Have You Signed The ‘Stop Ciara From Making Music’ Petition?

Kid Fury July 19, 2012 Rotate, Heaux! 56 Comments

Just as Ciara drops a new single that she refuses to promote, stans have come through to collect her Bratz-inspired wig and escort her to the nearest Greyhound to Decatur. A petition called The 2012 Stop Ciara From Making Music Campaign surfaced online recently, simply captioned “We can’t deal with anymore flops in the industry!”

“God is calling us to be the chosen generation! Long enough have we stood around while Clarence poisoned the airwaves w/ her spoiled-boiled-egg-pop,” a signed fighter wrote. “We accepted her when she began tucking, we accepted her when she added the virgin remy to her cornrows, we even accepted her when she decided to stop topping Bow-Wow and try her hand at being more vers! No more! No longer will her edges be the subject of nightmares! With signing this petition, My wish is that this three-toed-sloth discontinues her “music career” and goes back to selling proactiv at her kiosk at Mall of America!”

These stans are out of pocket and losing control. The shade is so real.

Source: C&D

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  • Angela

    Leave Ciara alone!

  • NYCNaye

    *flatlines* … *jumps in casket* …. *begins to decompose*

  • M.J.

    “We accepted her when she began tucking, we accepted her when she added
    the virgin remy to her cornrows, we even accepted her when she decided
    to stop topping Bow-Wow and try her hand at being more vers!”


  • Candace


  • Peaceful Pearce

    “We even accepted her when she decided to stop topping Bow Wow and try her hand at being more vers” *Dead* Lmao

  • SimoneSky

    have you listened to her new song that leaked yet?. Its ONLY a snippet but MY God I think it’s a Hit!!! Listen To It Here—>  What do you Kid Fury!?!?

    • Laila Corrorez

      She’s been putting out better music as of late, but her problem NOW is that she won’t promote the shit! Wtf? I think that Sweat would’ve done pretty good had she actually put forth some decent promo..smh. I hope she makes Overdose a single b/c I can definitely hear the kiddies jamming and getting their life to this on pop stations across the land.

  • AshleyMarie


  • AshleyMarie

    haha ridiculousness lol

  • Bluntmfboi

    i jus flatlined. i clicked the link and the shyt is real. lol hell naw.

  • chinaff

    This isn’t even shade, Fury has cast Ciara into a dark oblivion for the remainder of her career!

  • iAM1

    The level of shade in their comments….JESUS!!!

  • keilo

    U better let Ciara screw up her face & do the matrix!

    She did The Crybaby ONE TIME in ONE VIDEO and now yall wanna crucify her…

    So what she wears panties made from the Kardashian’s pubic hairs…so what she has the vocal cords of the singing fish on the piece of wood that you hang on the wall…so what her and Bowel Movement…I mean Bow Wow..were sharing the same strap-on and not sanitizing it…SO WHAT!!

    let her live! let her and her dark ass roots LIVE…

    Yall gon be mad when she get cement & super glue ass shots and signs a contract with VH1…

    • Ladyhsj

      Well damn!!!!

  • Nicole

    fuck a shade, this is a total eclipse of the heart! and whose stans are these? not hears, firing at her with Jack Sparrow’s cannon!!!

    • keilo

      I don’t live here…

      • keilo

        *sips tea*

        • Nicole

          *sips simply lemonade* sometimes i feel bad for ciara but her shade is the funniest

          • Nikiblu82

             i’m so mad @ you for sharing that :/

          • Kwan

            AH MAN…. it’s pitch black in all this shade

          • jajay22


          • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

            simply beverages are that damn deal!…

          • Michele Lee

            This single post made me not want to live on this planet anymore.  “cinnamon toast crunch” really though….

            People aint never gon be right.

  • Kingphoenix

    Damn, I would feel said…but you can smell the cockiness on that bitch, her fans/stans are annoying as hell thinking she on Beyonce and Rihanna level, and both of those singles she has released are generic as hell. I’m going to sign that petition  right now.

  • Miles

    I consign this 100 percent

  • Bunnies281

    *Standing in line to meet king Jesus*

  • Hydrojack82

    hey, to each his/her own. i love ciara. i will admit she needs some new dance moves, maybe a new producer or two…but she’s no worse than rihanna, katy perry, britney spears or any other ‘studio’ artist…and ciara dances better than all of fhose birds combined.

  • whatevs

    Srs time: lord knows I would bodily block Ciara from a studio or a stage and make her sit in a corner & think about what she’s done but I didn’t find the petition all that entertaining. I mean there’s shade and then there’s trying too hard.

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    I will only sign under the condition that there is a  ”Remove Keri Hilson” clause in the fine print. Even Jesus knew she was one Matrix move and fitted cap away from selling food stamps for Jeffrey Campbell’s. 

    • Barack Yomomma

      Keri Hilson is to music what George Bush Jr. was to the world. We know this is wrong, and we want this person out yet we still don’t know why they are around

      • Rihanna’s Left Breast

        LMAO. Exactly. 

    • Suchalady

       ”one matrix move and fitted cap away from selling food stamps for Jeffrey Campbell’s”??? You aint shit…lmao

  • Riri2484

    Lmao the shade is everything!!

  • Kill

    Somebody’s got a little too much time on their hands…

  • Missmarchmommy

    i have always said cici needs to open a school of dance and teacher the lesser than bitches how to dance, I personally enroll Brandy and Keisha Cole for Evening Classes ( i know they got kids and need they lil cousins to baby sit) 

  • Ladyhsj

    Slave tears to this foolishness.

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  • Smacks_hoes

    Ahhhhhh!!!!! *spits juice on my computer monitor*!!! so fucking hilarious!!

  • Tasha Zondo

    she does not have the same breezy fans i see, oh my goodness damn this is harsh!

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    has no pulse at the moment..lmao. She wasn’t even making music..everytime we saw her she was staging lunch at The Ivy or crashing somebody’s party trying to be some type of red carpet fashionista. 1000 suns couldn’t stop this shade..I can imagine Bow Wow sitting at his laptop sipping on water infused with cucumber, Omarion crooning and doing B2K routines in the background when he started this petition.

  • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

    this tunnel of shade has murder death killed me!…i’d head for that light i see at the end of this “tunnel”…cept im scared imma just get pushed out a new va jay jay and im just not ready for all that after reading this fuckery!…

  • Niasweetness

    Bye bitch

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  • Breana

    IM still mad at this damn wig she thought would be cute to throw on. 

  • ImABadInfluence

    I tried to tell this was gonna happen and what does she do…block me. I guess she will be at the Career Today, Gone Tomorrow club meetings alongside Keri Hilson, Ashanti & Terror Marie

    • Laila Corrorez

      Did T-Error’s career ever arrive though? 

  • Kay

    This is definitely the cruel side of the internet. Po’ chile.

  • Suchalady

    The fact that there are over 200 signatures and that just lets anyone start a petition. This is funny as fck and just as mean. I am in tears.

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    After “I-I-I-IIIII’M SPEECHLEESSS” this petition was long overdue, imo. The shade is wonderful.

  • Msreddick81

    *puts on choir robe* starts singing I’m coming up on the rough side of the mountain* As.they place the last nail in her coffin

    • Laila Corrorez

      No you didn’t take it back to New Birth Pentecostal..*leads choir into Oh Happy Day*

  • ColdCharge

    This ain’t #Shade, This is #Ink, cause she bout get her career blotted out like a mistake.

  • M. Knight Scallywag

    My.Gawd.  The. Shade. The rabid, unmerciful, light absorbing shade. I literally cackled out loud reading the petition’s commentary. 

  • AlanaDaly

    *passes out* 

  • AlanaDaly

    no longer will her edges be the subject of nightmares tho………… *passes out again* .. lord heavenly father, we come b4 u on today…

  • ChargeItToMisterMister

    I’m just gonna go on ahead and pencil in Tea with milk and honey at Death’s place. just so my family knows where to find me.