Queen Vickie London Slays Tamia’s “So Into You”

Kid Fury July 13, 2012 YAAASSSSS!!! 32 Comments

Listen, sometimes the world is simply blessed with hidden jewels that the Lord plants in a human spirit upon birth — Vicki London clearly received a diamond and these queens are mad about it.

The raw emotion and sensuality in this clip is unmatched. Miguel could only pray for this talent and his puss could still never sit as high. Eat from Victoria’s plate today. As a matter of fact, get a second helping below!

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  • BB

    Oh…I see. (I really have nothing else to add).

  • Bunnies281

    Why must I cry

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    keep Miguels name out your mouth. you just can’t take that his brows are snatched by the same thread that holds in semen trails, sweat, and the rapture that is kanyes leather pants together.

    anywho oh how I’ve missed Vickie.

    • Kayla

      Jesus catch me. I cannot

  • Zee QuirkyKidd

    the green lantern in cheetah?

  • miles


    Miguel consider your wig officially snatched

    • Sensationaly_Slain

      LMFAO! *closes casket*

  • Abigail Akinyemi

    This better be a joke…

  • Sigh…

    He is giving me Mariah Carey circa 2003 with all that. #iCant

  • degagirl07

    The raw emotion! The classiness!!! Oh Vicky, how I missed you.

  • jajay22

    chhhhiiiillllllllllleeeee that wonky ass camera, those windows movie maker transitions, those dried up dance moves, that samurai ass lookin lacefront…

  • Suchalady

    You know…I blame myself. As his youtube views increase, so does his inspiration to keep doing this.

    • KidFury


  • Apalacian

    Kick, spin, the boots, and the super hero outfit. Yes!

  • Tjfdragon

    Why is it the whole time I was watching this video I was hoping she would lean back to far, fall thru the blue sheet taped to the wall backdrop & tumble out the window 2 stories to the pavement below…..

  • Tjfdragon

    Someone please cut this video with scenes of Rihanna in “Battleship” manning the controls and blowing some shit up with missiles and stuff

  • Trouble

    I love how the more videos Vickie makes the more hair get added to her wig.

  • Nikiblu82

    was that a puppet stage the queen was sittin on?  and why did that 2nd video look like a madtv skit?

  • Kingphoenix

    This bitch is giving me public access channel realness.

    -”Salute, whats good? Salute a bad bitch you should…”

  • Trch1097

    He could at least try tucking.

  • manila

    no i ain’t got the time. no ma’am.

  • B. Boop

    In the first video he looks like Remy Ma butttttttttttttt that’s just me………..

  • ogosh

    Now i see what @teamkidfury meant when he tweeted that Vickie London and Kenya Bell are the same person! LMAO!!

  • MarvinB

    you see the rihanna one where she is wearing jordan boots…YASSSSS

  • De

    bleh… this pales in comparison to her “Set Fire to the Rain” video —– that poor poor ficus tree. Anyway her talent? cup runneth over ….

  • AlanaDaly

    my cup runneth over.. i can take no more.. i just …i *sigh* … i cant

  • WhymustICry

    I can’t with queen vickie today

  • MayFlower

    has anyone watched her “Skin” cover? with the bathtub? go and get your life:

  • Drea

    Yasssss she was killin it

    Busting out with them Joseline 8-Counts…u go girl

  • Bobbi

    Where is this child’s Drag Mother, tuck and Editor?…..Not to mention vocal-……..chiiiiiii please

  • Seshatfound
  • Purrfectone

    Girl, bye. I started to play the second video…….and my cats came running.