Check Out Drake’s New $7 Million House!

Kid Fury July 17, 2012 Cute For You! 57 Comments

While these blond boys are making diss tracks and getting Slytherin tattoos, Miss Aubrey is wrecking real estate! Drizzy reportedly dropped a cold $7.7 million on a new home in Hidden Hills, California. Party at Drake’s house!

This beautiful estate features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and is more than 7,444 square feet. The home features a multi-million dollar pool that boasts cascading waterfalls, an 80-foot water slide and a grotto (watch out, Hugh Hefner).

Other exterior features include a tennis court, five horse stall facilities with riding area (remember he said “my aunt, she rode equestrian,” so that clearly makes sense), a sand volleyball court, commercial bathrooms, a mechanical bull and viewing pavilions to name a few. Oh, and if you think that mechanical bull is random, it’s really not. The property was developed by Larry Pollack, owner of the famed Saddle Ranch Chop Houses. Now you get it.

The interior features include 24-seat theater, game room, spa/massage room, master suite with his/hers bathrooms, and a spectacular wine cellar/tasting room.

I can only imagine all of the scantily clad skanks that this young man will invite on the property for long nights of chocolate pretzels and Babysitter’s Club marathons. I’ve got to get an invite!

Source: E! News

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  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    I wonder what drake smells like, you know how everyone’s house has their own smell. I wonder what drakes smell is.

    • KidFury

      White wine & Fabuloso

      • nellkaye

        cucumber melon bodyspray and strippers disappointment

    • Rihanna’s Left Breast

      Nail polish remover and Japanese Cherry blossom lotion

      • Zandria


    • Apalacian

      Egyptian musk and dry ramen noodles mixed with loud and ciroc

      • Apalacian

        ovo and xo

    • Brittany

      Canadian Bacon and Cabernet Sauvignon

    • whatevs

      Victoria’s Secret and tears 

      • Suchalady

         AHHHHHHHHHHH! Lmao!

      • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford


    • Chrissybabe

      Sad puppies and hot sauce.

      • Keyuheff

        Lillies, safron, and chai tea.

        • Chellzz

           Maple syrup and crochet sweaters

    • keilo

      Chardonay & Pump It Up hair spray…

      Cigars & Summer’s Eve…

      Axe Body Spray & KY Jelly….

      Take your pick….

    • M. Knight Scallywag

      Money House Blessings incense, La Mere Creme  and tear stained satin pillows.

    • val

      ciroc and stripper tears

    • Introspective

      Nuvo and Jean-Nate with a side of baby powder

    • Ms. I Stay 100

      20 dollar bills and baby oil?
      Chicken Noodle Soup and Ampro styling gel?

    • esha

      Boxed wine and Dax hair grease
      Milo and Wilson’s leather
      Caviar wishes and Champagne dreams

    • Harukishirozaki

      Poutine, maple syrup, and one dollar hooker.

  • Lusciousraen

    *begins to pack makeup, pajamas and toiletries into Kid Fury tote bag*
    Ok, I am ready!

  • Ebonywinn50

    See THIS is what he needs to be focused on (projects that build his portfolio), instead of throwing bottles over Yodel Master Rihanna.

  • Ms. I Stay 100

    I couldn’t even get past the Slytherin tattoo shade to take a tour of Miss Aubrey’s house..lmfaoooo

  • OhGirl.

    A palace fit for a Canadian butch queen! Good for her.

    • Laila Corrorez


  • Kagem

    Going to get shaded for this but I think he’s cute and attractive, more so than Chris Brown at this point who looks like a tanned skeleton.

    • Saintfortli

      I agree 100%

    • I Don’t Live Here….

      Even though he gets shaded to no end, I’d take Drake over Chris Brown any day.

      • KidFury

        Me too also as well.

    • SC

      Drake looks like a damn bulldog, with his droopy cheeks, & pouty bitch lips!!

    • SC

      Drake looks like a damn bulldog, with his droopy cheeks, & pouty bitch lips!!

    • Suchalady

       :( Chris sure does but still, no way!

  • Brittany


  • Trch1097

    I just love his puffy face.

  • keilo

    I had a dream about this bland piece of man…

    We were in my room, in my bed, but I was straddling him and rubbing Jergen’s lotion on his chest while he was signing “You Give Good Love” by Whitney Houston…then Tyga came in and started massaging his feet and singing along…then he tapped me on the shoulder and said “I’ll take it from here…” and insisted that I leave….

    Then I woke up…

    I wonder what that dream meant….hm…

    • KidFury

      I’m going to have to ask you to leave and never come back.

      • keilo

        *chains myself to the website*


        • Suchalady


        • Ms. I Stay 100

          lmfaooo..this chile here

    • YUSS


    • kaytee214

      My LANDS HON! What a vivid dream! LOL this is beyond funny to me.

      • kaytee214

        Humm…. this picture was supposed to be my profile pic. Kidfury please delele. Thanks.

    • whatevs

      *wheeze, expire*

  • Jplay32


    • Jplay32

      *drake producer “40″

  • TeRese

    Draco Malfoy didn’t do anything that bad to deserve to be used to shade Sisqo.

  • Mel

    Isn’t this the same house he “bought” (rented) months ago? I saw these same pics posted on blog waaaay back. 

    Drake is still homely to me, as is Chris Brown. Luckily, though, they aren’t the only options lol

  • Nobody Important

    Rihanna’s gonnna have some FUN at Drakes nice place!

  • C

    Ridic.!  Why does he need a house that size?

  • Coonye West

    Call me crazy but when I clicked the post I was half-expecting to see the house that Barbie was living in in Toy Story 3. 

  • LadyM

     ”master suite with his/hers bathrooms”? They tried it.

  • Msreddick81

    Pink oil moisturizer, Old Spice and Queen Helen’s cocoa butter lotion

  • lei

    that place is beautiful. call me crazy, but why on 7 mill? that place looks atleast worth 10

  • A_Kicks

     Oh Drake, I shall be over with Pink Moisturizing Lotion & a hair pick with the black power fist on the handle so I can get that Jew-Fro right while he softly sings Aaliyah’s version of “At Your Best”. These shall be the greatest of sleep overs that I shall proudly Instagram.

  • Katiewashingtonharvey

    I love Drake his music and his lyric’s and if I had to say how he smelled……….like Millions of fresh ass hundreds dollar bill fo sho!!

  • Ykadafi96

    I’m curious why other sites list the selling price at @ $2.3 Million, and this site claims he paid $7.7 million? That’s quite a discrepancy.