurd”to NOT be another complimentary weed coaster, or even want to finally sell more units than those Kids Bopz compilation’s. Where’s the urgency? 

  • Bri With An ‘ I ‘ [:

    - why she getting her nails & hair done ? it surely aint for her fans or a album release party .